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Best Construction Software include:

CoConstruct, Bluebeam Revu, Navisworks, Viewpoint Spectrum, Procore, and Revit.

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Construction Software Overview

What is Construction Software?

Construction software helps professionals manage different pieces of the construction process, from planning to execution. Construction software is not yet ubiquitous within the construction industry; many companies still rely on pen and paper. However, adoption of the software has been expanding as construction firms’ IT budgets increase. Users include general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and building companies in a variety of industries.

Products in this category typically handle one or more of the following processes:

  • Construction takeoff software

  • Estimation of Materials cost
  • Project management and scheduling

  • Project design

  • Cost accounting

  • Bid management

  • Field service management

  • Safety and reporting

Construction Estimating Software and Takeoff Software

In the construction industry, estimating is the process of calculating the cost of a project. This includes monitoring and updating price during the job. Many construction companies use estimating software to calculate costs at various phases of the project. This includes:

  • Pre-estimating - forecasting the cost of the job

  • Job costing - monitoring expenses during the project

  • Database comparison - using databases to compare material prices

Takeoff is another important part of the cost estimating process. Construction takeoff software allows contractors and project managers to estimate the cost and quantities of materials needed for the project using either hard copy or digital blueprints.

Many products include both estimating and takeoff capabilities, especially construction suite software such as Procore and Viewpoint Spectrum. However, there are a few construction takeoff point solutions such as On-Screen Takeoff and PlanSwift that often have trade-specific takeoff tools.

Construction Software Features & Capabilities

Many construction software products include project management, job site data collection & reporting, and collaboration features:

  • Plan distribution & viewing

  • Document sharing

  • Jobsite reports

  • RFI tools

  • Submittal management

  • Collaboration & approvals

  • Photo documentation

  • Time cards

  • Project management tools

  • Job costing

  • Building information modeling (BIM)

  • Issue tracking & punchlists

  • Mobile & cloud functionality

Estimating the cost of a project is an essential part of the construction process, and construction estimating software offers features such as:

  • Takeoff tools

  • Job Costing

  • Cost databases

  • Estimation calculator

  • Bid creation

Types of Construction Software

The software enables construction business processes in a variety of areas. Sometimes these overlap with other software categories on TrustRadius that are not industry-specific. But here you can find vendors that cater to the construction industry:

Construction Software Comparison

To compare different talent management products, consider these aspects of each software offering:

1. Comprehensiveness: Construction software is a broad category with comprehensive tools that cover the entire scope of construction management and some that are more niche and focus on key aspects of running a construction business. Some buyers may want to use a comprehensive tool as a one-stop shot for all their construction company needs whereas others are happy with their existing construction management systems, but would like to use a budgeting/estimating tool that’s more specific to the construction industry versus sticking with Microsoft Excel, for example. Niche tools may also be cheaper to use than more comprehensive ones, so it may not always make sense to get the tool with the most features possible, if you’re already enjoying those features in software you already use and are going to keep.

2. Templates: Construction software should help you save time and effort, as well as help prevent mistakes. Built-in templates to complete the tasks you need for each project are crucial. Before purchasing construction software, make a list of the required task you need help with and then identify the software available that has all the tools you need. Common templates provided in construction software are for project portfolios, accounts payable, general ledger reporting, purchase order management, and transmittals, as examples.

3. Mobile-friendliness: The majority of construction work obviously does not take place in offices, but on build sites. Owing to this, construction software needs to be accessible and easy-to-use from mobile devices. While you may not need an application that works on every type of device available, make sure the construction platforms you’re considering or compatible with mobile devices used by your organization.

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Pricing Information

Construction software pricing depends on the purpose of the tool and the scale of its deployment and varies widely. For example, tools designed for cloud-based project management are typically priced on a subscription model. Prices start at around $40/mo. Other tools focused on bidding and approval may be priced with a much larger, one-time license fee. Licenses are usually at least $10,000.

