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(21) 8.3 of 10

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SharpSpring is an all-in-one Marketing Automation Platform designed for marketing agencies and SMBs that provides web tracking, automation, a built-in CRM, agency-focused features, Gmail and IMAP integration, and call tracking. SharpSpring scores above average in overall rating (8.3), “likelihood to recommend” (8.3) and “likelihood to renew” (8.7), indicating high levels of user satisfaction and commitment. Ratings data for other attributes is not yet available, but issues with performance and reliability were often mentioned in reviews. SharpSpring's scores are just shy of Top Rated in the small business segment.

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**Based on (20) User reviews of SharpSpring on TrustRadius
Company Status: Entity in a public company (SMTP)
Customers: 675 agency partners with 2,700 companies using SharpSpring
Employees: 175
Location: Gainesville, FL
Founded: 2011
Acquisitions: Acquired by SMTP, Inc. in August 2014
Integrations: Salesforce, Google AdWords, Gmail, Go-to-Webinar, WebEx, Zapier, among others
Most compared to*: HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Act-On, Pardot, Marketo*
Best fit for**: Marketing agencies with basic needs, or B2B/B2C companies with a small marketing team/single marketing manager whose contact databases are <100k, and who don't mind adjusting to frequent updates.**

SharpSpring Customer Demographics*

SharpSpring customer demographics, including company size, email list size, and B2B or B2C use case.
*Customer demographics data is drawn from user profiles and User reviews of SharpSpring on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of SharpSpring Reviews

Source: (20) User reviews of SharpSpring on TrustRadius, (19) written or updated in the last year
SharpSpring Pros SharpSpring Cons
Designed for marketing agencies
  • Business model supports marketing agencies (B2B) who resell SharpSpring to their clients (B2B or B2C). Some features are uniquely optimized for resale, like the tiered-subscription pricing structure and the Partner Portal.
Performance and reliability
  • Users report bugs and glitches, and said the UI is inconsistent at times, such as when unannounced updates are released.
  • Many like the VisitorID module, which displays information about anonymous website visitors and captured leads, highlights return visitors, and lets users jump to lead nurture features.
No landing page builder
  • Users like SharpSpring's email templates/editor, which can be used visually (drag and drop) or with HTML, and bemoan the lack of a similar tool for landing pages.
  • Customer and technical support teams are top notch.
  • Users said support questions and special use cases often turn into product enhancements.
Lacks bells and whistles
  • Users described this as a budget option—inexpensive core MA functionality, minus the bells and whistles. Not well suited for companies with extensive automation or customization requirements.
  • Built in CRM is still lightweight, but may be a good fit for small companies or companies with basic needs.
  • Users had mixed experiences integrating SharpSpring to third-party CRMs.

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SharpSpring aggregate ratings in 2016 Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide

SharpSpring Response to Reviewer Feedback

Feedback from our partners has shaped virtually every aspect of the SharpSpring experience, and we can truly say that we would not be here if it weren't for their support. We are a rapidly growing platform and recognize the growing pains some of our earlier adopters experienced.

In the past year, we have grown our development team to provide more resources to develop new features and address customer requests and issues faster. We also migrated servers, resulting in enhanced security and performance, and moved our backend email server to SMTP, one of the most trusted names in email deliverability.

We've more than tripled our account management and customer support teams and overhauled how we respond to issues to ensure a faster, more direct response. And the expansion of our marketing team, including a position exclusively dedicated to partner enablement, has improved customer communications and allowed us to develop other programs to help our customers grow their businesses, including a Partner Portal of resources, our Partner Certification Program, and two webinar series that focus best practices and sharing success stories using marketing automation.

Our company has undergone dramatic changes in just a year, reflecting our ability to innovate quickly and respond to issues. We anticipate that we will only continue to grow and improve to raise the bar on the high standards others in our industry have set.