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Best HR Management Software include:

UltiPro, TriNet, BambooHR, Kronos Workforce Ready, Workday Human Capital Management, Ceridian Dayforce, ADP Workforce Now, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, Paychex Flex, and Zenefits.

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HR Management Software Overview

What is HRMS and Core HR?

Human Resource (HR) Management Software, also called Core HR, include the following:

  • Benefits administration

  • Personnel tracking

  • Payroll

These systems are also referred to as back-end HR systems since they help manage key administrative HR tasks, and are essentially the employee system of record. These core tasks are distinct from strategic HR tasks like performance management, recruiting, talent management, and learning management.

HR Software and the Emergence of HCM Suites

The dividing line between various HR software categories is blurring. Many HR management software vendors are offering adjacent capabilities in order to capture the attention being given to categories that are seen as more strategic vs. administrative.

Talent management software, for example, is focused on helping companies hire, train and keep the highest quality staff. A number of HR management software vendors are adding talent management capabilities, just as some talent management vendors are adding in back-end core HR capabilities.

Ultimate Software, Oracle, ADP, and SilkRoad all offer some combination of core HR and talent management features. Few Human Capital Management Suites provide equally strong capabilities across all areas, but convergence is an important trend.

Core HR Software Features & Capabilities

The Core HR features common to most products in this category are as follows:

Core HR / HRIS

The primary function of Human resource management software is to provide a central database containing records for all employees past and present, along with contractors. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is an employee master record which supplies this, a system of record for employee data.

HRIS contain data on the following:
  • Employee personal information
  • Employment history
  • Job profiles
  • Workflow for transfers
  • Promotions
  • Pay raises
  • Benefits information, etc.

Payroll Management

Payroll management capabilities provide for the following:
  • Calculation of employee pay and benefits
  • Managing direct deposit
  • Salary revisions
  • Payroll tracking

Leave and Attendance Management

Leave and attendance management streamlines communication between HR and employees, and facilitates efficient management of employee leave including:
  • Requisitions
  • Approvals
  • Balance calculation
  • Annual carry-forward

Employee Self-Service

Provision of an employee portal allowing employees to view and update their personal information. This removes a considerable administrative burden from HR staff.

Asset Management

Some human resource management software has the ability to keep a record of assets issued to employees such as:
  • laptops
  • pagers
  • cell phones, etc.
The record typically includes asset type, number, serial number and date of issuance.


HR reporting has come to be seen as more important than ever as HR data is now seen as strategic to the running of any business. Some vendors build their own reporting capabilities, while others partner with BI vendors to embed 3rd-party functionality.

HR Management Software Comparison

To compare different HR management systems, you will likely want to consider these facets of the software:

  1. Target Size: Many HR management systems are tailored to specific company sizes. For instance, some vendors focus on SMBs, while others tailor their HR management software to enterprises. Look for a product with proven users in your size range, as well as a demonstrated ability to scale up if you want to accommodate future growth.

  2. Core HR vs. Strategic functions: Many HR management systems have expanded to include strategic HR functions, like talent management, in addition to the core HR processes of payroll, personnel tracking, and employee recordkeeping. However, not all HR management vendors have expanded, or expanded to the same breadth, as the large HCMs. You may also not need to use, or pay for, all of the strategic HR functions if they’re not relevant to your industry or size.

  3. Reporting: Reporting is an increasingly standard aspect of many HR professionals’ lives, and it’s frequently one of the lowest-rated features across HR management systems. Feature ratings can give some indication of a product’s reporting capabilities in general. Reviews can also contextualize whether a product’s strengths or weaknesses in reporting comes from its customizability, exportability, or visualizations, so you can focus on the reporting aspects most relevant to you.

