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Founded: 2000

PeopleAdmin SelectSuite is a talent management platform focused on Higher Education and Government clients. Note that organizations in these industries tend to have specific requirements that are inflexible, due to legal regulations and bureaucratic structures. SelectSuite modules include analytics, applicant tracking, position management, onboarding, records management, and performance management.

Note that a few reviews are of the older version of PeopleAdmin's talent solution (referred to as version 5 or “5.8”), which is no longer available, but the majority of clients are currently using SelectSuite v.7. Because SelectSuite is built on a different code base than 5.8, and is not currently available to buyers, we have focused on the SelectSuite reviews in compiling the summary of user feedback.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, PeopleAdmin SelectSuite is:

A good fit for: Higher education enterprises that need a strong applicant tracking system and are focused on reporting and compliance

Most compared to: iCIMS and Cornerstone OnDemand

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SelectSuite Customer Demographics*

SelectSuite customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of SelectSuite on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of SelectSuite Reviews

Source: (19) User reviews of SelectSuite on TrustRadius, (5) updated or written in the last year.
SelectSuite Pros SelectSuite Cons
Applicant tracking module
  • Users said SelectSuite's applicant tracking module is quite good.
Not one-size-fits-all; customization is challenging
  • Some users pointed out that PeopleAdmin requires customization—it is not one-size-fits-all.
  • At the same time, users would like the system to be more flexible so that customization is easier; currently it can be hard to tailor certain processes, structures, and views.
Customer service & tech support
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful.
  • The technical support team is well-trained and is communicative about the timeline for repairs.
Reclassification / Internal hires
  • Switching hats within the system can be difficult, which creates challenges for internal hiring and reclassifying current employees/positions.
Very familiar with HR process for higher ed
  • Users like that PeopleAdmin knows the specific processes and pain points of HR in the public sector, in particular higher education, moreso than alternatives.
Performance Management
  • A few users said performance management has room for improvement. For example, they would like to see more flexibility, additional tools, and a better end-user experience in this module.
Diversity & compliance tracking
  • SelectSuite works well for tracking compliance with anti-discrimination laws, which is an important issue for higher education. For example, one user said EEO reporting (on race/ethnicity, gender, and job category) is a key, innovative use of SelectSuite at their higher education organization.
  • According to users, SelectSuite has robust reporting tools, including the ability to generate audit trails.
Much more robust than v.5.8
  • Users said SelectSuite (v.7) is much more robust than the previous version of the product (5.8).
  • Reporting, for example, is one area that has significantly improved.
  • Some noted that migrating historical data to the new system was difficult; note that 5.8 is built on a different code base than SelectSuite.

Aggregate User Ratings of SelectSuite on TrustRadius

SelectSuite aggregate ratings in 2016 Talent Management Buyer's Guide
Source: (19) User reviews of SelectSuite on TrustRadius. (5) updated or written in the last year.

PeopleAdmin Response to Reviewer Feedback

Many thanks to those who completed a TrustRadius review. At PeopleAdmin, delivering an amazing customer experience is our priority and we encourage all customers to share their ideas, opinions and feedback because it helps guide our solutions and services to deliver on that promise.

Recent customer feedback — collected through online forums, product councils, advisory boards, and annual surveys — inspired many of our 2016 improvements. We've already delivered some of the most-requested enhancements to applicant tracking, reporting, analytics, onboarding, applicant portal and social recruiting. And our teams are currently working to expand performance management flexibility, search committee functionality, and mobile capabilities … to name a few.

As our solutions evolve to deliver more of the talent management tools and self-service customizations education institutions need, one-on-one attention from our world-class customer support team will continue to be a trademark of PeopleAdmin's service offering. It's how we ensure customers can leverage the full power of their solutions to shape a better tomorrow.

With more than 15 years' experience serving higher education, we have the unique combination of data, technology and insights to help institutions acquire, develop and manage top talent, so they can empower student achievement through strategic HR operations.

As the nation's only talent management provider for K-20 education, PeopleAdmin serves more than 5,000 schools, districts, colleges and universities, and has helped hire, develop and retain 46% of all educators and administrators. In turn, those educators impact the lives of more than half of all students in the U.S. and Canada.