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Nonprofit CRM Software Overview

What is Nonprofit CRM Software?

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is similar to Customer Relationship Management. The difference is nonprofits have constituents or stakeholders instead of customers, so they have needs that Customer Relationship Management systems can’t meet. A nonprofit CRM provides an integrated view of all of its constituents, including:

  • Donors

  • Grant-making organizations

  • Corporate supporters

  • Volunteers

  • Suppliers and vendors

  • Program or service beneficiaries

A nonprofit CRM centralizes data from all constituent groups in a single system in order to simplify the process of enhancing relationships with constituents. A nonprofit CRM tracks all constituent activity from emails sent to donations made.

Nonprofits depend on the strength of constituent relationships for their very existence. A nonprofit CRM creates an avenue for maintaining relationships with existing supporters. As nonprofits grow, however, it becomes necessary to reach out to new supporters and donors. Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management software helps with this as well by running marketing programs to find new donors and other sources of income.

CRM systems are a major component in the professionalization of nonprofits. They help nonprofits employ modern corporate marketing techniques to win support.

Nonprofit CRM Features & Capabilities

  1. Single system of records for all constituent activity

  2. Donor management

  3. Pledge and grant management

  4. Event management

  5. Email marketing

  6. Program or service management

  7. Workflow and task assignment

Pricing Information

Pricing for nonprofit CRM software is typically determined by the number of constituents.

For small nonprofits with less than 1,000 constituents, pricing ranges from $39/mo. to $99/mo. Enterprise level plans can run upwards of $5,000/mo. for teams.

Nonprofit CRM Comparison

When considering nonprofit CRM options, consider the following aspects of each product offering.

  1. Marketing Features: While most nonprofit CRM options provide some marketing features, it is only a focus for some. If your nonprofit plans on using a nonprofit CRM to grow your base of constituents, you should select a CRM with a focus on marketing features. Otherwise you may prefer a more affordable solution that is primarily focused on handling existing constituents.

  2. Integrations: Nonprofit CRM systems have various integrations so that they can easily fit into your nonprofits IT infrastructure. When purchasing a Nonprofit CRM, consider what systems your nonprofit uses, and ensure that the CRM you choose offers integrations with your essential systems.

  3. Automation Features: Many nonprofit CRM systems allow for the automation of processes like creating fundraising pages and managing constituents. More advanced automation features are important for larger nonprofits, but they can run up the price of the software. It is worth considering if your nonprofit needs advanced automation features or if you can handle those processes by other means.

Nonprofit CRM Products

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AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is an integrated fundraising, membership and CRM database solution designed for all not-for-profit organisations, small, medium or large. The vendor’s value proposition is that it is an extremely powerful and comprehensive system; yet it remains easy to use…

Agilon One

Agilon’s One is a web-based donor management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of modules that are designed to seamlessly share information to improve fundraising. It helps nonprofits manage events, scholarships, memberships and send customized email communications.…

VeryConnect Non-Profit Management Software

VeryConnect Non-Profit Management Software brings together non-profit management, stakeholder engagement, and giving back on one platform. VeryConnect's reliable technology aims to help users to save time and boost their impact. Users only pay for the features they need, starting…

Fonteva Membership (MemberNation)

Fonteva Membership (formerly MemberNation) is an association management solution from Fonteva, built on the Salesforce Cloud. It is basically an instance of Salesforce CRM that is tailored for associations and/or nonprofits, with industry-specific support from Fonteva. Modules include:…


Crowdskout is a CRM for political campaigns and other nonprofit/advocacy use cases. It allows users to build audience profiles and segment based on demographic and behavioral attributes like voting history, social media activity, donor records, survey responses, event attendance,…

ClearView CRM

Cloud-based ClearView CRM is fundraising software that supports nonprofits' efforts to raise money and manage donor services departments. It includes constituent relationship management; business intelligence and reporting; operational tools like data import/export, list segmentation/…


Traxsolutions is an integrated suite of applications dedicated to non-profits from nFocus Solutions in Phoenix, which can be configured to cover members and enrollment, member or case progress tracking, surveys, revenue tracking, and other features.

