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GreenRope is online CRM and Marketing Automation software for small businesses. It allows for unlimited users and emails per subscription, and offers event management, ecommerce and predictive analytics features. GreenRope scores above average in its overall rating (8.0), “likelihood to recommend” (8.0) and usability (7.9) scores, and scores exceptionally highly for “likelihood to renew” (8.8). A high “likelihood to renew” score can mean that users are happy with the product and therefore want to remain loyal; however, especially since GreenRope has CRM capabilities and is designed for small businesses on a budget, this high rating may also reflect the inconvenience of switching to a new system of record.

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**Based on (18) User reviews of GreenRope on TrustRadius
Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 21
Location: San Diego, CA (headquarters); other offices worldwide
Founded: 2008
Integrations: Salesforce, WordPress, Outlook, Microsoft CRM, GoToMeeting, QuickBooks, Olark Live Chat, Magento, Gmail Gadget, Evernote
Most compared to*: Infusionsoft, Hatchbuck, Act-On
Best fit for**: Small businesses that want CRM and email Marketing Automation capabilities on a month-to-month subscription.

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Summary of GreenRope Reviews

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GreenRope Pros GreenRope Cons
Email marketing
  • Users like the email marketing features of GreenRope, including drip campaigns, list management, landing pages and web forms, and email tracking.
Email templates
  • Though the email marketing features are strong, users say the email templates are inflexible or difficult to customize. They would also like to see more template options.
  • Real-time alerts allow sales teams to follow up on leads with a better contact success rate.
Minor UI issues
  • While overall the software is easy to use, users had varying suggestions for minor improvements in the UI and workflow, such as the ability to perform certain tasks with fewer clicks and better menu options.
Email campaigns
  • GreenRope's email and landing page editors and drag-and-drop storyboard layout make campaigns easy to design and update.

Customer support
  • Fast response from a friendly team who are genuinely concerned. Many felt they were getting premium support at no extra cost.

  • Users say the product is affordable, and like that it's month-to-month rather than an annual contract.

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GreenRope Response to Reviewer Feedback

GreenRope is constantly taking user feedback to improve the system. In recent months we have been making substantial upgrades to the user interface to make GreenRope more intuitive and easy to navigate. We understand that work arounds are inefficient, which is why we have implemented new dashboard widgets, easier reporting, a system-wide action drawer, and much more to help teams become more productive in their processes. The automation manager helps visualize all of the automation you have setup in your GreenRope account, while the workflow manager lets users easily view all workflows setup in the system. GreenRope offers one-on-one training to get the users up and running with their account within 30 days, while support is available 24/7.

GreenRope is an out of the box system, however can also be fully customized to meet the needs of your team. Our email templates and landing page templates are designed to be fully customizable to meet each business' needs. However, we have plenty of pre-made responsive templates that are ready to be deployed, so that no advanced customization is needed. We are working on building more templates for our users, so they have a plethora to choose from. Unlike most traditional email providers, we give much more flexibility in template customization via dynamic data, mail merges, automatic actions, and more.