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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Overview

What is IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software?

IT infrastructure monitoring tools enable organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they can adversely affect critical business processes. They give insight into the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems and help ensure availability and performance. In addition to monitoring the entire infrastructure and business processes, they can also help with planning for upgrades before outdated systems begin to cause failures and respond to issues as soon as problems become evident. They can also help ensure that any necessary outages have minimal impact on users.

Infrastructure management covers the sub-categories of systems management, network management and storage management and, although these systems have traditionally been on-premise, increasingly they are moving to the cloud.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Features & Capabilities

  • Automated Device Discovery

  • Topology Mapping

  • Alerts

  • Customizable Reports

  • Multi System Monitoring

  • Performance Analysis

  • Dashboards and Visualization

  • Usage Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Comparison

One of the major factors to consider when choosing an IT infrastructure monitoring solution is what your feature needs are, and what features are included in the options you are considering. This may seem obvious, but IT infrastructure monitoring tools are somewhat unique in that they often offer a variety of differing features. Since IT infrastructure Monitoring is a subsection of observability platforms, many observability tools also include log management or APM features. You should determine what your feature needs are to inform your decision on what IT Infrastructure monitoring solution to go with.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Pricing

Most IT infrastructure monitoring solutions are cloud based as a service tools. As such businesses should expect to pay a monthly subscription fee, with rates varying depending on what features are included in the service.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Products

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SysKit Monitor

SysKit Monitor enables users to monitor and administer their entire server environment. It’s an agentless enterprise solution which helps users monitor server performance, track user activity, analyze application usage, document environment, and more. Additionally, it enables users…

Galileo Performance Explorer

Galileo calls itself a proactive, data-driven solution for IT capacity and performance management. By offering deep, predictive analytics and access to unlimited historical data, the vendor aims to help organizations innovate and accurately align diverse infrastructure assets with…


Outlyer is a cloud infrastructure monitoring tool designed for customization. No matter how complex or bespoke your environment, Developers and Operations can monitor all servers, cloud environments, databases, containers, and services in minutes, and create custom dashboards to…

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

IntelliMagic Vision's AI-driven analytics platform analyzes the performance health of all your multi-vendor SAN components on a daily basis and translates the outcome into intuitive dashboards and rated charts. The vendor promises it automatically identifies issues in the making…

Sightline Systems

Sightline Enterprise Data Manager™ (EDM) is an IT monitoring and performance analytics solution that provides real-time visibility across today’s modern cloud, virtual and hybrid IT environments. According to the vendor, sightline leverages big data visualization, predictive analytics…

VCM Enterprise (Vityl Capacity Management)

VCM Enterprise (Vityl Capacity Management) is a comprehensive all-in-one capacity management solution that aims to make it easy for organizations to proactively manage performance and do capacity planning in hybrid IT environments—physical, virtual, cloud, or container. VCM Enterprise…

NetCrunch by AdRem Software

NetCrunch by AdRem Software is a network monitoring solution designed for IT professionals. According to the vendor, it installs quickly, and will start monitoring the network within minutes. NetCrunch's goal is to enable companies to easily monitor traffic, topology, devices, systems,…

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

HelpSystems offers the Vityl IT & Business Monitoring software service, designed to monitor technical components that support operations within a company as well as third parties and partners.


OpsRamp headquartered in San Jose provides out-of-the-box IT infrastructure monitoring templates that capture behavioral and performance metrics for applications, servers, networks, storage, and database instances across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as artificial…


Netdata is distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring for systems and applications. It is an optimized monitoring agent that the user installs on all systems and containers, which instantly provides broad insights for health and performance troubleshooting via…

VMware Tanzu Observability, by Wavefront

VMware Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) is a metrics monitoring service for cloud and application environments with observability and analytics tools designed to enable DevOps functions at SaaS companies where scale, performance, and reliability are essential to their business. The…

NetApp OnCommand Insight

NetApp's OnCommand Insight is designed to allow users to optimize workload placement and IT spend, and make informed decisions by monitoring and troubleshooting the entire infrastructure. The vendor states that with OnCommand Insight, users gain end-to-end visibility of infrastructure…


Panopta's Monitoring Cloud provides monitoring across on-prem, cloud and hybrid architectures Panopta enables IT teams to monitor server, application and network performance on both sides of the firewall using all three dimensions of Panopta's monitoring methodology: comprehensive…

Elastic Observability

Elastic Observability, from Elastic, the makers of Elasticsearch, is a solution that aims to bring logs, metrics, and APM based on the former Opbeat (acquired by Elastic in 2017) traces together at scale in a single stack so users can monitor and react to events happening anywhere…


Checkmk is a solution for IT Monitoring of servers, applications, networks, cloud infrastructures (public, private, hybrid), containers, storage, databases and environment sensors. It can be deployed under all major Linux distributions or users can run it as Docker container…

Arisant Polaris

Polaris is a monitoring platform, from Arisant. The vendor states ordinary monitoring products offer a variety of out-of-the-box metrics and alerts, but most of the time, IT staff has already developed custom scripts that are tailored for monitoring custom applications and databases.…

Zero Incident Framework (ZIF)

Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) is a pure-play AI Platform for IT Operations powered entirely by Unsupervised Pattern-based Machine Learning. ZIF enables AI-led Discovery, Monitoring, Noise Reduction, Event Correlation, Outage Predictions, and Prescriptive Remediation.

Splunk App for Infrastructure

The Splunk App for Infrastructure is offered to provide a seamless experience for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting. By unifying and correlating logs and metrics, Splunk App for Infrastructure gives system administrators and NOC analysts a unified approach to monitoring.…

Interlink Software - AIOps Platform

Who Uses Interlink Software?Large digital, hybrid cloud enterprises, across markets including: utilities, banking, insurance, Fintech, online retail, healthcare, managed service providers, government.What Is Interlink Software?A single AIOps platform to transform IT operations.Deliver…

Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform

Sysdig headquartered in San Francisco offers the Sysdig Platform, providing end-to-end container vulnerability management, threat blocking, and container application security.



0 reviews

Centreon, from the French company of the same name, is an IT infrastructure monitoring platform.

Sematext Cloud

The vendor presents Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability solution for modern-day software-based companies that provides key insights into front-end and back-end performance. Sematext encompasses infrastructure, real user & synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing and…


Instana headquartered in Chicago provides APM services for SOA, microservices, containerized applications and Kubernetes, and cloud native applications, as well as discovery and monitoring for IT assets.

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is an IT infrastructure monitoring standalone option from Splunk, providing server health insights, as well as cloud monitoring for hybrid infrastructures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from an IT infrastructure monitoring solution?

Businesses benefit more from IT Infrastructure monitoring the more complex their infrastructure is. For businesses with a variety of systems, all of which need constant monitoring, and IT infrastructure monitoring tool is essential. If you only have a few less complicated systems you may be able to do without.

How is IT Infrastructure Monitoring different from observability?

Most observability tools offer IT Infrastructure monitoring as a feature, while many IT infrastructure monitoring tools are specific to IT infrastructure monitoring. Which one is right for you just depends on whether you need the broader suite of features an observability platform provides or not.