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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeEntrinsik Informer is a business intelligence/ reporting solution used by over 1,500 customers. Users can query, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources using one intuitive web interface. There is no need to copy data to a cube or go through a complex ETL process for reporting and data analysis. End users are empowered to securely build new or customize existing reports and dashboards on demand using real-time data.


This product has a loyal user base and has a strong presence in the Higher Education vertical market in particular, in addition to the Insurance, Healthcare, Public Safety and Manufacturing verticals.

Entrinsik Informer is a Top Rated product in the mid-sized company segment.

Company Status: Private
Customers: 1,500+
Employees: 30+
Location: Raleigh, NC
Founded: 1984
Most compared to: Tableau Server; SAP Crystal Reports; QlikView
Best fit for: Informer is used by customers in a variety of industries where there is a strong need to manage large volumes of operational data. Typical customers have limited IT support and a relatively non-technical user base.

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Summary of Entrinsik Informer Reviews

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Entrinsik Informer Pros Entrinsik Informer Cons
User interface
  • Drag and drop user interface is easy to use and non-technical end users can design their own reports.
  • Reports can be written without knowledge of SQL.
  • Power users can create complex reports using JavaScript & SQL statements.
Data speed issues
  • The ability to process very high data volumes is one of the most significant issues currently reported by reviewers.
  • Flexible security settings restricting what data sources, files and fields users can access (although some users say that this functionality is too complex).
  • Security audit reporting is very helpful. Very good enhancements in latest version 4.4.1.
  • Many users feel that the dashboards are a great start, but that there is still some room to grow. In particular, they would like to see more visualization and charting options.
Customer support
  • Customer support is highly responsive.
  • Company listens to customers and frequently incorporates fixes/improvements in releases.
Training and documentation
  • Documentation of the product is inadequate, particularly in some more advanced areas.
  • Several users suggest direct training classes on these more advanced topics.
Report delivery and scheduling
  • Reports can be scheduled to be delivered in almost any format.
  • Report scheduling eliminates the need to run reports manually and saves a lot of time.
  • The ability to write JavaScript into reports to manipulate the data is a great feature.
Value for Money
  • Informer is relatively inexpensive.
  • Ease of use means that it delivers exceptional ROI.

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Entrinsik Response to Reviewer Feedback

We are thrilled that Entrinsik Informer has become a top rated product on TrustRadius and we remain committed to providing solutions that equip organizations with insights previously seen as too hard or time consuming to obtain. We are proud to receive such positive reviews of Informer for enabling organization-wide data ownership in addition to delivering exceptional ROI, ease of use, robust security, strong reporting capabilities, and highly responsive customer support.

The Informer development team is currently hard at work on the newest version of Informer, currently in Alpha testing and scheduled for release later this year. Informer 5.0 dramatically expands the visual analytical capabilities of Informer while delivering an updated, modern user interface providing a sleek, streamlined, intuitive experience for all customers. The new underlying system architecture dramatically improves upon the usability, speed, and efficiency of the platform and allows for large amounts of data to be brought into the system with high performance. This next generation of Informer will also have a Discover feature where Informer will automatically and intelligently provide visuals to the user based on simple field selections, thereby allowing the user to glean insight into their data seamlessly. In addition, the Entrinsik team will continue to provide updated training materials via an enhanced Informer Support Center including user guides, videos and training classes. Entrinsik will be holding an Informer User Conference (ICON) scheduled for April 2017 in Raleigh, NC. For more information, contact sales at sales@entrinsik.com.