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16 Ratings
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Would be better suited for larger companies, >50 employees, with need for highly customize-able policies and tracking. i.e. lunch policy, rounding policy, premium pay rates, different pay periods, 3 or more accruals, etc... Not as good a fit for smaller companies with only basic needs for tracking time and vacation.
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  • The ability to customize user security rights is extremely valuable. The ability to create new or even modify existing user rights allows us complete flexibility as to who can control what, who, and how. This is important to us as everything in use at our company is very flexible and custom, which makes the TimeForce system fit right in.
  • The time card system itself has been thus far flawless. It has accounted for the leap year and daylight savings each year. Punch errors, Holiday, Vacation, Sick time is all easily viewed with a glance at the screen.
  • The reporting features of TimeForce are outstanding. There are far more reports available than we have needed. But at the same time anytime a user has thought 'it would be nice to see this' we have found it listed in the Reports section of the web interface.
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  • I would like to see changes on the reports when I print them out after making changes to times.
  • Faster clock download time.
  • Being able to add in time for someone who worked beyond midnight.
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Likelihood to Renew

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TimeForce takes care of all of our needs right now. It is a huge step forward to what we were using before. It was an adjustment to some of our employees in the beginning, but I think everyone is finally getting the hang out it now so we don't have any plans to look for something else in the near future. In fact, we would like to continue to see what more it can do for us.
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Overall for the end user it is easy to navigate and use. Whenever you get into scheduling and administrative it gets a tad cumbersome.
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Most of my issues can not be handled by the chat so I have to call in and usually I am on the phone for an hour or two and my problem does not always get resolved immediately or I have to wait for the next update to get resolved. When there is an update the wait time is even worse because it never fails they do an update to fix one problem and another one arises.
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QQest support and engineering team is great - basically a few clicks of next, one call to QQest and the software was ready for use.
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Alternatives Considered

We haven't used any other time keeping software. Prior to having TimeForce we were using a paper time card for part time employees and an excel spreadsheet for full time employees. It's nice to have a software that is more modern in this age of technology
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Return on Investment

  • TimeForce saves me so much time at the end of each pay period, which in turn allows me to work more on other projects
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