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Company Status: Public
Customers: 3,000
Employees on LinkedIn: 158 (3800 reported by vendor)
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
Founded: 2009 (Dayforce)

Formerly, services were the “bread and butter” of Ceridian—the company grew through mergers and acquisitions, and sold several mainframe and hosted payroll products. But over the past few years, Ceridian acquired the Dayforce platform (April 2012) and sold off many of its services components. The vendor also spun off Lifeworks, a wellness-focused work/life balance product, into a separate entity. Now Ceridian's Core HR offerings are much simpler. Buyers can choose Dayforce (single application, single codebase, one database) or, in Canada, they offer Powerpay for small businesses. Both are cloud products and include tax filing service and compliance features—which the vendor considers to be one of its big differentiators from competitors like Oracle and SAP. As of Q3 2016, the vendor reports 59% YoY revenue growth.

Ceridian's goal is for Dayforce to be a global HR solution; currently 95% of revenue comes from North America, but the vendor is hoping to expand markets elsewhere, and is adding/marketing product features related to global HR. For example, Dayforce can connect to local payment solutions in different parts of the world and aggregate a global payroll, rather than requiring another vendor/partner to accomplish this.

Today the Dayforce application includes full Payroll, Tax, Benefits, HR, and Talent Management Capabilities, creating a single application for Human Capital Management with one employee record, one user experience, and one rule engine. There are three flavors of Dayforce: Dayforce HCM (must include payroll, other modules such as recruiting, strategic onboarding, performance management, etc. are optional), Dayforce Go (designed for businesses with less complexity; it is less expensive, quick to implement, but not as customizable), and standalone Workforce Management, which is mainly aimed at large retailers who want to replace on-premise solutions. Major platform upgrades happen three times per year, which the vendor says is consistent with the rest of the Core HR industry. Dayforce HCM is Top Rated by reviewers at enterprises.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Dayforce HCM is:

A good fit for: Mid-sized companies and enterprises in the U.S. where mobile functionality for employees, managers, and admins is important, and that want to leverage labor optimization analytics.

Most compared to: ADP Workforce Now, Workday HCM, UltiPro, ADP Vantage, and Kronos Workforce Central

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Dayforce HCM Customer Demographics*

Dayforce HCM customer demographics - company size and industry size
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Summary of Dayforce HCM Cloud Reviews

