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Best Data Warehouse Software include:

Snowflake, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Amazon Redshift.

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Data Warehouse Software Overview

What is Data Warehouse Software?

A data warehouse is a database designed for data analysis instead of standard transactional processing. A data warehouse acts as a conduit between operational data stores and supports analytics on the composite data. Slices of data from the warehouse—e.g. summary data for a single department to use, like sales or finance—are stored in a “data mart” for quick access.

In order for a data warehouse to support decision-making effectively, data extracted from various data sources and loaded into the warehouse is normalized. It can be organized into tables, cleaned of redundancy and transformed for consistency. The process by which this happens is called Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL). Once appropriately structured data is made available for querying and analysis.

Data Warehouse Features & Capabilities

To support analyses data warehouses provide the following capabilities:

  • Associated input, extract, and data management tools for preparation

  • Extract from a multitude of source file types (flat files, excel, application data, etc.)

  • May load & normalize structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data

  • Data transformation (cleansing, deduplication, consistency)

  • Data reconciliation for various naming conventions

  • Native & autonomous storage and processing optimization

  • Provide a 360 view of all enterprise data

  • Multiple deployment options (private or public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud)

  • Available as-a-service (automated infrastructure management)

  • Integrated machine-learning algorithms, AI

  • Access controlled data sharing, data mart

  • Deploy virtualized data warehouse for extra security, access control

  • In-built data encryption for high-security needs

Pricing Information

Data warehouses from full-stack vendors are often sold as standalone products that must be integrated with other tools. Many data warehouses can be deployed and tested with ease under a free trial for 30 or 60 days. Vendors compete on performance but also pricing. Many popular data warehouses feature on-demand pricing, based on (for instance) compute per second. Alternately, some vendors offer a reduction in on-demand pricing for annual or multi-year commitments.

Data Warehouse Comparison

When considering Data Warehouse options, consider the following aspects of each product offering.
  1. Integrations: Data warehouses are built to store and analyze data from different sources. When selecting a data warehouse, be sure to select one that has built-in connectors for the sources you need to pull in data from, or supports the building of custom integrations.

  2. Performance: Some data warehouses support extremely fast performance, with some able to process tens of trillions of tables in a single day. With high performance usually comes a higher cost, though, so consider how much data analysis and manipulation you expect to perform in a day and choose a solution that meets those needs but isn’t over the top.

  3. Stability: Many data warehouses claim to achieve near 100% uptime, but a common complaint users list in data warehouse reviews is lack of stability. Be sure to choose a data warehouse with high stability, especially if your business is highly data driven.

Data Warehouse Products

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WX2 is the data and analytics focused data warehouse appliance solution from UK company Kognitio.
SAND, from Sand Technology in Quebec, is an big data and analytics focused software based data warehouse solution.
TIBCO Live Datamart
Tibco Live Datamart, from Tibco, is an analytics focused data warehouse solution.
Cloudera Altus
Cloudera Altus is a big data and machine learning platform-as-a-service that enables processing of large-scale data sets and automates massive-scale data engineering or data warehouse workloads in the public cloud. Altus is optimized for AWS and Microsoft Azure, and via Cloudera Altus Director, the …
Certica Data Connect
Certica Solutions offers Data Connect, a hosted, fully-managed and supported operational data store based on the open-source Ed-Fi technology and data standard. Designed for school districts, Data Connect is a turnkey, productized ODS which supports quick adoption and avoids resource-intensive and t…
WhereScape Data Vault Express
WhereScape headquartered in Portland with international offices offers WhereScape Data Vault Express, a data warehouse modeling tool.
Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute
Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute (previously known as ODPS) is a general purpose, fully managed, multi-tenancy data processing platform for large-scale data warehousing. MaxCompute supports various data importing solutions and distributed computing models, enabling users to effectively query massive dataset…
Health Catalyst Late-Binding Data Warehouse
Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding Data Warehouse is an architectural model for healthcare analytics. The vendor states that when an organization combines an EDW with Late-Binding they quickly progress to registries and reporting, population health, and clinical and financial risk modeling.
Firebolt's Cloud Data Warehouse is designed to deliver extreme speed and elasticity at any scale to solve impossible data challenges. The vendor states it combines the best of high performance database architecture with the infinite scale of the data lake, enabling you to perform analytics at jaw-dr…
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
The Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service is a PaaS supplying high availability and performance access to Oracle Database via Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service
The Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service is a PaaS supplying access to Oracle Database with a range of feature options, via Oracle Cloud.
IBM InfoSphere Warehouse
IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, since late 2013, is a legacy data warehouse brand.
IBM Smart Analytics System
The IBM Smart Analytics System provides an integrated data warehouse and analytics solution.
IBM Db2 Warehouse
IBM Db2 Warehouse (formerly IBM dashDB Local) is a client-managed, private cloud data warehouse for Docker container supported infrastructures.
IBM Integrated Analytics System
The IBM Integrated Analytics System is a data warehouse built for data science which combines the capabilities of PureData System and Netezza. It comprises a high-performance hardware platform and optimized database query engine software that work together to support various data analysis and busine…
Pivotal Greenplum
Pivotal Greenplum (formerly from EMC) is a massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform, based on the open source Greenplum Database. The data warehouse application is supported by Pivotal Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all data warehouses compatible with all data sources?

Most data warehouses include tools for integrating with different business sources, but they may not be able to integrate with all sources of data. Additionally, many data warehouses are built using specific database engines, making them easier to pull in data from some applications compared to others.

Are there any free or open source data warehouse options?

There are a few open source data warehouse tools, but many of them require cloud hosting, or include limited features. Most offer either powerful ETL features, or advanced analytics, but few include both.

Do data warehouses ensure regulatory compliance?

Some data warehouses provide higher standards for encryption security than others. Data warehouses designed for the medical field, for example, ensure that stored data is HIPAA compliant. Businesses can find information about what compliance standards are supported on vendor websites.