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Construction Software

Best Construction Software

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Construction Software Overview

What is Construction Software?

Construction software helps professionals manage different pieces of the construction process, from planning to execution. Construction software is not yet ubiquitous within the construction industry; many companies still rely on pen and paper. However, adoption of the software has been expanding as construction firms’ IT budgets increase. Users include general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and building companies in a variety of industries.

Products in this category typically handle one or more of the following processes:

  • Construction takeoff software

  • Estimation of Materials cost
  • Project management and scheduling

  • Project design

  • Cost accounting

  • Bid management

  • Field service management

  • Safety and reporting

Construction Estimating Software and Takeoff Software

In the construction industry, estimating is the process of calculating the cost of a project. This includes monitoring and updating price during the job. Many construction companies use estimating software to calculate costs at various phases of the project. This includes:

  • Pre-estimating - forecasting the cost of the job

  • Job costing - monitoring expenses during the project

  • Database comparison - using databases to compare material prices

Takeoff is another important part of the cost estimating process. Construction takeoff software allows contractors and project managers to estimate the cost and quantities of materials needed for the project using either hard copy or digital blueprints.

Many products include both estimating and takeoff capabilities, especially construction suite software such as Procore and Viewpoint Spectrum. However, there are a few construction takeoff point solutions such as On-Screen Takeoff and PlanSwift that often have trade-specific takeoff tools.

Construction Software Features & Capabilities

Many construction software products include project management, job site data collection & reporting, and collaboration features:

  • Plan distribution & viewing

  • Document sharing

  • Jobsite reports

  • RFI tools

  • Submittal management

  • Collaboration & approvals

  • Photo documentation

  • Time cards

  • Project management tools

  • Job costing

  • Building information modeling (BIM)

  • Issue tracking & punchlists

  • Mobile & cloud functionality

Estimating the cost of a project is an essential part of the construction process, and construction estimating software offers features such as:

  • Takeoff tools

  • Job Costing

  • Cost databases

  • Estimation calculator

  • Bid creation

Types of Construction Software

The software enables construction business processes in a variety of areas. Sometimes these overlap with other software categories on TrustRadius that are not industry-specific. But here you can find vendors that cater to the construction industry:

Pricing Information

Construction software pricing depends on the purpose of the tool and the scale of its deployment and varies widely. For example, tools designed for cloud-based project management are typically priced on a subscription model. Prices start at around $40/mo. Other tools focused on bidding and approval may be priced with a much larger, one-time license fee. Licenses are usually at least $10,000.

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Construction Products

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ACCEO Solutions headquartered in Montreal offers the Acomba Construction Suite, a version of the company's Acomba suite of products designed to provide a total business management / ERP solution for Canadian construction companies.

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PlanHub is a centralized project planning and quoting system designed specifically for General Contractors and Subcontractors. Offering benefits such as unlimited project posting, bid invites, team members, and more, PlanHub works to ensure that General Contractors have a customizable onl...

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Hardhat Connect is a real-time industrial collaboration platform for teams working in remote and hazardous work sites with little or no Internet connectivity. Hardhat Connect includes native and browser-based apps running on client devices, and a lightweight communications server that provides lo...

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COINS Construction Cloud from COINS Global headquartered in the UK provides a suite of capabilities that offers the capabilities to enable a construction business to reduce costs, boost quality and help with crucial, time-sensitive decisions throughout the construction lifecycle.

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CCS (Construction Computer Software) headquartered in South Africa offers BuildSmart, a construction project cost control and management application.

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AVEVA NET is a web-based Information Management solution for engineering and operations. It brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats to enable users across the business to securely access, visualise, validate and collaborate on the Digital Asset data. AVEVA NET au...

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The platform from the company of the same name is designed to help construction companies stay on budget. Its SaaS 3D computer vision platform enables developers, project managers, and general contractors to optimize labor, equipment, and materials., Inc. develops and licenses...

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RedTeam manages all project management functionality from beginning to end. Drag and drop all plans & specifications into RedTeam's Optical Character Recognition tool for stress-free plan management. Issue addendums and manage the latest version of all drawings. Use the submittal workflow to ...

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The Access Group in London offers ConQuest construction and estimating software, also designed to remove administrative workload from construction professionals.

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PMWeb is Portfolio, Program and Project Management Construction Software for Owners, Program and Constraction Managers and General Contractors. The vendor boasts organizations like Harvard, Stanford, Goldman Sachs, Samsung Engineering & Construction, AECOM, United Nations, Beth Israel Deacone...

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BuildTools is a construction project management suite focused on the unique needs of Custom Builders & remodelers, with features around the management of custom projects & managing all of the communication that is required.

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Dodge PlanRoom, from Dodge Data & Analytics, is an online document and bid management platform for contractors and sub-contractors to share project information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of construction software are there?

There are types of construction software that are only relevant to the construction industry. These software types include Bidding, Estimating and Takeoff, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) products. There are also many broader software categories that feature products tailored to the construction industry, such as project management, collaboration and document management tools, and accounting software.

Can I get a single platform for all of my construction software needs?

There are some products and vendors that centralize most construction software functions, such as Procore, HCSS, and Viewpoint.

How much does Construction software cost?

Price usually scales by the number of seats and the feature set you want to access. Individual prices range from $15-30/month/user for some project management software, to $500 per month or per seat for more comprehensive suite offerings.