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2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software BadgeeTrigue DemandCenter is a real-time sales acceleration SaaS solution designed for sales and marketing teams. It allows users to dynamically manage inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, making changes on the fly. Although eTrigue rating information is not available for availability, performance, and training, in other categories eTrigue scores well—around or above the Marketing Automation average. Support (9.1), usability (9.1), and implementation (8.9) ratings are well above the benchmark, while overall rating (7.4), “likelihood to recommend” (7.5), and “likelihood to renew” (8.2) fall right around the Marketing Automation average. eTrigue is Top Rated in the small business segment; usability and support, clear strengths of eTrigue, are often two of the most important considerations for users at this company size.

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Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 19*
Location: San Jose, CA (headquarters) and London
Founded: 2011*
Integrations: Salesforce, WebEx Meetings, GoToWebinar, AdWords, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Most compared to**: HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, SharpSpring
Best fit for***: Companies that want to automate email campaigns in a simple and dynamic way without the need for dedicated Marketing Automation administrators.

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Summary of eTrigue DemandCenter Reviews

Source: (23) User reviews of eTrigue DemandCenter on TrustRadius, (18) written or updated in the last year
eTrigue DemandCenter Pros eTrigue DemandCenter Cons
  • Intuitive; requires minimal training and IT support.
  • Users said eTrigue's easy implementation and ability to adjust workflows on the fly give it a significant competitive advantage.
Very basic
  • Lacks the bells and whistles of other MA solutions.
  • Works for simple needs, but may not be a suitable tool for complex marketing strategies/operations.
Lead alerts
  • Real-time alerts allow sales teams to follow up on leads with a better contact success rate.

Email campaigns
  • DemandCenter's email and landing page editors and drag-and-drop storyboard layout make campaigns easy to design and update.

Customer support
  • Fast response from a friendly team who are genuinely concerned. Many felt they were getting premium support at no extra cost.

  • Reports are easy to generate and simple to understand.
  • Advanced reporting has improved in recent releases, but custom reporting options still have room to grow.
  • Users liked the native integration to online webinar tools such as GoToWebinar and WebEx.
  • While a few users had problems with CRM integration, others found it quick and painless.
  • Some users said they would like to see eTrigue integrations/support for their email platforms.

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eTrigue DemandCenter Response to Reviewer Feedback

eTrigue was built to be intuitive—simple to run with minimal training. Anyone can effectively deploy the system without the need for IT support. Who has time to mess around with complex code and confusing settings just to get inbound and out bound marketing programs running?

Our goal is to keep this remarkable system easy-to-deploy and operate, and make sure that marketers can adjust workflows and assets on the fly. Need to change something? Make a mistake? You can start and stop campaigns and edit resources as needed.

Building segments and personas is a quick drag and drop operation. Creating complete campaigns in a snap with the drag and drop campaign builder. The logic built into each campaign allows for surprisingly sophisticated campaign works flows. We do build in the features that small to mid-market businesses use most often and most effectively, and integrate to other systems as well, including Litmus, GoToWebinar, WebEx, as well as Google AdWords and major CRM systems. We don't build in every conceivable feature into the system, but we do keep on the cutting edge with new usability.

eTrigue DemandCenter is cost-effective and easy to operate without the need for a full-time marketing automation staff. The “marketing automation” staff may be just one person who also carries out a range of marketing functions for their organization. Departments and divisions within major enterprises also use DemandCenter, because they need to run their programs quickly without the long-lead times and delay inherent in many marketing automation systems in operation at larger enterprises.

eTrigue consistently receives high marks for ease-of-use and superior support.