Hospital Information System

Best Hospital Information System include:

Allscripts Sunrise, Paragon, MEDHOST, HealthQuest, and Hospital ERP Software.

Hospital Information System Overview

What is a Hospital Information System?

A Hospital Information System simply contains and supports access to task critical administrative and operational information in hospitals, accessible to administrators, support staff, and clinical staff alike, with access constrained by user-permissions based on role and department.

The goal, of course, is increased operational efficiency with ease and clarity in accessing data, but also to support analytics to improve operations strategically and in a fact-grounded way.

Hospital Information Products

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PolicyManager is a web-based enterprise policy and procedure management platform designed for healthcare. The platform allows hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks to streamline, consolidate, standardize and centralize all policies in one electronic repository. According to the vendo…
Paragon is an HIS (hospital information system) solution for smaller hospitals formerly offered by McKesson but acquired and now supported by Allscripts since late 2017.
HealthQuest is a hospital information system (HIS) focusing on revenue cycle management formerly from McKesson but acquired by Allscripts in 2017.
eKlinik is a cloud hospital information system.
Hospital ERP Software
Software Associates, an Indian company offers different editions of its Hospital ERP Software, which are hospital information systems meant to support centralization of multi-location hospital systems, and ophthalmologist as well.
MEDHOST, headquartered in Franklin, TN, offers a configurable hospital information system (HIS) for hospital IT teams, or hosted and managed options as well.
Allscripts STAR
STAR is a hospital information system (HIS) formerly from McKesson and now owned and supported by Allscripts.
MediNous is a hospital information system from the Indian software company MentisSoft.
GeBBS iCode
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions headquartered in Marina Del Rey offers the iCode HIS solutions, including iCode Assurance SaaS medical coding and audit solution, iCode Workflow coding workflow, and the iP2P business (intelligent Paper to Payment) business process management tool.
CGI Sovera ECM Suite
CGI headquartered in Montreal offers the Sovera ECM Suite, a health information management system designed to manage patient information, clinical data, and revenue cycle management.
ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE)
ESO Solutions headquartered in Austin offers the ESO Health Data Exchange, a solution designed to bridge the data gap between hospitals and EMS with bidirectional data sharing to support operational and quality process needs. All secure, all auditable, and all in real time, to present a true data in…
Aarogya is hospital management software that manage the operations of small, medium and large hospitals, investigations labs and polyclinics. The vendor states it can improve the operational efficiency, reduces medical error, and delivers quality of care. It maintains records of the patients and the…
CloudApper OpRounding
OpRounding is a hospital rounding application that provides checklists and tasks list for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to help increase patient satisfaction and ensure the safest healthcare experience.
CloudApper EMR Link
CloudApper's EMR link helps healthcare professionals to accurately identify patients and retrieve data efficiently from the EHR/EMR system to improve quality of care.
McKesson Series 2000 (Discontinued)
McKesson Series 2000 was a hospital information system (HIS) developed by McKesson and acquired by Allscripts with McKesson EIS in 2017.
CloudApper Incidents
Incident Manager is a incident reporting solution for healthcare systems that the vendor states can save millions of dollars by preventing medical error and accident that are caused by unreported incidents.
Allscripts Sunrise
The Allscripts Sunrise suite is a hospital information management system for midsize and larger hospitals designed to connect all clinical information and financial systems. Sunrise encompasses, patient and EHR application, Sunrise Financial Management, Ambulatory Care, Sunrise EHR, Sunrise Surgical…