IT Asset Management Software

Best IT Asset Management Software include:

SolarWinds Service Desk (SSD) and ServiceNow.

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IT Asset Management Software Overview

What is IT Asset Management Software?

IT Asset Management software is designed to inventory all the hardware and software within an organization to aid decision-making regarding hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

IT Asset Management Features & Capabilities

Typical capabilities of IT Asset management software are:

  • Discovery and management of hardware and software inventory

  • Lifecycle monitoring from acquisition to retirement

  • Asset detail drill-down

  • Enduring license agreement compliance

  • Configuration management database for recording all asset data

  • Purchase order and contract management

Typically, inventory, financial and contractual data is discovered and maintained in a central repository. This helps with monitoring assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Requests to purchase assets are handled through approval workflows. The software handles acquisition details such as entitlement, chargebacks, and provisioning. Post-deployment, all maintenance activity is recorded and audits are performed until assets are retired from service.

Pricing Information

Pricing for ITAM cloud services varies is usually priced per agent per month, and there is often an additional charge per device. Enterprise-level solutions have a cost in the region of $100 per user, but SMB options can be significantly cheaper.

IT Asset Management Products

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SAP Enterprise Asset Management
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SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) is an established, enterprise-level asset management solution from SAP for managing physical assets of various kinds (e.g. IT hardware, plant equipment, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT asset management?

IT asset management is a set of business processed designed to help IT departments track, control, and maintain the business’s IT assets, including hardware and software.

What are IT assets?

IT assets are entities that IT departments are traditionally responsible for. They frequently include network devices, company-issued personal computers and devices, and software licenses.

Why is IT asset management important?

IT asset management is important when ensuring your use of software licenses is compliant with license terms, preventing hardware deterioration from interfering with business operations, and managing asset overhead like unused hardware or licenses.

What is asset lifecycle management?

Asset lifecycle management processes ensure businesses use each asset as fully and efficiently as possible, including maintenance and update cycles and decommissioning processes.

How much does IT asset management cost?

IT asset management costs can vary dramatically, and will cost more when included in full ITSM platforms. Most ITAM products charge per user, per month, with some base fee for the license or appliance.