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Software Profile & Review Summary

Shoutlet is a social media management tool used by marketing and social media teams to help manage and grow social media presence. It allows users to publish, engage, create contests and measure social marketing campaigns. It is best suited to companies with a material social media presence (e.g., 10+ social media accounts), but one to a few users managing that presence.

According to the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, about 20% of Shoutlet's customers are agencies. Other industries include retail, consumer goods, insurance, banking, and travel/hospitality.

Some of Shoutlet's customers include 3M, Best Buy, FoxSports, Hot Topic, 24 Hour Fitness, Abbott Labs, Canon, Macy's, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Mitsubishi Motors.

*Vendor provided
Best used for: Contests; Community management
Not as strong for: Social listening
Most often compared to: Hootsuite Enterprise
Customer focus: Enterprises
Channels covered*: Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, Reddit

Shoutlet Customer Distribution

Shoutlet Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (24) User reviews of Shoutlet on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Shoutlet on TrustRadius

Source: (24) User reviews of Shoutlet on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Shoutlet # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average SMMS Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.3 24 8.0
Likelihood to renew 8 23 7.6
Product usability 8.5 2 7.9
Product availability N/A N/A 9.2
Product performance N/A N/A 8.3
Support 8 1 8.5
In-person training N/A N/A 8.8
Online training N/A N/A 7.9
Implementation satisfaction N/A N/A 8.1
Analytics & Insight N/A N/A 8.3
Data Collection N/A N/A 7.8
Publishing N/A N/A 8.7
Engagement N/A N/A 7.9

Summary of Shoutlet Reviews

Source: (24) User reviews of Shoutlet on TrustRadius
Shoutlet Pros Shoutlet Cons
Posting and scheduling
Shoutlet helps users manage multiple social accounts and channels at once with the content scheduling and calendar features.
Channel coverage
Users would like to see better integration with Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. However, some of the restrictions come from the social channel rather than Shoutlet.
Contests and landing pages
Users especially like “Social Canvas”, Shoutlet's tool that allows them to create professional-looking contests, apps, Facebook tabs, microsites and landing pages without the use of a designer. For many users, contests were a key part of social media engagement strategy.
Improved workflow and collaboration
While customers like the ability to assign tasks and have different user permissions, some feel the workflow capabilities are not up to par for instances with many account users.
Customer support
Users rave about the technical support staff, the account management team, online resources, and the company's responsiveness to customer feedback and product recommendations.
Improved Social CRM features
While some customers use Shoutlet to respond to customer service inquiries, a few would like to see more robust Social CRM features and metrics.

Shoutlet Response to Reviewer Feedback

We're so proud to have over 600 brands from 70+ countries using our solution, and welcome all feedback. We believe that social is a strategic function, and that appropriate users drive success. Gathering data through social marketing to improve all marketing channels helps our clients achieve their business objectives.

We work closely with the networks to ensure we are providing our clients the most up-to-date technology, and as new functionality and API opportunities are announced, we are integrating that into our solution quickly.

Our development team releases new product every two weeks, so our solution is constantly improving and evolving to meet our clients' needs and the fast pace of our space. We released a brand new Social CRM product in Q4 of 2014, so we're taking client feedback and improving every day.