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Software Profile & Review Summary

Spredfast is focused on social media marketing, and offers four main products: Conversations, Experiences, Spark and Intelligence. According to the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, about 40% of the company's customers are agencies, using the product for community management and analytics. Among the non-agency customers, industries represented include financial services, CPG, retail and media. (Note: According to Spredfast, about 10% of customers are agencies.)

Some of Spredfast's customers include Starbucks, AT&T, Coca-Cola, MTV, HBO, and Publicis, according to the Spredfast website.

Read a TrustRadius interview with Spredfast CEO.

*Vendor provided
Best used for: Community management, social media marketing and analytics
Not as strong for: Comprehensive social listening
Most often compared to: Sprinklr
Customer focus: Enterprises; Mid-size companies
Channels covered*: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Weibo

Spredfast Conversations Customer Distribution

Spredfast Conversations Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (27) User reviews of Spredfast Conversations on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Spredfast Conversations on TrustRadius

Source: (27) User reviews of Spredfast Conversations on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Spredfast Conversations # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average SMMS Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 7.9 27 8.0
Likelihood to renew 7.4 26 7.6
Product usability 6.3 9 7.9
Product availability 8.1 8 9.2
Product performance 6.5 4 8.3
Support 8.4 10 8.5
In-person training 8.1 7 8.8
Online training 7.6 7 7.9
Implementation satisfaction 8.1 7 8.1
Analytics & Insight N/A N/A 8.3
Data Collection N/A N/A 7.8
Publishing N/A N/A 8.7
Engagement N/A N/A 7.9

Summary of Spredfast Conversations Reviews

Source: (27) User reviews of Spredfast Conversations on TrustRadius
Spredfast Conversations Pros Spredfast Conversations Cons
Customer support
Users say the Spredfast customer support team is quick to respond and helpful. They also like the educational and training resources available.
Performance issues
Many users say the platform can be slow and has frequent downtime and glitches. However, this feedback is more concentrated in older reviews, and the issue may have been resolved by now.
Users say the product enables multiple users to manage multiple social media accounts. They like the customizable workflows, approval processes, collaboration and task assignment features, and user permission levels. In terms of publishing, they like the calendar feature and bulk upload tool.
While a few users say the tool is easy to use, many feel that the user interface and design of the platform is not intuitive. However, many also say that it's an area the company seems to be continuously improving.
The analytics are helpful in determining the success of social media campaigns and optimizing content. Users particularly like the ability to assign a label or category to each post, and later track which type of post performed best.
Learning curve
Some say the platform can be overwhelming for first-time users, and can require some re-orienting as new features are constantly rolled out.
Innovation, responsive to customer feedback
Users say the company is always innovating, and listens to customers when determining product roadmap and developing new features.

Spredfast Conversations Response to Reviewer Feedback

Spredfast recently launched a massive enhancement to the platform, which both sped up the performance of the tool and contained a new user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Spredfast also launched “Spredfast Certification”, an online tutorial of the platform. With on-demand training and review, the interactive and engaging lessons let Spredfast users move at their own pace while enabling easy implementation across multiple teams in multiple locations.