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The KISSmetrics platform is focused on tracking individual site visitors across devices, rather than aggregate data. KISSmetrics, founded in 2008, has raised two rounds of venture funding totaling more than $10m and has approximately 1,500 paying customers. The company targets the mid-market segment but has customers across all segments.

*Interview with Hiten Shah, Co-founder of KISSmetrics
**KISSmetrics Website
Company status Private
2013 revenue estimate ~$5 million
Growth 2012-2013 N/A
Customers 1,500*
Employees 60*
Pricing From $150 to $599 per month**

Aggregate User Ratings of KISSmetrics on TrustRadius

Source: (28) User reviews of KISSmetrics on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute KISSmetrics # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.1 28 8.2
Likelihood to renew 8.1 27 8.3
Product usability 7.5 6 7.8
Product availability 9.2 6 9.4
Product performance 9.3 6 8.8
Support 8.2 6 7.8
In-person training 10 1 7.4
Online training 9 3 8.1
Implementation satisfaction 8.7 7 8.3

Summary of KISSmetrics Reviews

Source: (28) User reviews of KISSmetrics on TrustRadius
KISSmetrics Strengths KISSmetrics Areas for Improvement
Funnel analysis
KISSmetrics is great at tracking visitor progression through a specific flow. Funnels paths do not have to be pre-defined and can be changed on the fly.
Ease of use
While onboarding videos and resources are useful, more in-depth training is required. The learning curve is steep and users need more help to get started.
Individual visitor tracking
KISSmetrics is able to track known individuals across visits and devices to provide a composite view at the individual level.
Barebones API
The API is functional but basic. Anyone attempting advanced customization will need lots of help from technical support.
Attribution tracking
KISSmetrics helps users understand which campaigns drive visitors to the site so that they can optimize marketing spend.
Data integrity
Some users have misgivings about the accuracy of the data reported, particularly when compared to data reported by other tools.
Ease of integration with Optimizely for A/B split testing.
A/B Testing
It's difficult to set up A/B testing without integrating with a separate testing tool. Users have to write some code using the JavaScript library.

Interview with Hiten Shah, Co-founder

Photo of Hiten Shah, Co-founderPositioning
KISSmetrics is focused on individual-level or person-based tracking. “Our goal is to give the marketer the opportunity to get very granular,” says Hiten Shah, Co-founder of KISSmetrics. “When you look at reports in other systems, you can see counts and not people. Our funnel reports and cohort analysis let you go right back and see the people. When you look at a funnel, we can tell you the exact people who dropped off. You can understand groups of users much better.”

In addition to understanding segments, marketers using KISSmetrics can identify and target individuals within a segment, Shah says. “If you're trying to make an improvement to your website, you usually want to know why people haven't done something; you want to learn more about them. Who are those thousand people who haven't taken that action? You want to segment them and email them. Our product will let you do that.” KISSmetrics can easily sync with customers' databases and other technology systems like email service providers, he says.

Target Customers
Most of their customers are e-commerce or software-as-a-service businesses, as well as other businesses interested in cross-platform tracking, Shah says. They target mid-market companies, which make $10 million in annual revenue or more, although they have some smaller customers as well.

Competitive Differentiation
“Analytics historically was about reporting more and more data,” Shah says. “We're trying to show the right data, and help organize and manage that data. We're seeing people want the answers—more insight and analysis on top of the data versus getting a bunch of numbers, analyzing them in your own brain and then going out and making the decision.”

Product Changes
KISSmetrics recently added an A/B testing report, Shah says. “If you're using Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer or doing testing on your own, typically, the tool will see the data for the lifetime of the test you're running,” he says. “In our system, we have all your data. So we can help you understand the impact the A/B test in the long-term, for things that happen a long time after the test is run.”

The company is building more reports like this one that help make the marketer's job easier, he says.

Response to Feedback from KISSmetrics Reviews
“Half the people that integrate analytics products have integrated them sub-optimally or incorrectly,” Shah says. “That's a challenge across all providers and can lead to reporting inaccuracies. That's why we're putting a lot of focus on customer success and customer onboarding.”