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2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software Badge7Sheep is a new entrant to the Marketing Automation scene. It is an international Marketing Automation suite for small marketing teams/SMBs, allowing users to launch segmented multi-lingual campaigns and then monitor the compiled responses in one place. They offer a free 30-day trial. 7Sheep scores above average in “likelihood to recommend” (8.1), “likelihood to renew” (8.2) and support (8.2). Users have not yet provided ratings for other Marketing Automation attributes, but its high ratings in key satisfaction metrics suggest overall user satisfaction. 7Sheep is among the Top Rated Marketing Automation products for small businesses.

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Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 4*
Location: Vienna (headquarters) and Sunnyvale, CA
Founded: 2014
Integrations: None native; REST API enables CRM and other integrations (with help from Support)
Most compared to**: HubSpot, Marketo, Hatchbuck
Best fit for***: Solo marketers or small teams at B2B or B2B/B2C companies who have under 25,000 global contacts and data security concerns, and who don't mind working with Support to customize the instance.

7Sheep Customer Demographics*

7Sheep customer demographics, including company size, email list size, and B2B or B2C use case.
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Summary of 7Sheep Software Reviews

Source: (22) User reviews of 7Sheep on TrustRadius
7Sheep Pros 7Sheep Cons
Well suited to small teams
  • Many said 7Sheep was great for solo marketers or small teams, because it is affordable, easy to implement and easy to use without internal IT support.
  • Some also liked that they weren't committed to an annual contract.
  • However, a few said it was inconvenient that they couldn't set up different user roles, which might be a problem if their marketing team were to grow.
Customer support
  • Users agreed the responsive, creative, personal support team is a strength.
  • Several said they didn't like that users can't do everything themselves; some set-up tasks for customization and integration can only be done by the support team.
Database organization
  • Very flexible; no limits on the structure of the contact database. Users liked the way 7Sheep allowed them to collect and organize different types of contacts in one place.
  • Although some users said support was able to help them set up integrations to other applications, 7Sheep does not come with any integrations out of the box.
  • Easy to design complex surveys, questionnaires, and registration forms, which can be sent out in emails or incorporated onto the company website.
Campaign visualization
  • Users would like to see a visual representation of the campaign overview, and have a visual tool for scheduling/workflow design.
European server storage
  • European and international users said 7Sheep helped them comply with data protection laws, since 7Sheep is a European-based company and can store their data on servers in Europe.
  • Data import is slow. Recent reviews said this is improving, but could be better.

Aggregate User Ratings of 7Sheep Software on TrustRadius

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7sheep Response to Reviewer Feedback

7Sheep is the ideal marketing automation solution for smaller teams—we strip away the feature bloat of other tools to make an accessible, easy to use and affordable application.

We also give you the power to translate all your forms so you can give your users a multi-lingual experience without you having to store contacts in different lists.

Regarding European server storage, given European data privacy rules, European customers often request that their data remain inside the EU. On request, we will store a customer's data in either the US or the EU.

7Sheep plans have been built on the principle that users pay for support, not data. Every account comes with limitless numbers of contacts and excellent support. Although out-of-the-box integration is not covered, we currently support the integration of Close.io, Base CRM and Salesforce.

New features we recently rolled out have included another improvement in the import wizard, which now sees 10,000 contacts imported within minutes, and a new dashboard for users to visualize performance metrics.