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21 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


Vertica as a data warehouse to deliver analytics in-house and even to your client base on scale is not rivaled anywhere in the market. Frankly, in my experience it is not even close to equaled. Because it is such a powerful data warehouse, some people attempt to use it as a transactional database. It certainly is not one of those. Individual row inserts are slow and do not perform well. Deletes are a whole other story. RDBMS it is definitely not. OLAP it rocks.
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  • Extremely fast query performance - Vertica is one of the fastest query engines out there.
  • Scales to TBs - Scales reasonably well up to 10-20 nodes and 10 - 100s of TB of data.
  • Easy to Use - Fairly easy to user, we made quite some headway with just 1 person running it for a while.
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  • Could use some work on better integrating with cloud providers and open source technologies. For AWS you will find an AMI in the marketplace and recently a connector for loading data from S3 directly was created. With last release, integration with Kafka was added that can help.
  • Managing large workloads (concurrent queries) is a bit challenging.
  • Having a way to provide an estimate on the duration for currently executing queries / etc. can be helpful. Vertica provides some counters for the query execution engine that are helpful but some may find confusing.
  • Unloading data over JDBC is very slow. We've had to come up with alternatives based on vsql, etc. Not a very clean, official on how to unload data.
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Alternatives Considered


Presto would be a good solution that would be less expensive and would also allow direct querying of all our data on Hadoop while maintaining good speed.
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Return on Investment


  • For our internal business we have insights we could never have had without Vertica. We can actually see where our money is coming from and point our marketing and sales strategies in the correct direction thereby returning far more than we pay.
  • For our customers we can offer services they had been begging for. Before implementing Vertica we had no insight on a client's marketing across all their activities because the data was just too large. Now, there is no question we can't answer.
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