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51 Ratings
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UFT is well suited if the price is not an issue, and if the requirement is about testing different technologies.If the application is based on Legacy platforms like Siebel or Mainframe, UFT fares quite well.For low cost web-based projects, there are other cheap and open source tools available.If it is about API testing or Mobile Testing, it is better to use other tools like TOSCA.
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  • Integration & Support: a) The way tool integrates with other platforms like .net, mainframe is amazing. It Supports new and legacy web technologies, terminal emulators, and Windows thick client applications. b) It Supports Continuous integration by integrating with Jenkins, Git etc. c) UFT supports cross browser testing & it supports all main browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Apple Safari. d)It’s compatibility with ALM can help store automation execution results back in ALM & even allows us to schedule the automation execution at required date/time.
  • Amazing Features: UFT has so many features but at the same time, it is quite easy to learn & it doesn’t take long to train staff on it. Few amazing features which adds lot of value while scripting are:
  • a) Test Combinations Generator (TCG) - It helps to create test configurations by using the parameters in tests and their possible values to create multiple possible data combinations.
  • b) Insight Recording – It recognizes controls based on their appearance and not their native properties. This can be useful to test controls from an environment that UFT does not support or even from a remote computer running a non-Windows operating system. When UFT runs the test or component, it recognizes the controls in the application by matching them to the images saved with each of the Insight test objects.
  • c) UFT has built in reporting features as well as allowing for customized output files showing exactly where a test step failed along with the timestamp.
  • UFT supports BPT (Business Process Testing), a component-based testing framework which provides strong and efficient platform to test complete business process manually and automatically combines manual and automation tests with less duplication and its component reusability feature makes the testing process very fast.
  • It helps improving efficiency in regression testing and functional testing, in that we automate a lot of repeatable tasks.
  • Organization doesn’t need to have a skilled coder to write a basic automation script with UFT.
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  • Its licensing cost is very high making it a very expensive tool. due to this many organisations are exploring options of license free tools like Selenium for automation. Though learning curve is large in case of Selenium but it is very cost effective & you an get lot of support online for Selenium.
  • Though the scripting time is less since its easy to create automation scripts, the execution time is relatively higher as it takes the lot of CPU & RAM.
  • Though UFT is quite stable but during long execution cycles we do get frequent browser crashing issues.
  • In terms of costing TestComplete is also one option which is not free but comes with modular pricing. You can buy what you need, when you need.
Sourav Singla ,Safe Agilist, CSP,  ICP-ACC, CSM, CSPO, SSM, LSSG profile photo


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HPE are quick to reply and it's possible to get through to the actual developers shuold the case warrent it. Their online system allows updates and tracking of all incedents raised.
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Alternatives Considered

Most of the test tools are similar in nature to what they do. Every tool has its own quirks, making them necessary to understand how and what they do, before we get to start using them; which also happens to be the key to good automation testing. Considering the HP toolset, they have good integration between the suite and handle requests to each other in sync. Usually, this is not possible with other tools (except SmartBear TestComplete), which are standalone tools for automation and need to be synced (via coding or configuration) to other tools from other vendors. I would also like to make the point here that each of the testing tools have their own pros and cons and each is suited to a different application on which they work best.
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Return on Investment

  • Very positive impact on ROI
  • We have cut down manual testing drastically and increased the test coverage
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