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Adobe Acrobat DC.

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Document Management Systems Overview

What are Document Management Systems?

Document Management Systems (DMS) provide enterprises with the capability to digitally capture and convert documents and files. Features of document management software may also extend to document storage, search and retrieval, and sharing. DMS reduces enterprise dependence upon space-consuming document printing hardware, printed paper, and file drawers.

Document management systems share featural overlap with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms. However, document capture and manipulation is central to document management. This includes imaging, file type conversion, versioning, and metadata management, with document editing and access controls. An alternate approach to document management is to include templated document generation as a feature. This way paper document generation and sharing is not needed to begin with. These DMS often provide contract lifecycle management, and electronic signature as well.

Features of Document Management Systems

Document management systems provide the following feature set:

  • Imaging, mobile image capture

  • Versioning, automated

  • Metadata management

  • File type conversion

  • Document sharing & collaboration

  • Automated backup, archiving (i.e. integration)

  • Document publishing, public sharing

  • Policy-driven access and controls

  • Graphic-based object editing, manipulation

  • .pdf editing, fields

  • Customizable search, content location

  • Templates, electronic document builder

  • Integrated eSignature

Document Management Systems Comparison

To more easily compare Document Management Systems consider evaluating different options based on these factors:

On-Premise vs Cloud: Users tend to think about the pros and cons of an on-premise versus cloud-based document management system in terms of maintenance and access control. On-premise systems allow for more control on your end, whereas one of the advantages of cloud-based offerings is that most of the maintenance is the responsibility of your provider. Cloud-based systems also come in handy when users aren’t able to come into the office, but this does require an internet connection, unlike on-premise systems that can run offline. Ultimately, cloud-based systems have all the pros of on-premise systems, plus they’re more portable and accessible, unlike their on-premise counterparts.

Ease-of-Use: Given that document management systems by nature are meant to facilitate a traditionally by-hand-and-paper process, usability is one of its most important factors. With document management systems, you will certainly want to try out a demo before making a purchasing decision. Look for document management software that has a good search function for easily locating files within your system, and thus tagging them.

Security: Security is paramount with document management systems. This begins with the system allowing administrators to set up access controls and permissions. However, as with any system that handles business information, verify that the software you are considering clearly outlines the measures they take to keep your documents secure. This includes not only features specific to the particular software itself, but those that are implemented so that the software complies with both local and international security standards and regulations.

Pricing Information

More feature complete document management systems are generally offered on a cloud-based, software-as-a-service model and are available by subscription. 30-day free trials of document management systems are common. The most common pricing variable is the number of licensed users. Plans may also be priced according to the volume of contracts processed and managed. Some vendors offer perpetual licensing for simple document management products (e.g. .pdf editors, converters, etc). Also, ECM vendors may supply all the features required for document management as modules for their platforms.

