Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software Overview

What is Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacy Software makes communicating drug information easier for pharmacists and helps provide a more individualized experience for customers. Also, pharmacy management systems automate tasks related to the business of running a pharmacy. This may include inventory management, customer outreach (e.g. refill reminders), e-signature, point-of-sale, and other retail management type features.

Pharmacy software includes industry-specific capabilities like insurance verification or providing guidance to pharmacists. This may include suggesting replacement medications, dosage guidance, or high-risk patient assessment & care. Pharmacy software can integrate with EHR and medical practice management software to facilitate patient care.

Pharmacy Software Features & Capabilities

To streamline operations pharmacy management systems offer the below capabilities:

  • Inventory controls & management

  • Medication knowledge management

  • Document management

  • Medication adherence monitoring

  • Patient communication & SMS notification

  • Prescription pre-check, medication disbursement workflow

  • Mail order prescription management

  • Barcode, fulfillment, shipping, verification

  • Centralized patient information

  • Patient data synchronization between pharmacy, physician

  • Point-of-sale, billing management

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Claims processing and conciliation

Pricing Information

Pharmacy software is modular and so price increases with modules and add-ons desired. Price also increases along with the size of the pharmaceutical organization (multi-site vs. community pharmacy).

Pharmacy Products

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NRx is a pharmacy management system from QS/1 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
PrimeRx is a complete pharmacy management software from Micro Merchant Systems headquartered in Syosset, New York.
SP Central Pharmaceutical Management System
SP Central Pharmaceutical Management System is the flagship software product from ScriptPro, a provider of robotic and software systems for pharmacies located in Mission, Kansas.
ACCUflo from Creative Strategies in Kentucky is designed to support pharmacies with maintain accurate complex medication orders.
PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System
PDX EPS is touted by the vendor as being feature-rich but, flexible, and is widely deployed across a wide-variety of pharmacies, from specialty, mail order, national chain, or private pharmacies.
Cerner Etreby
Etreby is a pharmacy management system from Cerner Corporation headquartered in Kansas City.
RXG is pharmacy management software from Liberty Software headquartered in Southlake, Texas.
Dassault Systemes offers BIOVIA, a portfolio of product development lifecycle management applications supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovations and research.
Medeil, from Indian company Vanuston Intelligence, is a pharmacy management system.
PharmASSIST Symphony
PharmASSIST is Innovation Associates' brand of pharmacy management software, providing operational support to chain and independent pharmacies.
Omnicell headquartered in Mountain View, CA offers a suite of pharmacy management and operational support applications.
Speed Script
Speed Script is a pharmacy management system from Digital Simplistics (also known as Speed Script, like their flagship software), located in Lenexa, Kansas.
BestRx is a Windows-based pharmacy management system to automate and support administrative tasks as well as pharmacy specific tasks, such as electronic prescriptions, drug information and interaction / allergy warnings, customizable drug labels.
PioneerRx Pharmacy Software supports operational and administrative activities of independent pharmacies.
From Inovalon headquartered in Bowie comes the ScriptMed pharmacy management platform.
Optum, the technology and analytics arm of the UnitedHealth Group, offers OptumRx, an analytics and pharmacy management application.
CoverMyMeds is a prior authorization management platform for pharmacies, from the company of the same name in Columbus.
SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller
SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller is a centralized system for the management of the serialization process on pharmaceutical packaging lines. FUNCTIONALITIES:Nomenclatures (Management of devices, lines, templates for serialization and aggregation)Create / update / approve batches – EBR (Electronic Batc…
SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway
SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway provides a connection between the Site level and IS MDLP (Chestny ZNAK track & trace digital system) allowing an exchange of information about each product. The application allows MAHs, Manufacturers and Parallel Importers to upload the product information, to requ…
SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway
SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway offers an upload/update of PMD (Product Master Data) and PPD (Product Pack Data) to the EU HUB (EMVO). Via this Cloud solution, the MAH / Parallel distributor could select which serialized batch should be reported to EMVO. The system allows status verification of any r…
Abacus Pharmacy Software
Abacus Pharmacy Software in Miami offers a suite of applications for pharmacy management, whether mail order, long-term care, or retail, and includes a point of sale.