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Infusionsoft is a small business and entrepreneur-focused, comprehensive sales and marketing platform that includes basic contact management, CRM, Marketing Automation and eCommerce capabilities, combined into a single, subscription-based SaaS product. With the launch of Infusionsoft Payments, they now also provide a payment solution. Infusionsoft scores very low in the areas of usability (6.0), performance (4.9), and overall support (3.9), but its scores are rather high for online training (9.5). “Likelihood to renew” (8.2), in-person training (8.6), and implementation (8.5) ratings are all around or slightly above average, while key satisfaction metrics—overall rating (7.0) and “likelihood to recommend” (7.1)—fall a bit short of the category benchmark. Noise among the usability, support, and training ratings may be the result of a cost/benefit balance. According to reviews, the platform is difficult to use (because of broad capabilities) without training; training is expensive but worthwhile; the platform aims to provide all-in-one sales and marketing features for very small businesses that tend to lack internal support and may not have previous experience with similar technology.

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Company Status: Private ($127.9 million in 5 rounds from 7 investors)
Customers: 33,000
Employees: 677*
Location: Chandler, AZ
Founded: 2001
Acquisitions: GroSocial, a social media marketing tool that tracks Facebook and Twitter; and CustomerHub, for monetizing online content
Integrations: Unbounce, Syncfrog, and a marketplace with 70+ apps for point solutions
Most compared to**: HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, MailChimp
Best fit for***: Small companies with less than 10,000 contacts who need CRM + MA and are willing to invest in training.

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Summary of Infusionsoft Reviews

Source: (46) User reviews of Infusionsoft on TrustRadius, (27) written or updated in the last year
Infusionsoft Pros Infusionsoft Cons
  • Email automation and list segmentation are easy to manage, and users said email deliverability was higher with Infusionsoft than with previous email marketing tools.
  • However, email design tools are clunky.
Campaign Builder
  • Drag-and-drop tool allows users to build an end-to-end sales and marketing process.
Learning curve
  • Because Infusionsoft is such a broad tool, some users struggle with learning how to use its full capabilities.
eCommerce tools
  • Users said eCommerce tools were a good fit for small B2C companies. The shopping cart allows customers to sell products directly from their website and send personalized emails triggered by purchases.
  • Many users also liked the automated billing system for collecting subscription/commission payments.
Buggy or unstable software
  • While system reliability is a strength, software quality control is identified as an issue by some.
  • A few users said that Infusionsoft's frequent updates, while improving the software, meant expensive reconfigurations for their instances.
Customer support
  • Many users said the online support chat was helpful and convenient.
  • Some worried that although support staff was responsive, they offered workaround solutions that might not be practical in the long term.
  • Training is rated well overall; however, some reviews cited onboarding challenges.
  • Specifically, many said that Infusionsoft training was expensive, but worth the cost due to its steep learning curve.

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Infusionsoft Response to Reviewer Feedback

Infusionsoft is leading the modern small business success movement. Unlike other software providers, Infusionsoft is solely focused on small business and provides an all-in-one sales and marketing solution. Combining CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payments solutions, with a vibrant marketplace of apps, integrations and partners, Infusionsoft helps small businesses scale their sales and marketing and accelerate growth.

Infusionsoft releases monthly enhancements to the software, increasing performance without compromising the incredible power. New features are released throughout the year, addressing some of the most difficult challenges faced by small businesses. Recent releases have focused on expediting both software implementation and small business problem solving.

Because the success of our customers is so important to Infusionsoft, we won't let them go at it alone. Our onboarding process is called Kickstart and was recently redesigned to add even more value while streamlining the process of getting up and running with a new software. Infusionsoft also introduced a new initial setup wizard, and a powerful new online help center, so customers are more able to self-service their questions and education needs. These are just a few notable releases that launched in 2015.

Infusionsoft regularly receives positive coverage as one of the best sales and marketing solutions for small businesses:

  • Entrepreneur: “Infusionsoft: This is the gold standard for small businesses and startups needing a sales and marketing solution.”
  • Inc.: “Infusionsoft is another great company that can help you get organized by keeping all of your contacts, appointments, and tasks in one convenient location.”