Database Security Tools

Database Security Tools Overview

What are Database Security Tools?

Database security tools provide specialized protection for databases in addition to existing endpoint and network security products. In theory, databases are already protected against malicious activity by firewalls and intrusion detection systems. However, databases require their own protection. Specialized protection is necessary to protect against database-specific threats and because databases have had to become more accessible to wider ranges of users. Tools have also specialized to protect a mix of databases deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

In broad terms, unauthorized access to a database compromises potential loss of data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Since corporate databases frequently contain valuable client data and other sensitive information, protecting databases from malicious intent is often a high priority. Proper database security can also be necessary to comply with data regulations in certain industries. Some tools will also provide security-adjacent features, such as tracking user actions and interactions with the database.

Common methods for securing databases directly include:

  • Access control to prevent unauthorized access by implementing multifactor authentication and other data management controls

  • Physical security of database and servers from tampering

  • Monitoring or auditing databases for vulnerabilities

  • Antivirus/antimalware protection

  • SQL injections prevention

  • Targeted data corruption or denial of service prevention

  • Data encryption

Database Security Comparison

When comparing different database security tools, consider the following factors:

  • Security Features: Database security can encompass a wide range of actual features, which will vary by product. Consider which discrete features are the highest priority for the business. Also evaluate these needs given the other preexisting endpoint or network security tools available. Dedicated database security tools should fill in any vulnerabilities left by these existing tools.

  • Implementation and Integration: How easily can each product be implemented across the organization’s databases? This is most relevant for larger organizations with multiple different databases deployed. Also consider how easily it integrates with other security systems, such as SIEM or log management platforms.

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Database Security Products

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Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is designed to enable auditing of the broadest variety of IT systems, including Active Directory, Exchange, file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and Windows Server. It also supports monitoring of privileged user activity in all other systems. According to…

Sophos Intercept X for Server

Sophos now offers Intercept X for Server, as a server-specific version of its popular endpoint security solution, featuring advanced malware detection and prevention, ransomware protection, and hacker deterrents.

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Oracle's Audit Vault and database firewall is a database security option.

IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security Guardium (formerly InfoSphere Guardium) is IBM's database security solution, that aims to offer organizations comprehensive visibility, actionable insights and real-time controls to help users comply with regulations, preserve privacy and secure your sensitive data — no…

McAfee Data Center Security Suite

McAfee Data Center Security Suite (formerly the Sentrigo Hedgehog Data Center Security Suite of products) is a database security option. McAfee acquired Sentrigo in 2011 to grow its own database security offerings.

Imperva Data Security (formerly SecureSphere for Data)

Imperva Data Security (formerly SecureSphere for Data) is an enterprise application and file security suite, combining database and file security management and monitoring under its database.


DbProtect from Chicago-based Trustwave is a database security option.

Trend Micro ServerProtect

Trend Micro's ServerProtect is a malware and virus protection available for NAS storage devices, and other server systems.

Protegrity Data Protection Platform

Protegrity Data Protection Platform classifies and discovers data while protecting it, first classifying data, allowing users to categorize the type of data that can mostly be in the public domain. With those classifications established, the platform then leverages machine learning…

DBrow - Smart Database Browser

DBrow is a web based database portal that can be used to query, view, and share data in the business user’s relational databases on RDS. There is no need to connect to the databases from user desktops, as cloud database endpoints can be secured further. Individual records and query…


SQL Secure from Idera Software in Houston, Texas is a database security offering.


IDM365 is a hybrid between RBAC and ABAC and is a unique identity and access management solution that is designed to make managing systems and governing users simple and cost-effective. To do this, automated tools are used to clean up and organize existing users and roles before…


Kogni continuously discovers, classifies and protects sensitive data across organizations regardless of source or location of data. The vendor states that Kogni's use of AI & machine learning capabilities mitigates the possibility of data breaches with near-perfect detection…


Korean company Penta Security offers the D'Amo suite of database security products.

jSonar, from Imperva

jSonar is a database security all-in-one platform the vendor states is built for simplifying today’s complex and costly approach to database security. The solution aims to deliver a 360-degree view of their database security and compliance program across any on-premise and cloud…

MENTIS Data Security Platform

MENTIS's unified solution aims to enable data security while equipping users with the tools to respond to compliance-related requests like the Right to Know and Right to Erasure in a swift and efficient manner. Users can Discover, Protect, and Monitor enterprise sensitive data across…

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager

SQL Compliance Manager helps database administrators to monitor, audit, and alert on Microsoft SQL Server user activity and data changes. The vendor states it provides quick configuration of audit settings, a broad list of regulatory guideline templates for audit settings and reports,…

DATAPLUS Omega Core Audit

An Oracle database is usually the company’s most valuable informational assets, containing data on customers, partners, transactions, financial and much more. With the advent of the information age, millions of such records are now owned by even medium and relatively small companies.…

DATAPLUS Omega DB Security Reporter

A reliable Assessing and Reporting on the security posture of the Oracle database is an indispensable component on establishing strong security controls and meeting security compliance requirements. The focus of this approach covers a wide range of security aspects and the task…

Huawei Cloud Database Security Service (DBSS)

Database Security Service (DBSS) on Huawei Cloud uses machine learning and big data technologies to protect databases on the cloud, intelligently auditing them and detecting risky behaviors like SQL injection.

Huawei Cloud Host Security Service (HSS)

Host Security Service (HSS) on Huawei Cloud is a server security solution designed to protect digital assets, scanning for intrusions, vulnerabilities, and unsafe settings.

DataSunrise Database & Data Security

DataSunrise Database & Data Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software. DataSunrise delivers Real-Time Database Security and Compliance, in Clouds solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud. It is also available on-premise.DataSunrise secures databases…

SSH.COM Tectia

Tectia z/OS is a mainframe security software in the industry, combining enterprise-grade reliability with high performance and a light toll on cryptographic processing. With Tectia SSH, users can encrypt and stream high volume secure file transfers via SSH File Transfer Protocol…

CipherTrust Database Protection

CipherTrust Database Protection, from Thales, provides column-level database encryption with an architecture that the vendor states can provide high-availability to ensure that every database write and read happens at almost the speed of an unprotected database.

Kaspersky Security for Storage

Kaspersky Security for Storage is a software product that supports a number of long term or NAS storage devices with malicious attack or theft prevention, from Kaspersky Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do database security tools do?

Database security tools prevent unauthorized access to, tampering with, or removal of database data or systems. Database security tools will use a range of capabilities and functions to comprehensively secure a given database.

Who uses database security tools?

Database security tools should be used to some extent in every database within an organization. Usually, database security tools are administered by security specialists or database administrators.

What are the benefits of database security software?

Database security software secures sensitive data, ensuring organizations remain compliant with data regulations and don’t lose access to or control over sensitive data within the org.