Inventory Management165Inventory management systems are built to handle every stage of the inventory process lifecycle. There are several essential components to most inventory management solutions, starting with order entry capabilities to handle purchase automation. Another standard feature: inventory control and warehouse management to track products and manage workflows through warehouse management. Inventory management systems also typically include distribution capabilities for supply chain management. Fully-featured inventory management systems may also include integrations with customer lifecycle service management, enterprise resource planning software, and robust financial analysis and insights.ACCEO Acomba1 Merchandizer2 - Smart Workshop Software3 Inventory4 Amazon WooCommerce Integration6 Walmart WooCommerce Integration7 Inc.8 Service Management Software Suite9

Inventory Management Systems

Inventory Management Software Overview

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management Software provides a central hub for retailers, primarily eCommerce or multichannel selling operations, to manage the flow of goods. It may encompass order and fulfillment management, warehouse management and stock checking, procurement (or e-procurement) and supplier management, as well as analytics and integrations with other business critical systems (e.g. accounting, ERP, eCommerce platforms).

Inventory Management vs. Order Management, Supply Chain Management, & Warehouse Management Systems

Generally inventory management software is acquired at a lower cost and is more parsimonious than omnichannel order management & retail suites. Inventory control and ordering systems are embedded in supply chain management (SCM) suites, though not all businesses need such extensive solutions as those offered in SCMs. Software billed as inventory management is a wiser choice for smaller businesses, compared to SCM suites which are designed to manage supply across many warehouses and outlets across a vast or complex logistics network. Capabilities of inventory management systems are very similar to warehouse management systems (WMS), though these are often targeted at distributors while inventory management software is most often targeted at retailers; however, this is not an absolute distinction.

Inventory Management Software Features & Capabilities

  • Inventory Control: As these platforms are targeted at retailers, their central feature is to automate a stock counting and tracking across (potentially) multiple warehouses as items are sold and resupplied. Also, the software should supply barcode scanning internally or integrate with barcode scanning technology.
  • Inventory Optimization: The software should automate and provide decision support for optimal levels of stocked items based on sales & order analytics. This practice helps with cost control and should suppress or eliminate oversupply of sluggish or immovable stocked products.
  • Purchase / Sales Order Management: Orders can be handled within the inventory management platform via inbuilt purchase order and sales order management systems and interfaces.
  • Fulfillment: Platforms may centralize, automate, and optimize order fulfillment by consolidating sales information across channels and warehouses to ensure optimal shipping and delivery of products, balancing consideration for shipping costs and customer satisfaction.
  • Shipping & Tracking: The system may provide shipping status and logistical oversight and controls, or integrate with 3PL and shipping software systems and modules.
  • Supplier Relationship / Supplier Performance Management, & Scoring: Analyzing and scoring supplier performance is a key feature of top inventory management software.
  • Order & Stock History: Inventory management systems should also retain and provide access to rich historical data about orders and stocks.
  • Backorder Management: When items are out of stock, the system can reduce the cost of resupply by intelligently facilitating and consolidating purchase orders.
  • Accounting & CRM, inbuilt or integration: Some inventory management software offers simple inbuilt accounting and CRM capabilities, though most often the system must integrate compatibly with outside accounting and customer relationship management systems.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Given the wealth of data generated, transmitted through, and stored in the system, top inventory management software provides analytics and reporting of product and channel performance (including drill-down analytics on product features), cost of goods sold (COGS), profit analysis, and sales forecasting. This can help discover top customers or top sales performers, and other meaningful pieces of information for multi-channel selling optimization.

Inventory Management Products

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ACCEO Solutions headquartered in Montreal now support the Acomba Accounting Suite, a software suite for SMBs featuring many integratable modules, including Acomba e-commerce, Acomba inventory and stock controls, Acomba orders management, and Acomba payroll module. Acomba is available exclusively ...

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Diebold Nixdorf offers the Vynamic Merchandizer application from the Vynamic Operations software suite, an omnichannel order management solution for retailers featuring inventory level optimization and controls, product availability and cost management, and other features for retailers.

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Katana - Smart Workshop Software is a manufacturing & inventory management software tailored for makers and small manufacturers selling on Shopify. According to the vendor, it makes production management & inventory control easier than ever for online merchants. Suitable for small busines...

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Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed for small to midsize businesses. It features inventory management modules including reporting and analysis, and lot traceability. It features mobile compatible apps for Android and iOS devices.Zoho Inventory offers additional...

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SkuVault is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system offering unlimited SKUs, orders and warehouses. According to the vendor, this solution’s real-time quantity syncs prevent out of stocks, barcoding and QC reduce picking and shipping errors, and the smart re-order reports ensure t...

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Systum helps you manage inventory, operations, sales and customer service for your entire wholesale and distribution business.