Inventory Management Systems

Best Inventory Management Systems include:

OMS Office Master System.

Inventory Management Systems Overview

What are Inventory Management Systems?

Inventory Management Systems provide a central hub for retailers, primarily eCommerce or multichannel selling operations, to manage the flow of goods and eliminate inefficiencies in the movement of inventory between locations. Products in this category generally include modules for order fulfillment, procurement, and shipping in addition to inventory control and management.

Implementing an inventory management system allows companies to better manage their inventory levels, which becomes convoluted when there are multiple locations or bundled/kitted products. The software manages and tracks inventory and can predict demand, which helps prevent overstock or out of stock situations. It can help automate purchasing and shipping. Finally, inventory management systems help with the management of vendors, orders, suppliers, fulfillment, and warehouse locations.

Inventory Management vs. Order Management, Supply Chain Management, and Warehouse Management Systems

Generally, an inventory management system is more affordable than omnichannel order management and retail suites, which also encompass marketing, payment processing, and customer management. Supply chain management (SCM) suites include logistics, product lifecycle management, and enterprise asset management in addition to inventory control and ordering systems.

Software billed as inventory management is a wiser choice for smaller businesses, compared to SCM suites which are designed to manage supply across many warehouses or a complex logistics network. Capabilities of inventory management systems are very similar to warehouse management systems (WMS), though WMS’ are often targeted at distributors while inventory management systems are most often targeted at retailers; however, this is not an absolute distinction.

Inventory Management System Features & Capabilities

A basic Inventory Management System should include:
  • Inventory control - including inventory location tracking, inventory levels and low stock alerts, reordering rules and automatic reordering

  • Bill of materials (BOM) creation and management

  • Barcode scanning capabilities or integrations

  • Tools to optimize inventory stocking levels based on historical sales data

  • Purchase/Sales order management

  • Fulfillment tools and optimization

  • Order and stock history

  • Backorder management

  • Reporting and analytics - including product/channel performance and sales forecasting

Some products may include the following modules or integrate with third party vendors that provide:

  • Shipping and tracking

  • Supplier relationship and supplier performance management

  • Accounting or bookkeeping

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Enterprise asset tracking

Inventory Management Systems Comparison

Inventory management systems are most useful when they possess all the features and capabilities we’ve outlined. However, to more easily compare Inventory Management Systems consider evaluating different options based on these factors:

Accounting software integration: Inventory management systems provide the most return on investment when you can connect them to your existing accounting software to be able to calculate your company’s cost of goods and valuation of products at any given time. Some tools, like Zoho Books, combine accounting software and inventory management into one platform.

Procurement tools
: The modern warehouse is incredibly complex due to globalized supply chains. Inventory management systems can help you manage procurement by using predictive analytics that help keep warehouses sufficiently stocked. Look for inventory management systems that can forecast demand and safety stock levels. Other reporting tools related to procurement you will want to consider include order recommendations and decision-making suggestions that are based on your inventory history.

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Pricing Information

Most inventory management products follow a pricing scheme based on the number of shipping orders processed per month. These range from $40 to $80 on the low end to $300+ for the highest shipping volume. There are at least two open source solutions for personal or small business use. Enterprise level users are always advised to work with the vendor for a custom quote.

Inventory Management Products

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Passport Inventory
Passport Inventory is an inventory management software offering from ASAP Systems. It includes features such as barcode based inventory control and customizable fields and columns to fit user needs.
POSIC is an inventory management software offering from Grensoft. It includes features such as easy one-time-setup procedure and choice of date format.
Rapid Inventory
Rapid Inventory is an inventory management software offering from AccuCode. It includes features such as deployment services and inventory and logistics.
REACS Inventory Optimization
REACS Inventory Optimization is an inventory management software offering from REACS Inventory Optimization Software. It manages the movement of product, monitors sales activities and inventories at remote inventory points and replenishes in a timley manner.
Stock Count Management
Stock Count Management is an inventory management software offering from Apprise Consulting. It includes features such as stock count management.
SupplyCare Enterprise
SupplyCare Enterprise is an inventory management software offering from Endress+Hauser Consult AG. It includes features such as supply and value chain optimization along with lower inventory management costs by integrating data into existing systems.
Tofino is an inventory management software offering from Tofino Software Inc. It includes features such as form building and a document library.
TracerPlus is an inventory management software offering from Portable Technology Solutions. It includes features such as asset managment and inventory control RFID.
Track & Trace
Track & Trace is an inventory management software offering from a2b Tracking Solutions. It includes features such as track assets and facilitate recalls with traceability.
Clear Spider
Clear Spider is an inventory management software offering. It includes features such as customizable, intuitive design and quick implementation.
eRetail Inventory Management
eRetail Inventory Management is an inventory management software offering from Bizelo.
Finale Inventory
Finale Inventory is a cloud-deployed inventory management software offering for small retail oriented for ecommerce businesses. It features order management, stocking and shipment management at all service tiers, and an integrated barcode system at higher tiers.
Global Inventory Management
Global Inventory Managment is an inventory management software offering from Syncron.
IPMax is an inventory management software offering from 4R Systems.
KeepStock is an inventory management software offering from Grainger.
EazyStock is an inventory management software offering from EazyStock. It includes features such as demand forecasting and inventory optimization.
CyberStock room provides web-based inventory management software for small businesses. Some key features include: Full Barcode Integration, Point of Sale Interface, and Sales and Products Analytics.
ConsignCloud is consignment and resale software. The vendor says their clean, easy-to-use POS makes ringing up customers and accepting inventory a breeze. Users can use ConsignCloud to manage the day-to-day operations of their store through sales, inventory, and customer management designed with ret…
HandiFox is a leading mobile inventory tracking and sales management solution. It enables businesses to automate their sales and supply chain pipeline and have comprehensive control over their inventory. HandiFox was created as an seamless extension of QuickBooks. It allows users to perform inventor…
Optoro helps companies recoup money from returned and overstocked goods.
CoreIMS is an inventory management software offering from CoreIMS. It includes features such as inventory management software and turnkey solutions.
QR Maintenance
QR Maintenance uses QR codes and mobile forms to optimize asset management, tracking and maintenance. Whether users need to manage equipment, property, tools, electronic devices or other types of assets, they will be able to create custom forms that fit their purpose. Field service technicians can a…
Piro is an inventory management software offering from MindSpark. It includes features such as Piro provides a fully integrated business platform for running a manufacturing shop in-house. Additionally, Piro is entirely configurable to meet virtually any production setup and workflow.
Vision Inventory Management
Vision Inventory Management is built specifically for companies in the home entertainment, electronics, and publishing industries. It was divested by Aptean and is now owned and supported by Avolin since 2018.
LowryTrack ACS
LowryTrack ACS is asset tracking & inventory management software from Lowry Solutions headquartered in Brighton, Massachusetts, a company specializing in barcode technology and automatic identification / data capture (AIDC).