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Accounting Software FeaturesHatchbuck is a basic all-in-one sales and marketing software that includes CRM, Marketing Automation, and email marketing tools for small businesses. Hatchbuck scores above average in its overall rating (8.3), “likelihood to recommend” (8.4), “likelihood to renew” (8.4), and usability (8.4), indicating good customer satisfaction. Ratings are not yet available for other Marketing Automation attributes. Hatchbuck is a Top Rated Marketing Automation product for small businesses.

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**Based on (23) User reviews of Hatchbuck on TrustRadius
Company Status: Private (Most recent funding was $1.4 million in venture capital, September 2015)
Customers: 1,000+
Employees: 25
Location: St. Louis, MO
Founded: 2012
Integrations: GoToWebinar, Paypal, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, SumoMe, Eventbrite, Stripe and more through Zapier
Most compared to*: Infusionsoft, HubSpot, GreenRope, Jumplead, Spokal
Best fit for**: Small businesses looking to implement simple MA and CRM solutions. Some reviews suggested that Hatchbuck wasn't their favorite for lead generation, but was good for managing and nurturing leads coming in from elsewhere.

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Summary of Hatchbuck Reviews

Source: (23) User reviews of Hatchbuck on TrustRadius, (22) written or updated in the last year
Hatchbuck Pros Hatchbuck Cons
  • Easy to use; intuitively laid out.
  • Some said that since Hatchbuck is simpler than “full-blown” Marketing Automation or CRM solutions, it is missing complex campaign features like multiple-condition automated emails and a sales cycle timeline.
Customer support
  • Accessible support team goes above and beyond.
  • Hatchbuck is behind the curve integration-wise. Users would like to be able to integrate their email clients and calendars, and to have social media posting/management capabilities.
Basic metrics
  • Daily reports on basic metrics, like opens, clicks, bounces, etc, are easy to read and interpret.
Advanced reporting
  • Data exportability is an issue.
  • Needs more robust custom reports. Users said they were not yet able to measure ROI.
  • Users said Hatchbuck works well for companies looking to implement both customer relationship management and email marketing/Marketing Automation solutions.
  • Email templates and editing tools could be cleaned up and expanded.
  • Landing page templates are an area for development.
Organizational tools
  • Tasks, notifications, form management, and tags are helpful and easy to use.

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Hatchbuck Response to Reviewer Feedback

We appreciate the helpful feedback from our customers.

At Hatchbuck, our focus is to create a great experience for our core user, the small business owner. As a result, we are extremely intentional about building a sales and marketing platform that is easy to use, providing all of the CRM, email marketing and marketing automation features that small businesses need—and none of the bloated functionality they don't.

For instance, instead of creating a landing page builder, we make it simple for our customers to integrate forms with any of the world class landing page builders on the market, while we concentrate on strengthening our core of CRM, email marketing and marketing automation. In addition, we've made it easier to export data from reports so that our small business customers can get any of the custom data they need more easily. We've also noted that our users would appreciate more integrations, and look forward to adding more integration options in the future.

Every day is an opportunity to help a small business turn website visitors into handshakes, emails into conversations, and customers into raving fans. We're excited to continue on this path in 2016.