More Resources

HR Management Products

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Toast Payroll & Team Management, formerly StratEx
1 ratings
1 reviews
Toast Payroll & Team Management offers HR, payroll, and benefits solutions to meet a variety of restaurant needs. It is based on the former StratEx product, developed by the company of the same name in Chicago that was acquired by Toast July 2019.
CD2 Learning
1 ratings
1 reviews
CD2 Learning is a core HR software solution built around features such as learning management, content management, social collaboration, and gamification.
1 ratings
1 reviews
GoCo, headquartered in Houston, offers their all-in-one HR management platform, designed to support benefits administration and compliant recordkeeping. GoCo syncs with popular payroll platforms, and is priced to suit the budget of small to midsize businesses.
Papaya Global
1 ratings
1 reviews
Papaya Global aims to revolutionize payroll and workforce management with its cloud-based SaaS platform. The vendor offers complete payroll solutions, workforce management from on-boarding to benefits, end-to-end EOR service in over 100 countries, contract worker management, and immigration. Accordi…
Ceridian Powerpay
1 ratings
1 reviews
Ceridian's Powerpay allows small businesses to pay and manage employees quickly, accurately, and from anywhere. Ceridian boasts 40,000 Canadian small businesses using Powerpay.
Sapling HR
1 ratings
1 reviews
Sapling is an HR platform for mid-market companies which the vendor states helps HR teams automate workflows, support data-driven decisions and be more strategic, and is the platform of choice for InVision, OnDeck, Digital Ocean, and Coupa. With it, the vendor aims to help create a great employee ex…
Bond Teamspirit
3 ratings
1 reviews
Bond Teamspirit is a human resources management (HRS) from Bond International, featuring built-in payroll and time tracking & attendance.
HRdirect Smart Apps
2 ratings
1 reviews
HRdirect Smart Apps is an HR Management software solution from HRdirect, a a division of ComplyRight, Inc., dedicated to developing and delivering “Solutions for Smart Employers” since 1985. The vendor says HRdirect supports business managers at more than 500,000 locations with essential employee m…
3 ratings
1 reviews
PrismHR is an HR software platform that enables Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) to offer their clients a technology portal as part of their HR outsourcing services. Through PrismHR, PEOs and ASOs can provide clients technology to manage: Hir…
ADP GlobalView HCM
6 ratings
1 reviews
ADP GlobalView HCM is a human resources management platform for global companies managing a global workforce, with integrated payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and analytics.
SumTotal Core Platform (formerly elixHR)
5 ratings
1 reviews
The SumTotal Core Platform (formerly elixHR) is a lean human resource information system (HRIS) integrable with the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite of software: SumTotal (LMS), and the SumTotal Work workforce management and payroll system. All SumTotal software is now offered and supported by Skills…
Infor Global Human Resources (Infor GHR)
Infor Global Human Resources (Infor GHR) enables HR departments to unify both data and processes.
Triton HR
Triton HR is a payroll employee benefits and outsourcing, human resource vendors targeting services at SMB's.
Monitae helps create engaging, fun, customizable competitions that encourage performance. Some key features include: Sales Contest Builder and Integration with CRMs.
Recruitro is an applicant tracking solution that can be used to source candidates and manage the recruitment/hiring process in one place.
Talview provides mobile and video recruitment solutions which are augmented with talent engagement tools and hiring analytics. The vendor’s flagship product Automated Video Interviews helps conduct interviews without interviewers and solve issues like Poor Conversion Ratios in Face to Face interview…
CloudMills is a core HR software solution with built-in features such as payroll and benefits management, on-boarding, and financials.
Business Pointer's HR Automation
Business Pointer's HR Automation is a core HR management software solution offered by Business Pointers Incorporation.
BiznusSoft's HRMS Soft is a cloud based human capital management tool that includes talent management, HR operations, organization management, compensation management, benefits management, absence management, goal management and performance management.
Aptean Platinum HRM (Discontinued)
Aptean Platinum HRM was a web-deployed core HR software solution that includes multiple functionalities, such as compensation and benefits, attendance tracking, and recruitment management. It is no longer generally available.
Worklio is a cloud-based administration platform that consolidates the many moving parts of small and mid-sized businesses into one comprehensive company-wide network. According to the vendor it is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual processes, streamline communication, handle human r…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR Management software?

HR management software is a core record of employee data to support payroll, benefits administration, and employee tracking. It commonly includes strategic HR functions, such as talent management and recruiting. Check out more information about core HR management software here.

What is Cloud HR software?

HR management software is increasingly deployed in the cloud instead of on-premise, which reduces the necessary maintenance costs and in-house IT expertise for users.

What is an HRIS?

HRIS is short for Human Resources Information System, which is a type of HR software database. These systems help HR departments enter, store, and track employee information over time. Read this article for advice on how to pick the best HRIS system for your business.

How much does HR software cost?

HR management software’s cost varies dramatically by the scope of the product, as well as the range of features in the software. Most products are priced per-employee/month or year, and can range from $10/employee/month upwards.