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Endpoint Backup Solutions Overview

What are Endpoint Backup Solutions?

Endpoint backup solutions transmit information to data centers for safekeeping, while it also remains accessible to end users. Instead of backing up data to an external hard drive or tape storage, cloud backup sends data to a secure offsite facility. This ensures that the data is protected from an accident or disaster. Endpoint backup solutions usually run on a schedule; it might be every 24 hours, or it may provide continuous backup. Cloud backup solutions may detect changes, and backup incrementally to save bandwidth.

These inexpensive systems have become very popular among small businesses and enterprises alike. Enterprise level companies typically use cloud backups for non-critical data. For large amounts of data, traditional backup solutions (e.g. SAN) is more appropriate.

Features of Endpoint Backup Solutions

Endpoint backup solutions typically include the following features:

  • Policy-controlled backup

  • Centralized policy control & endpoint configuration

  • Backup portal with admin console,

  • Ability to monitor and compare the state of backups

  • 256-bit data encryption at storage

  • Compliance with data regulations (e.g.HIPAA, SOC2, etc)

  • Recover/restore data from multiple points in time

  • Real-time change detection for monitored files and folders

  • Support for mobile endpoints and off-site distributed workforce

  • Option for managed hosting or own-hosting of data center backup

  • Data wipe capability (e.g. for lost or stolen mobile devices)

  • Block level data transfer, i.e. transfer only data that’s been changed

  • Global deduplication/data compression

  • Protection from malware & data loss with data rollback

  • Global endpoint location tracking (e.g. for mobile endpoints)

Pricing Information

Endpoint backup solutions are available via subscription or v perpetual license on a per-socket basis. Subscriptions plans may cost between $5 to $8 per month with an annual subscription per endpoint on the plan. Plan prices increase in accordance with a number of endpoints and feature breadth. Advanced plans may include added security or antimalware measures, endpoint usage monitoring and reporting, self-service data recovery, and performance boosters (e.g. WAN acceleration).

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Endpoint Backup Products

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Acronis Cyber Cloud for Enterprise
2 ratings
1 review
Acronis Cyber Cloud for Enterprise is a multi-tier platform that delivers data protection services with access to a suite of integrated services like secure backup, files sync and share, ransomware protection, blockchain-based notarization and data verification, and disaster recovery – all managed f…
KeepIt Pro
KeepIt Pro is a cloud backup solution from Danish company KeepIt.
Axcient Backup for Files (formerly from eFolder)
Axcient’s Backup for Files is a business-class, cloud-based backup service providing file-level backup for servers and critical workstations that you can have up and running in minutes.
CTERA Enterprise File Services
Israeli company CTERA offers endpoint backup via their enterprise file services platform.
NovaBACKUP is a backup and restore solution targeted for small businesses on a budget. NovaBACKUP offers local and cloud backup for PCs, servers, and virtual machines. NovaBACKUP offers feature-rich all-inclusive data protection solutions with central monitoring. These backup and recovery solution i…
SecurStore Cloud Backup
SecurStore Cloud Backup is a backup and recovery option from UK company SecurStore which is now part of KeepItSafe (which in turn is a brand of J2 Global), as of yet operating independently.
KeepItSafe Cloud Backup
KeepItSafe is a custom cloud service provider that promises to deliver comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions. KeepItSafe says it provides global cloud data availability through its Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), endpoint protection, and SaaS appli…
Dobson Technologies Cloud Backup
Dobson Technologies Cloud Backup is an online backup and recovery option, from Dobson Technologies.
Parablu's BluVault aims to provide complete backup on the cloud with 100% security. BluVault is designed to ensure safe backup to cloud storage environments by securing data both while in transit and at rest. It protects the privacy and integrity of an organization’s data traveling between the ente…
SecurityCoverage Tech Office
SecurityCoverage in Cedar Rapids offers Tech Office, their flagship platform which encompasses endpoint cloud backup (with different levels of service to cover multiple seats), password management, and endpoint security and antivirus via SecureIT Pro, the company's antivirus software which is availa…
Storware vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for Open Virtual Machine environments such as KVM, Redhat Virtualization/Ovirt, Citrix Xen Server, Xen, Nutanix, Oracle VM, and Proxmox. vProtect enables VM-level data protection and can function as a standalone solution or integrate with enterprise…
Eset Xopero Cloud Business
Xopero Cloud Business application from Eset supplies backup for enterprise endpoints and servers.
Paragon Backup & Recovery
Paragon Software headquartered in Irvine offers their Backup & Recovery software in personal and business editions.
Iperius Backup
Iperius Backup is a backup software designed for IT resellers and IT consultants. It is described by the vendor as versatile backup software that also provides enterprise-level functionality. The vendor states that professional features like VM Backup, database backup, tape backup, drive imaging an…
eSilo CLOUD Backup
eSilo in Jupiter offers a cloud-based SMB endpoint backup and disaster recovery solution, the eSilo CLOUD Backup solution, a software solution that automatically copies chosen files for backup to eSilo's company data centers for safe keeping.
Avast Business Cloud Backup
Avast Business Cloud Backup Service is designed to keep data secure and ensures business continuity by protecting endpoint devices with an automated backup process that is easy to deploy and manage. With it, users can set up backup schedules on devices, centrally manage from one dashboard to ensure …
Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery
Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery, a Commvault venture, is designed to present fast and secure endpoint backup, flexible and granular restore, scalable and unlimited storage.
NovaStor DataCenter
NovaStor DataCenter offers network backup and recovery software for securing physical and virtual machines across distributed locations with media management for disk, tape backup and cloud, plus data migration, all on the same interface with centralized management. NovaStor DataCenter supports back…
Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Acronis Cyber Protect integrates backup and next-generation, AI-based antimalware and endpoint protection management into one solution. Integration and automation in order to provide protection while increasing productivity and decreasing TCO. With its full-stack anti-malware protection and compreh…
Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite
Ahsay Backup Software is specifically designed for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and IT Consulting Companies. It aims to empower users to offer secure managed, cloud hosted, and on-premises backup service to business end customers and earn recurring income. The whole solution is wit…
Mirror Backup
Mirror Backup protects users from data loss by continuously monitoring files and folders, and backing them up to the cloud, a network share, or local drive when they change. It does this in a background service that does not require a user to be logged in - presented as ideal for company servers. …
CloudBacko, from the company of the same name in Hong Kong, is backup software available in three editions: CloudBacko Pro is designed for backing up servers, databases and virtual machines. CloudBacko Lite is for backing up desktops and laptops. CloudBacko Free is for backing up any computers with …