Document Management Products

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LogicalDOC is designed to help organizations gain control over document management, with a particular focus on fast content retrieval and business process automation. The vendor says their solution enables teams to create, co-author, and coordinate any amount of documents. Additionally, the vendor s…
VisibleThread Readability
VisibleThread Readability is a one-click clear language analysis tool for writers looking to improve the clarity and quality of their content. It identifies plain language issues in documents, on a website or instantly as the user types.
OZ e-Form
OZ e-Forms is a software that allows users to convert paper forms to digital forms to increase efficiency. Users can create custom forms, contracts, and other documents and have them processed, signed, and approved digitally, with timestamp information. Other capabilities include voice recording, e-…
HelpSystems Webdocs
HelpSystems Webdocs Document Management is designed to allow users to manage documents and data with a complete, integrated electronic document management system (EDMS). The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution enables organizations to: •Go paperless with document automation•Make do…
Dossier is an online tool from Interfolio that allows users to manage the documents (CVs, letters of recommendation, confidential records, etc.) required to apply for faculty jobs, fellowships, grants, postdocs, or graduate study. Users can request letters of recommendation, securely store their fil…
Dynamic Web TWAIN
Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document scanning SDK for web applications. Developers can use the SDK to easily and quickly create a cross-browser cross-platform application to scan documents from TWAIN, SANE or ICA compatible scanners, edit the images online and save them to a local or server…
Contracts Manager
Contracts Manager is a web-based enterprise contract lifecycle management platform designed for healthcare. The platform enables hospitals and integrated healthcare networks to automate, streamline, and centralize all contracts into one electronic repository resulting in a paperless environment. Con…
Synergize is a robust document management software designed for the trucking sector, enabling businesses in this particular field to manage, organize, and access their critical documents with ease and efficiency. With Synergize, users are able to capture, store, and distribute documents and data wit…
Meridian is an ALIM and Engineering Information Management software. It is now part of the Accruent IWMS offerings since Accruent acquired asset lifecycle information management software platform and company BlueCielo in November 2017 to expand its global footprint and enhance the engineering and si…
Centreviews is a web-based, end-to-end solution for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and document management, that has been mobile optimized and integrates with existing systems. The Payables Solution automates PO matching, duplicate checking, GL coding, workflow routing, invoice approval; and…
Dynamsoft Camera SDK for iOS
Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition is a programming API for document imaging. It delivers a set of features to address app developer needs for mobile image processing. The SDK provides a built-in ability to capture a document from an iPhone. It then also provides document boundary detection, intellige…
AODocs is a document management platform built for Google Drive. AODocs promises to let companies build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. AODocs promises to provide security and processes without limiting collaboration or sacrificin…
MuPDF is a fast, extremely small, high-quality PDF renderer. The vendor says that, as a highly versatile and customizable, MuPDF can be used across a wide range of applications as a PDF renderer, viewer or toolkit with a variety of interactive features like annotations, form-filling, and digital sig…
PDFTables is made by The Sensible Code Company, based in London. PDFTables focus is converting tables accurately from PDF documents to XLSX, CSV or XML. The tool also converts the text around the tables. PDFTables is available as a web service, via API or as an On-Premises Enterprise solution. The E…
CartaHR is a cloud-based document management and record store solution designed to support complex HR departments managing high turnover or multiple job sites, from Access Information Management.
iDoc Content and Records Management
HTC Global company CareTech Solutions offers the iDoc Content and Records Management system, an image and document capture application supporting health care, higher educaftion, and other industries.
CSI Document Services
Computer Services, Inc (CSI) headquartered in Paducah offers their Document Services for banks, which can combine electronic document delivery and distribution (e.g. eStatements, the CustomerConnect advertising service, etc.), managed print, as well as document storage and archiving.
Computer Services, Inc (CSI) offers CenterDoc, a cloud-based document management system exclusively for banks.
The Dokit SaaS platform enables users to create, share and improve step-by-step instructions, user guides and product manuals that fit any screen and device. According to the vendor, it only takes a few clicks to create guides and instructions with their intuitive editing features and predefined tem…
HGComply is an HR document governance platform from HireGenics, an American CyberSystems company.
Apex CoVantage headquartered in Herndon offers IZAAC, a document and archive digitization tool for converting library collections and resources from physical to digital.
Netlink DMS
Netlink Software Group headquartered in Wisconsin offers the Netlink Document Management System (DMS).
TeraText Document Management System (DMS)
Leidos offers the TeraText Document Management System (DMS).
Genebra Quality Management
Genebra is a document management software, entirely developed based on ISO 9001 Standard.According to the vendor, key features and business benefits include:OPTIMIZING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT• Simplifies the creation, approval and document review.• Maintains quality document history.• Alerts you abou…
Legalpad offers end-to-end online support for work visa filings. Legalpad utilizes automation to streamline information intake, compiling of documents, and the review process. The vendor says Legalpad was built on more than a decade of collective experience in startup immigration law. It combines so…