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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgePentaho was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in 2015. The product is an open-source platform with a suite of capabilities including end-to-end data integration and reporting/visualizations. The data integration component is leveraged more widely due to Pentaho's focus on big data integration, such as working with Hadoop, in addition to ETL processes for traditional data sources. Traditional and big data sources can be blended and prepared for reporting/visualizations or embedded into external applications, also core offerings of Pentaho. The company provides a free open-source edition called Community Edition, along with a paid Enterprise Edition, which has some features not available in the free version and provides support. The product has native integration with big data tools like Hadoop and Hive, and is capable of processing very large data volumes.

Pentaho is Top Rated in the small business segment.

Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 350
Location: Orlando FL, and San Francisco CA
Founded: 1996
Most compared to: Microsoft BI; QlikView; Tableau Server
Best fit for: Pentaho is a solid open-source platform, and the data integration capabilities are particularly strong. This would be a good choice for companies that need to blend and integrate high-volume data from a wide range of structured and unstructured sources.

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Data integration
  • A large number of users praise the ETL functionality for efficiently enabling data cleaning, normalizing, transformations and integration of data from a great many data sources.
  • The data integration capabilities are particularly effective for very large volumes of data from, for example, Hadoop or other big data technologies.
  • The Analyzer visualization tool has a steep learning curve, and visualizations are relatively weak compared to other products.
Open source suite
  • The community edition of the product provides a full suite of free open-source tools including not just ETL, but also a reporting engine, and dashboards/visualizations. There is also an Enterprise Edition with additional capabilities and support.
Report designer
  • Several users say Report Designer could be improved. It has a buggy, outdated interface, and is clunky for users.
Customer support
  • Customer support is generally responsive and helpful.
Community Edition
  • The Community Edition takes some effort to learn and get up to speed, as documentation is limited. It also lacks some useful features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition.

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Hitachi Response to Reviewer Feedback

Pentaho is a strong tool for working with structured and unstructured data, blending that data, and preparing it for end user analytics. We are one of the few vendors that has reports, visualizations, and ad hoc reporting with a native data integration component within the platform. Due to this, end users are able to prepare and analyze accurate, blended information sources easily. We are continuing to expand this capability, so that all users along the data pipeline are able to collaborate for data engineering, data preparation, and business analytics.

To date, we have implemented the most big data use cases out of any other vendor, and we are continuing to build out our data integration and user experience to meet the changing needs of the market.