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ONTRAPORT offers an all-in-one marketing and business automation platform that includes email, direct mail and SMS marketing automation, landing page publishing and split testing, payment processing, CRM and a rule system that allows users to create and automate lead or client management processes. They've recently released a landing page builder for free at ONTRApages.com. For most attributes ONTRAPORT scores well, ranking slightly above the Marketing Automation average in overall rating (7.8), “likelihood to recommend” (8.0), and usability (7.9). ONTRAPORT scores significantly above the category average for “likelihood to renew” (8.8) and overall support (7.9); ratings are not yet available for other attributes. While ONTRAPORT seems to have good user satisfaction overall, its segmented scores are just shy of top rated.

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Company Status: Private
Customers: 6,000+
Employees: 94*
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Founded: 2006
Integrations: GoToWebinar, Wordpress, 1ShoppingCart, UltraCart, Zapier
Most compared to*: Infusionsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, MailChimp
Best fit for**: Companies with small contact databases who need email marketing, CRM, and eCommerce capabilities, and who want to track both online and offline campaigns.

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ONTRAPORT customer demographics, including company size, email list size, and B2B or B2C use case.
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Summary of ONTRAPORT Reviews

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  • Rules for automating complex sequences are simple and flexible, but the interface would be easier to navigate if it was more visual/graphic.
  • However, several users said they liked that ONTRAPORT was less crafted than competing solutions, because they could shape the program based on their business process rather than reshaping their business process based on the program.
PURLs with email and snail mail
  • Users like that they can use ONTRAPORT to set up PURLs and track responses to both email and postcard campaigns.
  • Lots of data is available for export, but reporting isn't easy to do within the system.

Organizational tools
  • Tools for modifying tags, editing step sequences, and creating filtered lists are buggy and unreliable.
  • While users appreciate having their CRM, email marketing, and eCommerce operations organized within one platform, some said that the shopping cart feature and inventory management system are not adequately functional. For example, users had trouble getting product descriptions (used for the shopping cart) to communicate with the payment gateway.

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ONTRAPORT Response to Reviewer Feedback

While it's true that after the early 2014 release of our completely revamped and updated 3.0 platform we experienced some initial bugs, that period is well behind us. You can always see system reliability details and information about every update (which typically happen several times a week) at trust.ontraport.com.

We believe we are best fit for small businesses (with lists of up to 2 million names) that want one system that manages and automates the complete lead to customer lifecycle. Note that “small lists” does not accurately represent our entire customer base. We have many clients with very large lists who send tens of millions of emails/mo.