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Email Marketing Software

Best Email Marketing Software

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Email Marketing Software Overview

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is designed to help a company maintain communications with customers. This builds loyalty, increases brand recognition, and drives sales.

The challenge with email marketing is to strike a balance between efficiency and personalization so that you can:

  1. Maximize a one-to-one sense of connection with individual customers.

  2. Reach out to hundreds or thousands of customers at once, at minimum cost.

Email marketing software helps marketers create, send and track subscriber emails while complying with the regulations that govern email outreach. It does this on a bulk level, which increases efficiency. These bulk emails are commonly referred to as email blasts.

Tools range from batch-and-blast products to products that allow users to configure personalized, triggered messages. The messages are based on the behavior or demographics of subscribers. The simplest solutions are designed for sending newsletters or advertisements.

All email marketing tools facilitate ‘big’ sends. However, what ‘big’ means can vary. Therefore, make sure the product you choose will work for your list size without causing performance issues or breaking the bank.

Most email marketing software offers the ability to design engaging emails without writing code. This is possible by using a drag and drop tool or a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. Advanced email marketing tools allow for retargeting, triggered drip sequences, and segmented subscriber lists. Many of them integrate with CRM, CMS, and ecommerce platforms to make running email marketing campaigns even more efficient.

Email Marketing Features & Capabilities

  • Subscriber and list management

  • Contact segmentation

  • Email marketing templates

  • Visual editor or WYSIWYG interface

  • Content/image library

  • Dynamic content/personalization

  • A/B testing

  • Mobile optimization

  • Autoresponders

  • Triggered drip sequences

  • Campaign tracking/reporting

  • CRM integration

  • CAN-SPAM compliance

  • SPAM testing

  • Email client testing

  • Deliverability support

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing software is closely related to marketing automation software. All marketing automation platforms include email marketing, and many email marketing tools include some degree of automation. But marketing automation tools also include broader marketing capabilities not connected to email. These include lead management, campaign calendars, event management, landing pages, social campaigns, advanced analytics, and more.

Pricing Information

Email marketing tools are typically priced on a subscription model. Pricing depends on the number of email contacts you have, and the number of emails you send each month.

Free plans exist, but they typically limit the number of emails sent each month. They also may require senders to keep the email marketing tool’s branding in the footer. On the lower end, an email marketing service can cost as little as $25 for up to 2,000 contacts. Mid-tier service runs up to $500/mo. for up to 50,000 people. Enterprise level email marketing software goes up from there. Depending on the scale and complexity of your email marketing needs, your organization may find that investing in a comprehensive marketing automation solution may be a more suitable choice.

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MailUp is the eponymous email & SMS platform from the Italian company that was founded in 2002 that now has a modest but respectable presence across the western world with a diverse customer base (Yamaha, Amnesty International, Korean Air, etc.). Mailup's platform combines email marketing, wi...

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MPZMail in the UK supports simple email marketing for small businesses and marketers by allowing them to design and create emails from a browser. Schedule campaigns, launch them, and monitor activities of interest on the other end (email opening, clicking, etc.). MPZMail's Free Forever plan for ...

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ExpressPigeon is an email marketing system for small to medium sized enterprises from a relatively new (2011) company with an emphasis on look and viewability across multiple devices (i.e. mobile-accessibility) and browser compatibility. Beyond this, ExpressPigeon supports A/B testing and segment...

AllProWebTools aims to offer a single platform for managing and growing a small business. Capabilities range from employee management and website SEO all the way to marketing and marketing analytics. Specific features include: customer tracking, order process tracking, newsletters, drip campa...

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We’re Adestra. We have been providing enterprise-level digital marketing technology solutions to organizations around the globe since 2004. Our clients trust our proven email, automation, social, and mobile marketing technology to deliver successful and cutting-edge marketing programs to their va...

Right On Interactive is a lifecycle marketing automation company that is focused on helping organizations win, keep and grow business. This is completed through their Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution that builds engagement throughout the lifecycle of prospects and customers. Right On Interac...

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Progressive email marketing company Pure360 provides the best email marketing services to customers such as innocent drinks, Seatwave, The FT Group, Rightmove, Zoopla and LA Fitness. Pure360 don’t tie customers in with a long contracts, instead they maintain the highest customer retention rate ...

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WhatCounts is a popularly-used, global enterprise level suite of email marketing tools from the company of the same name founded in 2000 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Their customers range from Costco,, the Seattle Times, Red Lion Hotels, and number over a thousand. Central to th...

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Moosend, headquartered in London, offers an email marketing platform featuring drag and drop editor and templates for newsletters, automated workflow, mailing list management with custom fields and advanced segmentation, and personalized content.

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OutreachPlus is a personalized email outreach software which provides functionalities for increasing traffic through link building, exposure through PR, build authority, and through influencers. According to the vendor, OutreachPlus helps to improve retention and sales with partners and customers...

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Privy in Boston is designed to enable online stores to capture more emails and convert first-time visitors into customers using the company's integrated suite of web conversion and email marketing tools.

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Boingnet was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Rockland MA. Boingnet provides a marketing automation solution that is designed for small to mid sized business, non-profit and agency marketing teams. The solution can be used by small and medium sized organizations to build campaigns that co...

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GEVME is a SaaS cloud-based platform that provides an integrated event solution for event registration, ticketing, email marketing, onsite preparations, etc., offered to various industries and businesses. Automated scoring, reporting, tracking the event leads, surveys, website building and many o...

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NewsTurbo Pro is email marketing and newsletter software. Some key features include: Trash Email Protection, Integrated Spam Check, and Support for all Feedback Loops (FBL).

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Forewards is a platform that helps online retailers convert happy customers into an army of brand advocates. Online retailers can drive organic customer acquisition through word of mouth recommendations spread through social media, and drive improved customer loyalty by rewarding their most vocal...

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CircuPress is an email service provider built specifically for WordPress. Create, manage and track your email content just as you do your site and blog's content. Send emails directly from the WordPress editor and view email stats directly from the administrative page. CircuPress allows users to ...

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The white label email marketing solution for agencies. Instiller is the only email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies. Enabling you to manage all of your clients in one professional easy to use application that’s feature-rich, branded and can be individually customised for ea...