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2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software BadgePardot was acquired by ExactTarget, which was then acquired by Salesforce. Pardot is now a part of the Sales Cloud product line at Salesforce. Pardot's key features include lead management, lead generation, social selling and email marketing. Pardot scores above average for overall rating (7.7), “likelihood to recommend” (8.2), “likelihood to renew” (8.4), performance (8.3), in-person training (9.0), and usability (9.2). Its usability score is particularly competitive, ranking highest across the category. However, Pardot does not do as well in areas like availability (7.7) and overall support (6.8), where ratings are significantly below the benchmark. The low support rating is surprising given that support was mentioned in reviews as a strength; this may be an area that is in flux as a result of the transition to Salesforce. Pardot is a Top Rated Marketing Automation product for mid-sized companies, which currently make up its biggest market focus segment.

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**Based on (88) User reviews of Pardot on TrustRadius
Company Status: Entity within a public company
Customers: 150,000+ (Salesforce)
Employees: 18,700+ (Salesforce)
Location: San Francisco, CA (Salesforce)
Founded: 1999 (Salesforce); 2007 (Pardot)
Acquisitions: Acquired by ExactTarget in October 2012, which was acquired by Salesforce in June 2013.
Integrations: Argyle Social, GoodData, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SugarCRM, and others
Most compared to*: HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email, Act-On, MailChimp
Best fit for**: B2B companies with clean data and 10,000 to 100,000 contacts, who are using Salesforce and do not have complex custom needs.

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Summary of Pardot Reviews

Source: (88) User reviews of Pardot on TrustRadius, (55) written or updated in the last year
Pardot Pros Pardot Cons
Ease of use
  • Pardot is frequently praised for usability. According to users who have experience with other MA products, Pardot is easier to use than both Eloqua and Marketo.
  • Custom reporting within Pardot has room for improvement.
  • Users would like to be able to share reports and/or export data more easily.
Customer support
  • Very strong endorsements of the quality of customer support. Users like that they can chat with support from within the application.
Image preview
  • When inserting an image into an email or post, users would like to be able to preview the image itself, rather than just the list of image filenames.
Email campaigns
  • Efficient tools for automated drip campaigns, with A/B testing capabilities. However, a few users said that Pardot's dynamic content options were less flexible and less personalized than competing solutions.
Social integration
  • Pardot's connection to social platforms (particularly LinkedIn) has room for improvement.

Duplicate management
  • Pardot doesn't work well with duplicate records. Both users with intentional duplicates and users with unwanted duplicates struggled to manage their contacts across Pardot and their CRM.
  • Although users like that they can automate database segmentation and lead scoring, some said that the logic behind the rules for automation is complicated and hard to set up.
Email, forms, and landing page editor
  • Changes to the content editor has made it easier to create and use templates, but some say they still feel limited, particularly in comparison to the design flexibility of simpler email software such as MailChimp.
Salesforce integration is strong but has room for improvement
  • Since the acquisition users say integration to Salesforce has improved, but overall the sync still gets mixed reviews.
  • Some worry that as Salesforce increases support for the integration to Pardot, support for other 3rd party CRMs might drop off.
  • The new folder system and tag/filter capabilities help, but Pardot's organizational system still has room for improvement.

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