IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools include:

Spiceworks, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), and ScienceLogic SL1.

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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Overview

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software Overview

What is IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software?

IT infrastructure monitoring tools enable organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they can adversely affect critical business processes. They give insight into the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems and help ensure availability and performance. In addition to monitoring the entire infrastructure and business processes, they can also help with planning for upgrades before outdated systems begin to cause failures, and respond to issues as soon as problems become evident. They can also help ensure that any necessary outages have minimal impact on users.

Infrastructure management covers the sub-catefories of systems management, network management and storage management and, although these systems have traditionally been on-premise, increasingly they are moving to the cloud.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Products

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Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform
Sysdig headquartered in San Francisco offers the Sysdig Platform, providing end-to-end container vulnerability management, threat blocking, and container application security.
Sightline Systems
Sightline Enterprise Data Manager™ (EDM) is an IT monitoring and performance analytics solution that provides real-time visibility across today’s modern cloud, virtual and hybrid IT environments. According to the vendor, sightline leverages big data visualization, predictive analytics and machine l…
NetCrunch by AdRem Software
NetCrunch by AdRem Software is a network monitoring solution designed for IT professionals. According to the vendor, it installs quickly, and will start monitoring the network within minutes. NetCrunch's goal is to enable companies to easily monitor traffic, topology, devices, systems, logs, and ser…
Instana headquartered in Chicago provides APM services for SOA, microservices, containerized applications and Kubernetes, and cloud native applications, as well as discovery and monitoring for IT assets.
Vityl Capacity Management
Vityl Capacity Management is a comprehensive all-in-one capacity management solution that aims to make it easy for organizations to proactively manage performance and do capacity planning in hybrid IT environments—physical, virtual, cloud, or container. Vityl Capacity Management works by providing …
Vityl IT & Business Monitoring
HelpSystems offers the Vityl IT & Business Monitoring software service, designed to monitor technical components that support operations within a company as well as third parties and partners.
HelpSystems Halcyon
Halcyon was a provider of IT infrastructure monitoring software solutions for MSPs acquired by HelpSystems in 2015. The Halcyon product suite is now supported by and available from HelpSystems.
OpsRamp headquartered in San Jose provides out-of-the-box IT infrastructure monitoring templates that capture behavioral and performance metrics for applications, servers, networks, storage, and database instances across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as artificial intelligence for IT …
Netdata is an open-source, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting platform for infrastructures. The vendor describes the solution that’s dynamic and adapts to the specific needs of users: helping people who find it hard to properly monitor their infrastructure. They further state that with Netdata…
Wavefront by VMware
Wavefront is a metrics monitoring service for cloud and application environments with observability and analytics tools designed to enable DevOps functions at SaaS companies where scale, performance, and reliability are essential to their business. It was developed by the company of the same name in…
Splunk App for Infrastructure
The Splunk App for Infrastructure is offered to provide a seamless experience for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting. By unifying and correlating logs and metrics, Splunk App for Infrastructure gives system administrators and NOC analysts a unified approach to monitoring. Splunk App for I…
Panopta's Monitoring Cloud provides monitoring across on-prem, cloud and hybrid architectures Panopta enables IT teams to monitor server, application and network performance on both sides of the firewall using all three dimensions of Panopta's monitoring methodology: comprehensive Monitoring, Learni…
Pandora FMS
Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring solution. The vendor says it is ideal for medium and big-sized environments with at least 100 devices. The vendor promises to allow you to, with just one tool, monitor any device, infrastructure, application, IT and business processes and services. The vendor say…
Cloud Insights
Cloud Insights is a cloud infrastructure monitoring tool that gives businesses visibility into their entire infrastructure, including on-premises and cloud resources. Businesses use Cloud Insights to monitor and troubleshoot resources, improving performance for end-users, and reducing cloud infrastr…
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Centreon, from the French company of the same name, is an IT infrastructure monitoring platform.
Splunk Insights for Infrastructure
Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is an IT infrastructure monitoring standalone option from Splunk, providing server health insights, as well as cloud monitoring for hybrid infrastructures.
Savision Live Maps
Savision Live Maps is an IT alert management dashboarding solution, from Martello Technologies company Savision; Martello Technologies acquired Savision in 2018.