Performance Testing Tools

Best Performance Testing Tools include:

AWS Device Farm and Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack).

Performance Testing Tools Overview

What are Performance Testing Tools?

Performance testing tools address application and system design issues by testing reliability and scalability. Unlike bug testing tools, performance testing tools establish a performance baseline and then attempt to discover bottlenecks by adding stress. Specific tests include load tests, soak or endurance tests, spike tests, and others.

The goal of performance testing apps is to establish benchmarks for a target system. A target might be a web app, a server or group of servers, or a whole network. Performance tests can be monitored in real-time for test validity. Results should supply root cause analysis and locate bottlenecks. Additionally, performance test tools evaluate SLA compliance and provide an overall view of system resilience.

Performance Testing Tools Features & Capabilities

Performance testing tools are designed to apply the below capabilities to targets such as servers, groups of servers, web applications, and network devices.

  • Test scenario creation

  • Load generation & virtual user simulation

  • Test environment monitoring, validation

  • Real-time test monitoring dashboard

  • Automated test data collection

  • Test result presentation, interpretation

  • Correlation, parameterization

  • Bottleneck identification

  • IDE integration

  • APM integration

  • Predictive capability

  • SLA baseline setting

  • Software release risk reduction

Pricing Information

Free performance testing tools are available as well as free trials for paid platforms. Most testing tools are priced according to the number of virtual users available for a testing scenario. Additionally testing legacy systems or varied and sophisticated systems can increase cost. Number of tests to be conducted, the type of test, and reporting capabilities often do not influence price.

Performance Testing Products

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Australian company Flood IO offers cloud load and performance testing.
Load Impact
Swedish company Load Impact offers load and performance testing.
Original Software Qualify
Qualify from Original Software in the UK is an application performance testing tool.
Micro Focus Data Express
Data Express from London-headquartered multinational company Micro Focus is a performance testing solution.
San Jose-based company Appvance offers testing services, including functional, load, application security, and performance testing.
dotcom-monitor LoadView
dotcom-monitor in Spring Park, Minnesota offers LoadView, a web load testing and stress test service.
QaBook, from QaWorks in the UK, is an offering that contains both test management and defect tracking features.
StormRunner Load (formerly HP StormRunner Load)
StormRunner Load is a SaaS cloud loud and performance testing tool formerly owned and supported by HPE, now supported by Micro Focus.
SoftLogica WAPT
WAPT is a load, stress and performance testing tool for websites and web-based applications. This solution is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user the ability to create a heavy load from a single regular workstation. The vendor says users can create a basic test scenario and get…
T-Plan in the UK offers performance testing and test automation.
Parasoft Development Testing Platform
The Parasoft Development Testing Platform offers presents a testing and application lifecycle management solution.
Cavisson’s NetStorm is a performance testing and capacity analysis appliance. It is a load generator that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time (CPRT) enabling IT companies to guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLA). Its technology handles load variables, user realism, a…
HealthStream Competency Center
Improved competency management is among every healthcare provider’s list of must haves. Current paper-based processes waste resources and provide little value. The Joint Commission has increased its focus on competency management as the core driver of workforce quality and staffing effectiveness. S…
HeadSpin aims to serve all the mobile performance and user experience needs of its users. The vendor says that through its Mobile Performance Platform (MPP), HeadSpin provides mobile application developers, carrier networks, device OEMs, and CDN providers detailed visibility into user experience is… is designed to empower PHP developers to continuously verify and improve their app’s performance in development, testing, staging and production. It makes it possible to drill down to function/method call level to understand and fix performance bottlenecks. The vendor says its wide vari…
Compuware Hiperstation
Compuware headquartered in Detroit offers Hiperstation, a performance and load testing tool.
Ixia IxLoad VE
Keysight Technologies company Ixia offers IxLoad VE for the functional and performance testing of virtualized servers and converged network adapters (CNAs) for cloud computing.
Ixia IxNetwork VE
Keysight Technologies, via the company's Ixia division, offers IxNetwork VE, a functional and performance testing tool providing a framework for testing physical and virtual devices, and provide benchmarking for virtual servers in a network.
ClicQA is an Independent Software Testing company, providing comprehensive Software Testing services. The vendor has developed a cloud-based software testing tool ‘ClicTest’ and test execution platform “TestPace” to empower their software testing offerings. With a presence in India, United Kingdom …
HCL OneTest
HCL Technologies headquartered in India offers OneTest, a testing suite capable of functional and performance testing and a service virtualization solution which is capable of providing missing elements of a web service during development and testing processes.
LoadNinja is a cloud-based performance testing platform for engineers and performance professionals to load test web application with real browsers at scale using test scripts that can be replayed immediately after recording. LoadNinja is designed to produce actionable browser based performance data…
Test Armada
Test Armada is a suite of developer tools providing functional and performance testing, from Walmart Labs.
pCloudy is a mobile app testing platform for performing manual as well as automated testing on more than 5,000 device-browser combinations hosted on the cloud. It provides hosts of other services like bot testing and in-field user experience testing. pCloudy provides On-Premise, Private and Public d…
WebLOAD from global, Israel-headquartered RadView Software, is an enterprise class load and performance testing tool.
IBM Rational Test Workbench
IBM Rational Test Workbench is a performance testing option.