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I liked uberVU a lot, and thought I was lucky to have found them (they actually responded to my tweet when I was vendor-searching, which was good to know as they were doing just what we were planning to use the software for). They are relatively small, which allows to have a great personal relationship and we felt very valued as a client. They provided great value - some of their competitors allow for more features (which explains their higher price), but there was no way to opt out of the unnecessary features to lower the price - uberVU didn't have any of that, it was just what we needed and in our price range


  • This software did everything we needed it to do.
  • We used a custom plan, and it allowed to apply our own branding to reports and interface.
  • We could have unlimited mentions which was great (most other solutions I evaluated had certain number of mentions (or results) included, and they charged for anything extra.
  • The reports were great and these were something we could easily download and send around - no additional formatting was required.
  • The real-time alerts included specific posts, plus daily/weekly summaries were helpful to get the overview of industry buzz in social media. Those real-time alerts were one of the most important reasons we got the tool (they aren't call "real-time" in the interface, we had to set it for "every 15 minutes", I believe, which is as close to real time as we needed).
  • Collaboration features were neat and alerts worked great for that as well. Some posts could be assigned to other users and they would get an alert when they needed to act on it.
  • Loved to be able to get the stats on "reach" for a specific post or tweet, even though these were estimates; engagements stats were detailed as well.


  • I honestly didn't have any issues with them. Being able to set the real-time alerts as "every 15 minutes" took some figuring out to do, and we were still in the trial mode while we did that - it wasn't particularly intuitive for other users, but once we walked them through, everything worked well.

Likelihood to Renew

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I am no longer with the company I used it for, but I know they are still using it


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All the users found the product intuitive and easy to use.

Reliability and Availability

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A couple of times it was a little slow, but this didn't result in any negative impact for us. There was no downtime as I could recall or notice.


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Every time we needed help, the support was great. We had no issues, mostly needed usability walkthroughs and had questions about features.

Online Training

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I got the training while I was evaluating and in the trial period. Then I trained the others myself


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Not applicable since it is SAAS - all we needed was to sign up, which was easy

Alternatives Considered

Radian6 and Brandwatch were on the short list. We picked uberVU for its combination of price and features. It did not have extra features we didn't need, they were customizable and flexible enough to meet all of our needs

Return on Investment

  • Oh the ever so important ROI question...
  • This software was designed to monitor our social media presence and respond to mentions, and we didn't use it to actually track ROI. But the fact that we were able to react to people's mentions of our brand was important, especially for support-related questions.
  • We were able to increase efficiency of our employees monitoring, posting and responding to mentions, so the ROI in this case could be translated to saved man hours - if taken this way it was definitely positive. However this would have been the ROI of any solution of that kind, regardless of the vendor.

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