The Best Digital Analytics Software for Enterprises (>500 employees)

Digital Analytics TrustMap for Enterprises
The digital analytics “Leaders” for the enterprise are Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics Premium and the free tool Google Analytics. Free solutions, as we've mentioned before, are sometimes used in conjunction with a paid tool. Paid or enterprise-focused tools often offer additional features, allow for larger traffic volumes and provide extra support and other professional services.

Adobe Analytics, previously called SiteCatalyst, was formed after Adobe acquired Omniture in 2009. It is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and is often adopted by companies looking for a suite-based approach to their digital analytics. It is a strong player in the marketplace, and the most widely adopted paid tool among enterprises.

Google Analytics Premium, built on the same platform as Google Analytics, was launched in 2011. Compared to the free edition, it offers dedicated support and training options, eliminates data sampling, offers integrations with other enterprise tools, and has the ability to measure greater quantities of traffic. Many of the thought leaders we interviewed confirmed that they see the majority of new enterprise-level analytics customers in the U.S. opting for either Adobe or Google as their vendor. Our data shows that Google Analytics Premium is right at the median and therefore not as widely adopted yet, having only been on the market for three years.

The “Strong Performers” for the enterprise are AT Internet, comScore Digital Analytix, and the free tool Piwik. Based in France, AT Internet focuses on the European market, and is currently attempting to expand in Latin America and Asia before moving into the United States, where competition is tougher. The company launched a free web analytics product in 1998, but shifted focus to the enterprise in 2007.

comScore is a digital media measurement company perhaps best known for their panel-based measurement product. The company purchased Dutch company Nedstat in 2010 to create Digital Analytix, a tag-based web analytics product. The tool also syncs with the company’s panel-based and census network data. It is often used by companies who want to combine their website data with the deeper demographic data available through comScore’s panel participants.

IBM Digital Analytics received similar ratings among enterprises as it did in the mid-size company segment. Webtrends Analytics is almost exclusively focused on the enterprise, but received the lowest ratings. KISSmetrics is not focused on the enterprise, which perhaps explains its lower rating here as compared to its performance in the other two segments.

According to the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, Webtrends Analytics is the product most highly focused on the enterprise, followed closely by Google Analytics Premium and Adobe Analytics.

*Percent of clients that are enterprises as indicated by the mix of reviews on TrustRadius
**The number of websites using a product in the top 10k websites, per Note: This method is intended to facilitate a rough comparison of market penetration by order of magnitude among the products, rather than present an exact number of customers or websites, as that data is unavailable to us.
***Estimated; BuiltWith data unavailable
****Vendor provided due to insufficient review data
Product Avg. Enterprise Rating Enterprise Focus* Enterprise Segment Adoption**
Google Analytics 4.5 26% 7,113
Google Analytics Premium 4.1 90% 98***
Adobe Analytics 4.1 83% 1,340
AT Internet 4.3 60% 16
comScore Digital Analytix 4.3 50%**** 58***
Piwik 4.1 33% 74
KISSmetrics 3.6 18% 89
IBM Digital Analytics 3.6 74% 165
Webtrends Analytics 2.9 96% 207