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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeTIBCO acquired Spotfire in 2007. The initial focus of Spotfire was in the pharmaceutical drug research domain, and it retains a strong presence in that market. TIBCO Spotfire is a very strong data discovery and visualization tool and is capable of processing very large data volumes and includes a built-in predictive analytics runtime engine along with location analytics, so it can be used as a general purpose analytics tool but also by customers in data-intensive industries like retail, energy, life sciences and financial organizations. Acquisition of Maporarama and Streambase in 2013 gave the product powerful mapping capabilities and streaming data analytics respectively. In 2015 TIBCO acquired the open-source Jaspersoft platform which rounds out the BI offering by providing a reporting engine in addition to advanced visualization and analytics.

TIBCO Spotfire is Top Rated in the mid-sized company and enterprise segments.

Company Status: Private
Customers: 1,000+
Employees: 3,500
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Founded: 1996
Most compared to: Tableau Desktop; QlikView; Microsoft BI
Best fit for: TIBCO Spotfire is a good choice for companies who need interactive visualization capabilities with built-in data wrangling, predictive and location analytics. Its cloud and on-premises platform is well suited for quickly building analytic applications that can be deployed across a small team or company.

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TIBCO Spotfire Pros TIBCO Spotfire Cons
Visualizations & Dashboards
  • Very intuitive design tool for visualizations and dashboards with many standard visualizations to choose from, including bar charts, scatter plots, tree maps, (although still more limited than Tableau).
Learning curve
  • Spotfire has more capabilities than other visualization tools and thus for advanced features can be considered more complex to use, although it has addressed many of these hard to use concerns in recent releases.
Predictive analytics built-in
  • Spotfire comes with its own R-runtime engine that is accessible from its intuitive drag and drop UI. This gives less technical users powerful statistical functions in one-click while also giving data scientists a faster enterprise grade R engine for complex calculations.
Report creation
  • The product was not really designed to generate static formatted or banded reports; it is really a visualization tool – Excel on steroids. However, the acquisition of Jaspersoft has gone some way to mitigating this.
Large data sets
  • The system handles large data sets vey well (thousands to millions of rows of data) due to its innovative in-memory engine and dual mode push down query processing support.
Software stability and speed
  • Client crashes sporadically and there are no auto-save or version control capabilities. It also has a tendency to slow down with very large data sets.
Deep analytic capabilities
  • The in-memory engine delivers powerful data transformation and calculation expressions to build complex analysis of multi-source or blended data.
Streaming analysis
  • Data streams can be analyzed in real-time.
Data transformations
  • Data from numerous different sources can be integrated and numerous data transformations can be achieved either through the GUI or custom data functions.
  • Very strong built-in geo-mapping and geo-localization capabilities due to acquisition of Maporama in 2013.

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