Source: (46) User reviews of Ceridian Dayforce HCM on TrustRadius, (41) updated or written in the last year.
Dayforce HCM Pros Dayforce HCM Cons
User interface
  • The UI is streamlined, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Dealing with support is time intensive. Slow resolution remains a major pain point.
  • Although in the past users have felt like their tickets were getting lost in a black hole, the new support portal is getting better and reps are responding more promptly to acknowledge (if not solve) the issue.
  • Several users said that while they weren't always satisfied with the time it took or the answers they received from support, they felt that the vendor made a good effort to work with them and was invested in their success.
Data for decision-making (labor optimization)
  • Although the report builder still has room for improvement, users said Dayforce labor analytics are strong, and provide managers and executives with useful data for more strategic, proactive decision-making.
  • For example, Dayforce helps users coordinate multiple locations, variable shifts, and employees floating between locations, and balance specialized with fluctuating demands, such as in an emergency room or a musical instrument emporium.
  • Integrated real-time data, dashboards, forecasting, and trends are specific elements users called out as strong for this use case.
Report builder is improving, but still needs work
  • Users would like the report builder to be more flexible and more user-friendly for complex / custom reporting.
  • A few users said the new business intelligence and analytics reporting tool is strong.
Mobile app
  • The mobile app excels for all types of users—admins, managers, and employees—whereas users said alternative products tended to focus on the employee self service mobile experience but be more limited on the admin/manager side.
New releases
  • While users appreciate that the platform is constantly improving, the pace of updates was too frequent for some, who felt like they were constantly reorienting themselves to new settings and effects of the release.
  • For users who moved to Dayforce from an on-premise or hosted solution, the fact that they do not control the release schedule themselves was also an adjustment.
  • The product as a whole is still relatively new, and some functionality is buggy or less mature than alternatives. Users found errors and exceptions difficult to troubleshoot.
Flexible rules for comp. and scheduling
  • Users said Dayforce enables them to configure very complex pay policies and scheduling rules, which were key requirements for their use cases.
  • Dayforce also allows users to test rules before deploying them system-wide.
Not yet a global solution
  • Users said Dayforce is currently only suited to organizations located within the U.S., but they are looking forward to the development of features for global use cases (like the ability to handle multiple currencies), since the system's configurability and labor analytics would be useful for managing a global workforce.
Payroll processing
  • Payroll processing is efficient, and tools for auditing are helpful.
  • Many users said Dayforce helped them increase payroll accuracy and maintain compliance with federal laws and internal pay policies.
Benefits administration is challenging
  • Some users said benefits administration is challenging; this is likely a function of the complexity of their use case, as well as the changing legal requirements around benefits. Note that in general, users said Dayforce helped with ACA management and creating 1095s.
Scheduling, Time & Attendance
  • Dayforce has strong workforce management features, including a robust schedule builder and T&A module.
Single platform
  • Users like that Dayforce is an integrated solution for all HR records. They note that using one centralized system is a big advantage over using multiple point solutions, or using separate systems for each location/subsidiary.
  • Employees have a single profile with all of their information. Timecards, paychecks, and benefits can be managed coherently, even if they work at multiple sites.

Aggregate User Ratings of Dayforce HCM on TrustRadius

Dayforce HCM aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (46) User reviews of Ceridian Dayforce HCM on TrustRadius, (41) updated or written in the last year.

Ceridian Response to Reviewer Feedback

Ceridian has listened to customer feedback and strategized their support structure re-modeling accordingly. We instituted a Pod support model which has driven huge results, setting up small groups of 10-12 people with specialized skills, who support a limited number of customers which have been logically assigned based on several elements such as employee count, geography, and vertical markets, in order to provide 24x7 support around the world.T he support team is also growing rapidly (50% year over year) with large investments in ongoing training, and a focus on achieving the right mix of technology and domain expertise.

Ceridian has also rolled out a customer information sharing portal, whereby new and old clients can gain insight as to how to best utilize Dayforce in specific situations. Ceridian has streamlined the customer experience and provided single point of ownership, enhancing support accountability as well as the timing and quality of feedback.

With regards to reporting, Ceridian has introduced a new concept and capability in their solution called ‘HCM Anywhere’ which enables access to Dayforce HCM data from the applications and devices that people use most frequently on their own, in their day-to-day lives (e.g. Outlook, Excel, etc.). Ceridian believes that, in an ideal world, consumers do not want to use an extra application for HCM. The expectation will be to manage one's day-to-day activities and people with the applications they already use. Users can stay inside their common applications but still have access to all of their HCM Data without having to jump out of where they are working—for example, with new OData Integration capabilities users can securely access HCM data in an Excel workbook or database and automatically generate spreadsheets that update in real-time.

Regarding Benefits, Dayforce has made administering the Affordable Care Act (ACA) an effectively governed process by providing automation when clients have to define calendars, manage coverage, calculate eligibility, evaluate affordability, and offer benefits to eligible employees. They added Year-End IRS reporting automating most of the steps required for 1095C and 1094C forms. This ensures the filings are accurate, compliant and using up-to-date information. Ceridian is the only vendor that can automatically generate these filled out forms.

Ceridian has also invested for growth in Europe and abroad. The organization has formed a strategic partnership with SD Worx, a top player in Europe for payroll processing and managed services, for local data processing and local domain knowledge. Through this partnership, Ceridian's coverage extends to over 80 countries worldwide, with 16 more countries on the current product roadmap.