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QuickBooks Online is perhaps where Intuit has expended most of its energy in the last few years. This is a SaaS product offered by subscription and has grown impressively since its inception and is now easily the global leader in online accounting software. There are localized versions for the UK, Canada, India and Australia along with the standard global edition. In 2011, Intuit released an accountant version of the product, QuickBooks Online Accountant, to help accounting firms better manage client files in bulk.

In 2013 the company entirely revamped the product giving it a sleeker user interface and providing for more customizations and third party integrations of additional functionality.

Company Status: Public
Best Fit For: Small, service-based businesses; accounting firms
Most Compared To: Expensify
Customers: N/A
Employees: 8,000 (entire company)

QuickBooks Online Customer Distribution

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Aggregate User Ratings of QuickBooks Online on TrustRadius

Source: (43) User reviews of QuickBooks Online on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute QuickBooks Online Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 7.8 43 8.1
Likelihood to renew 7.3 15 8.5
Product usability 7.8 6 8.7
Support 8.3 3 7.4
Implementation satisfaction 5.7 3 8.1

Summary of QuickBooks Online Reviews

Source: (43) User reviews of QuickBooks Online on TrustRadius
QuickBooks Online Pros QuickBooks Online Cons
General ledger features
Basic general ledger accounting features and time tracking and invoicing are well designed and intuitive; the program does not require much training.
Different layout to desktop version
Many accounting firms use both desktop and online versions and the fact that Online has a completely different layout can be confusing.
Bank integrations reduce data entry
Automated bank and credit card feeds means that automatic download reduces workload and facilitates reconciliation.
2013 re-design
The completely revamped version in 2013 had a completely different user interface which some users are happy about. However, the fact that it is so different created confusion and navigation difficulties for users used to the classic version.
Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)
The online platform makes it very easy to collaborate with clients by sharing real time data without having to send data files around. It's also possible to work on multiple different client accounts simultaneously.
For users familiar with the desktop version, it can be quite slow by comparison.
Payroll integration
Online payroll is easily integrated to accounting and payroll features are strong with payroll and tax reminders.
Reporting capabilities are very basic, and although some reviewers like the simplicity, others feel that they are not adequately customizable. There is no report builder functionality, but data can be downloaded to Excel for analysis.
Third-party add-ons
The Intuit Marketplace provides access to a large number of add-ons to extend functionality, but there are fewer add-ons available than with the desktop version.
Adjacent functionality*
Although the product has good basic accounting functionality, there is no costing or inventory functionality in the base version.
Easy to attach source to transaction documents like invoices, expense reports etc.

Mobile apps
iPhone and iPad apps are very useful.

Intuit Response to Reviewer Feedback

QuickBooks is all about saving users time. This year, the team is doubling down on performance to ensure that the experience is snappy and immediate, regardless of whether you are accessing your books from a web browser, the mobile app, or your Mac desktop.

Among cloud accounting competitors, QuickBooks Online has the most robust reporting with more than 60 out of the box reports and flexible customization. Additionally, there are nearly 1,000 apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online, including more than 800 unique apps that were developed specific for small businesses needs and 200 apps that are broadly downloadable on Apps.com to any small business subscriber. We also partner with critical apps that a small business would actually use daily, such as Shopify, SOS Inventory and PayPal.

While QuickBooks Online supports Quantity On Hand in the Plus version, it is an area the team knows customers would like to see improved. As always, the team listens to customers to guide its development process. We've seen a steady improvement in NPS over the last 18 months as we target the areas that matter most. With your QuickBooks subscription, you are always on the latest and greatest version, with your data backed up and accessible anywhere.