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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeCrystal Reports was founded in 1991 and was owned by Seagate Technology before Business Objects acquired it in 2003, and Business Objects was subsequently acquired by SAP in 2007. This is a legacy product, with an aging technology platform, that still has a large user base of loyal users. It is frequently used in conjunction with Business Objects as the report design front-end.

It is important to note that SAP Crystal Reports reviewers include both paying users as well as free trial users. Free users are using the exact same product; however, they generally have more positive sentiment around a product since they are not paying for it.

SAP Crystal Reports is Top Rated in the small business segment.

Company Status: Public
Customers: 300,000+ (entire company)
Employees: 770,000+ (entire company)
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Founded: 1972
Most compared to: Jaspersoft; SAP Business Objects; IBM Cognos
Best fit for: Crystal Reports is a good design tool for customers already using other SAP products, especially Business Objects, for which it serves as the de-facto report design tool. It is used in conjunction with SAP Crystal Server by mainly smaller companies for frequently repeated reporting tasks like quarterly sales data.

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SAP Crystal Reports Pros SAP Crystal Reports Cons
Connects to wide variety of data sources
  • The product is capable of connecting to a variety of databases, including SQL, Oracle and many others, It can even merge data from multiple sources, making it very flexible.
Dated interface
  • The product has a rather dated interface and has a steep learning curve for new users. Document formatting is tricky and the product is generally inefficient for causal use.
Report designer
  • The report designer allows a wide variety of report types to be created by developers, including tabular reports, cross-tabs, charts, etc.
Aging product with limited ongoing development
  • Crystal Reports is a mature product, which is no longer subject to major enhancements, but has benefitted from some minor enhancements in 2016, including an expanded Named User License (NUL) package for Crystal Server.
Report bursting and scheduling
  • Reports can be scheduled for web delivery and can be delivered in multiple formats. Reports can also be burst, with different parts being delivered to different recipients.
Weak charting and graphing
  • Charting and graphing options are limited and not easy to use.
  • Ability to created embedded “sub-reports” within other reports is very useful.
Integration with other SAP products
  • The product integrates well with Business Objects and a variety of other SAP data management products.

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