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Xpedeon Estimating System is a construction and estimation software offering from Algorithms Software Pvt. Ltd.
Service Estimator
Service Estimator is a consruction and estimation software offering from Service Estimator.
PENTA Construction ERP
PENTA is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for construction companies, from Penta Technologies headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Job Simplicity
Job Simplicity is a construction and estimation software offering from HomeFront Software.
Buildsoft Global
Buildsoft headquartered in Sydney offers Global, a construction estimating and job analysis software tool. Buildsoft is a MiTek Australia company.
WinTRF Estimating System
WinTRF Estimating System is a construction and estimation software offering from Cert-In Software Systems, Inc.
Causeway CATO
Causeway’s CATO Cost & Program Management software suite provides a fully integrated approach to the preparation and use of documentation for the procurement and control of construction projects.
Closeout is a mobile-first construction punch list software that streamlines communication between the general contractor and subcontractor teams. Using Closeout, general contractors can quickly record and assign deficiencies to the relevant subcontractors. Subcontractors receive automated notificat…
Fieldlens is a mobile construction field management application, designed to give decision makers a bird’s-eye view of every project without stepping on-site, enabling them to spot trends and see who the best performers are.
Jovix is an award-winning Material Readiness™ Solution developed by Atlas RFID Solutions specifically for the capital asset market. Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to extend access to information to decision makers in the field, as well as digitize and a…
Space Designer 3D
Space Designer is an online architectural space planning application that lets users virtually inhabit a 3D world of their creation. Its intuitive tools are user-friendly for professionals, as well as novices.The application is developed by Asynth, a company founded in 2009. The Asynth team is compo…
ProDBX is an All-in-One Cloud Software solution dedicated to improving the way roofing, pool building, and construction companies operate. From out of the box to full customization, users can choose how they want the software to be configured.The goal of ProDBX is to allow contractors and small cons…
BRIX from Hyphen Solution is an ERP solution for the construction industry.
Levelset (formerly Zlien)
Levelset (formerly Zlien) is a payments processing product for the construction industry from the company of the same name headquartered in New Orleans.
Knowify in New York offers their construction management software solution to small household services companies (e.g. plumbing, HVAC, painters, etc.) and features project management type capabilities, along with integrations with popular services (e.g. Quickbooks).
Linkd is affordable project management software for the construction industry. Made by AEC industry experts, Linkd is equipped with cloud technology that is accessible from anywhere at any time. This allows for simultaneous project updates and constant communication in one place. Linkd aims to hel…
BidClerk was one of the four companies merged to form the larger entity now known as ConstructConnect. The BidClerk platform is retained as a bid and project search and management platform.
B2W Schedule
B2W Schedule is a centralized, online solution for coordinated scheduling and dispatching of employees, crews, equipment, and materials across job locations and over time. Role-specific visibility and access allow employees throughout the enterprise to communicate and collaborate in real time to get…
B2W Track
Through customized electronic field logs, B2W Track streamlines the collection and reporting of field progress, including productivity, labor, materials and equipment utilization. Daily analysis then empowers contractors to adjust operations more accurately and immediately. Employees in the field al…
B2W Maintain
B2W Maintain is construction software that promises to help contractors cut equipment costs and downtime by streamlining maintenance processes and taking a more automated, proactive and preventive approach. The software links shop, field and management teams. Its ability to track key performance ind…
B2W Inform
B2W Inform generates reports, dashboards and alerts from electronic forms and other source, delivering timely, accurate data to improve operational performance, safety, quality and financial outcomes. Fast, easy creation and management of customized forms enable contractors to replace inefficient pa…
MiTek offers the SAPPHIRE Build enterprise management suite, designed to support professional high-volume builders, providing administration support and automation for the management of customers and leads, employees, and vendors.
Builder MT Workflow Management Suite (WMS)
MiTek offers the Builder MT Workflow Management Suite (WMS), providing estimating and architectural tools to residential homebuilders, as well as customer management and sales automation features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of construction software are there?

There are types of construction software that are only relevant to the construction industry. These software types include Bidding, Estimating and Takeoff, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) products. There are also many broader software categories that feature products tailored to the construction industry, such as project management, collaboration and document management tools, and accounting software.

Can I get a single platform for all of my construction software needs?

There are some products and vendors that centralize most construction software functions, such as Procore, HCSS, and Viewpoint.

How much does Construction software cost?

Price usually scales by the number of seats and the feature set you want to access. Individual prices range from $15-30/month/user for some project management software, to $500 per month or per seat for more comprehensive suite offerings.