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223 Ratings
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It's great for any company that has employees who work remotely. It's nice to be able to see exactly where everyone is when they're clocked in (especially when you have many different events happening at the same time on the same date). It also allows you to put in notes to each of your logs, so it's a very easy way to track which employees worked which event(s) on any given day. The back end of the website is also very user-friendly and allows for manual timekeeping by our staffing coordinator. She is able to go in after the fact and easily edit times and notes for each employee. It may not be the best program if all staff is in-house and never ventures out - I can't see a use for the mobile app portion of the program for a company that works strictly from a central office. However, if you're managing a lot of remote employees and want to make sure they're where they say they are, it's a really smart program to use.
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  • Allows tracking for billable items.
  • Easy for users to modify their time cards.
  • Very user-friendly for all employees. The employee age ranges from 20 years old to 65 years old.
  • Easily accessible with an app on a tablet/smartphone or at home on a desktop; people can use it anywhere!
  • Responsive and helpful customer service representatives whenever there are issues.
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  • One area that TSheets could improve is the client list. In our structure, we use the client list for jobs within our company. However, being a retail business, we have a lot of clients that are purchasing products that we do not track time with. But when we import updates from QuickBooks online, we get all the retail clients as well. It would be nice to be able to archive multiple clients at once instead of going through a list of several hundred one at a time.
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Likelihood to Renew


TSheets 9.9
Based on 2 answers
TSheets tech support people, like Shawn Sommer, from Tsheets. She has been instrumental, after terminating the person in charge of TSheets I was left with a learning curve too high to climb but after 10 mins of her instructions I was able to make payroll in no time. She cleared all errors that nobody had fixed before.
TSheets is not a vendor for me, TSheets is my partner in business. Thank you TSheets.
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TSheets 9.9
Based on 3 answers
The system is intuitive, can be customized, and multifunctional. Any industry, size of company or non-tech savvy people can use this!
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TSheets 8.8
Based on 23 answers
I have never failed to have an issue resolved within minutes of contacting Support. Jen D recently assisted my with an export issue and I was back on track in less the 10 minutes. She was knowledgable and thought about the current and future contexts of the issue and assured there would be no recurrence next payroll.
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Alternatives Considered


I like Toggl, but it is a better product for in-house teams, small companies, and personal productivity. TSheets is better for remote teams and project management. Toggl is missing (in the free version) GPS features. For the low cost, TSheets provides the start/stop features we like in Toggl but offers GPS for the remote team.
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Return on Investment


  • As a Microsoft Access software development shop, Help4Access could have built ourselves a time tracking system, but why reinvent the wheel?
  • tSheets got us out of spreadsheets and into the cloud in days not months.
  • The ROI the first year is over $5,000.
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  1. 1 user, unlimited projects
  2. per user/month + $16 base fee/month (paid annually)
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