One Click Politics

One Click Politics is a non-partisan, digital advocacy technology and consulting company that provides cloud based software solutions to public affairs and government relations professionals in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The vendor's mission is to provide innovative,…


Caseworthy (formerly Empowered Solutions Group) offers their nonprofit management platform to encompass management of grants, cases, and projects, and can be configured to support providers of employment services, volunteering, youth and family services, disability assistance, senior…


StratusLIVE headquartered in Virginia Beach offers their nonprofit CRM to support donor data management and communication, fundraising communications, and and non-profit analytics. StratusLIVE for Fundraisers is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.


easyTithe, a Ministry Brands company, allows the userr to collect donations easily with a customized giving page for members and visitors to access through a website, or anywhere a link is shared. Donors can also create an account from a giving page and set up recurring giving with…


Donodoo is a donor relashionship management system designed for Non-Profits: a tool developed to manage large quantities of personal records, accurately segment data, and integrate information from the fundraising process, making donors the center of the fundraising flow. A donors…


CharityEngine is a cloud-based fundraising platform built to scale nonprofits at any stage on a single, unified CRM. The vendor describes CharityEngine as a modern donor management experience that lets organizations and associations do more stuff in less clicks with a 360-degree…

Aplos Nonprofit Software

Aplos Software headquartered in Fresno provides their nonprofit CRM, providing contact management and list creation via donor database, with fund accounting, as well as fundraising tools, marketing, and event registration.


Metaface is an online platform offering all the needed face-to-face fundraising tools in the same place, providing a solution for agencies and in-house fundraising teams. Metaface is designed to allow users to simplify and supervise the acquisition of regular donors data. It also…

Advanced Cloud Engage

Advanced Cloud Engage software helps UK charities and membership organisations maximise their efforts and deliver their services. The platform incorporates all elements of fundraising management and customer relationship management (CRM) into what the vendor describes as a flexible…


Quantibly's goal is to empower nonprofits and NGOs to be efficient in their resource management, and to be effective with their impact goals. Data is an essential for nonprofits, and Quantibly makes it a reality. Quantibly aims to ensure that nonprofits and NGOs can specify programs…

bantu Workspace

What is bantu Workspace? bantu Workspace is a cloud-based community management and engagement platform with tools to recruit, organise, and build sustainable and modern communities. The vendor states bantu Workspace has powered the daily work of impact-driven organisations in Singapore,…


Raklet empowers communities to meet, network and grow. All-in-one community management platform that helps users build brand engagement and opportunities. It as easy to set up and fully branded to match company colors. You can: - Organize and enrich member database with Raklet CRM…

Join It

Join It is a membership management service that enables organizations to effectively keep track, manage, and grow their community. At its core, Join It provides a simple database and dashboard interface for organization leaders to monitor developments in their membership. Join It…


AssoConnect is an all-in-one solution to serve nonprofits' needs. With the needed tools in one place, the vendor states they make nonprofit management simpler. Users can manage a community with a CRM, create membership campaigns, process online payment, send newsletters, design events…

Sumac, by Silent Partner

Sumac, by Silent Partner Software headquartered in Quebec, is a total non-profit management solution, providing donor management / CRM, donation management, and accounting.

Argenta, by Devscape

Argenta, or Argenta Software, is nonprofit software designed to automate daily tasks and keep track of everything, presented as an affordable, all-in-one, cloud software, from Devscape Software in Jacksonville.


GivingWay is presented as a one-stop-shop that equips nonprofit organizations all over the world with tailored fundraising and volunteer management tools. Giving Way specializes in helping nonprofits from developing countries across Africa, America & Asia. Nonprofits of various…

Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of donor management features are included in Nonprofit CRM tools?

Most nonprofit CRM tools allow nonprofits to easily reach out to donors to show appreciation for their contribution. Additionally, nonprofits can send out event invitations and reminders to donors. Lastly, Nonprofit CRM tools integrate with most accounting tools, so any donation/donor information can be stored there.

What are the benefits of Nonprofit CRM tools over traditional CRM tools?

Nonprofit CRM tools include features for creating events and fundraising pages. Additionally, nonprofit CRM tools include customizable workflows designed with the needs of nonprofits in mind. Most features nonprofit CRM tools provide are also offered by traditional CRM software, but nonprofit CRMs are optimized for nonprofits.

What considerations should you make when purchasing CRM software?

The number one consideration when purchasing a nonprofit CRM should be the integrations that it offers. A nonprofit CRM will help you nonprofit the most when it integrates easily into your IT infrastructure. Once you have found nonprofit CRM solutions that can fit into your system, you should ensure it has the automation features you are looking for. Additionally, if you want to use your CRM to grow your constituent base, make sure you choose one with marketing capabilities.