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Data Center Virtualization Software

Data Center Virtualization Overview

What is Data Center Virtualization?

Data Center Virtualization is a data center where all infrastructure has been virtualized, and the infrastructure is managed somewhat automatically by policy-driven processes.

Data center virtualization extends the virtualization concept beyond servers and desktops to other components of the data center infrastructure like networks and storage. This is sometimes referred to as the "software-defined data center".

The advantage of virtualizing the entire data center infrastructure stack is that it will be very easy to move applications across data centers without having to reconfigure them. The overall goal is a much more agile, flexible, and ultimately low-cost data center infrastructure which will allow administrators to provision new services in seconds or minutes.

Data Center Virtualization Products

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IBM InfoSphere Information Server

23 Ratings

IBM InfoSphere is an enterprise grade master data management solution used by over 700 customers. It competes with Oracle's Siebel UCM product and Informatica.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform

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Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, or Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform (JBoss EDSP) is that company's data / datacenter virtualization platform.

Software-Defined Data Center

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CDW SDDC is a a software-defined data center (SDDC) that extends efficiency, flexibility and security beyond just servers to the entire data center, including storage, network and more.