Point of Sale Systems

Best Point of Sale Systems include:

Square POS and Shopify.

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Point of Sale Systems Overview

Point of Sale Systems

What are Point of Sale Systems?

The Point of Sale (POS) is the place where a retail transaction takes place: It's the hardware and software used to physically accept payments and record transactions.

POS software automates some of the events around the POS. Self-service variants automate the transaction entirely, doing away with the need for a human service staff member.

Cloud POS

Cloud POS can be accessed from a tablet or other device by service staff in the field or in a retail store. It can also sync with online purchases and accounts for better data collection and retention.

Other Features

In some cases, POS providers also provide integrated payment gateways for eCommerce features and/or payment processing services.

For small businesses, trends like mobile payments and mobile loyalty programs are especially relevant to product selection. For large businesses, the POS system will often be part of a larger retail management suite.

Pricing Information

Pricing covers both hardware and software. Entry level systems begin at around $500 for the hardware and a monthly subscription price for the software of about $50. High-end systems though might cost twice that much.

Point of Sale Products

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Tradepoint POS
Tradepoint POS' interface allows you to custom design menu screens and contol how each menu element should look and function.
myVolo is online integrated sales, scheduling and business management software that enables companies to organize business information in one place.
SalesVu is a modular, cloud-based all-in-one business management software. The vendor's core competency is Point of Sale solutions, but SalesVu can also include features for multiple location management, eCommerce storefront, accounting and reporting, employee scheduling, inventory management, email…
uAccept is a cloud-based point of sale system offered by Processing Point Inc., which includes software and hardware components. The uAccept hardware includes a touch screen, encrypted magnetic card reader, internal slip reader, integrated customer display, and 5-bill cash drawer. The uAccept softwa…
iConnect POS
iConnect POS is a web based & iPad POS for retail, food service, beauty, and other industry professionals. In addition to its robust point of sale functionality, iConnect includes the following features: Customer Relationship Management, Employee Management, Real-time Inventory Tracking, Full Ap…
TouchSuite is a point of sale system that is fully integrated with payment processing services catering to restaurants, salons, spas, retail establishments and pet services.
Cashier Live
Cashier Live is POS software that allows users to ring up sales, accept payments, manage inventory, and more from a computer, iPhone, or iPad.
NCR Advanced Checkout Solution
NCR Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) is a POS software package that aims to maximize customer throughput, while increasing productivity level of all store associates, lowering operational costs and extending promotional pricing capability. NCR ACS POS software is designed to allow users to different…
VISION BeanStore
The VISION Commerce Suite point of sale solution, VISION BeanStore, is a complete retail PoS, back office and central management solution with international capabilities. The retail PoS solution, provided by PCMS, has been designed to meet the challenges of today’s global multi-format retailers. It …
LS One
LS One is a feature-rich, quick-to-learn and resilient Point of Sale (POS) system with back-office functionality. It is designed for retailers of all sizes, from small companies to large enterprises, and can integrate with ERP and eCommerce systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Shopify and NitroSell (to men…
KeeperPOS enables users to track and optimize inventory from procurement to storage to sales. According to the vendor, some key business benefits and features include: + Optimize Product Catalogue Identify products with higher profits.Identify dead stock.Discover the right quantity to order. + Match…
Heartland Restaurant
Heartland Dinerware is a point of sale system to restaurants, with features supporting small diners or busy nightclubs, bars, casinos, or other kinds of operations providing food service. Heartland is a Global Payments company since the December 2015 acquisition.
Edge POS
SilverEdge in Loveland, Colorado offers Edge POS, one of their point of sale offerings; Edge POS is dedicated to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and similar businesses, and is designed to meet these businesses' needs.
Northstar Restaurant POS
Custom Business Solutions (CBS) in Irvine, California offers Northstar, a restaurant dedicated point of sale system supporting all restaurants from quick serve to fine dining, as well as bars, cruises, and amusement parks.
Stratus Retail
Celerant Technology in New York offers Stratus Retail, a multi-channel retail POS with integrated ecommerce, inventory management and controls, warehouse, purchasing, and receiving, and other features meant to complete a comprehensive retail management solution.
Aptos Store POS
The Aptos point-of-sale, Aptos Store POS (also available as Aptos Mobile Store for mobile order processing and service), is a retailer solution which can provide a number of data points and functions beyond simple transaction processing, such as customer transaction history, employee sign-in and out…
Klientscape Point of Sale
Klientscape Point of Sale is POS software that offers a menu for unlimited items sorted by categories like "food" or "beverages" for easy one-click functionality, which saves a lot of time and effort. It creates a bill for every customer and automatically shows the payable amount by adding any VAT …
VIP Sales App
Vermont Information Processing (VIP) offers the VIP Sales app, a mobile ordering solution for beverage distributor accountpersons with integrated features such as real-time inventory tracking, the KARMA survey and data collection add-on for collecting sales and brand relevant data during engagement …
Apruve's B2B Credit Network allows businesses to extend net terms to their customers without the associated financial risk or slow cash flow of waiting for customers to pay. How it works Apruve finances each business buyer through an automated online application. Once a buyer is approved, they wil…
Biz4x is SaaS-based solution that was developed for the global money services businesses industry to digitalize their operations. An integrated platform provides money service operators with several interconnected modules to manage all aspects of their business with greater efficiency and simplicity…
Evosus Pro
Evosus Software in Vancouver offers Evosus Pro, a retail point-of-sale solution.
ROLLER Software
ROLLER is an all-in-one software solution for attractions, leisure and entertainment businesses. ROLLER's software platform includes online ticketing, POS, group booking management, wearables, access control, waivers, website development and mobile applications at a glance.
Poster POS
Poster is a tablet Point of Sale (POS) for cafes and shops. The POS application can be launched on a laptop, Android tablet, or iPad, this helps reduced initial costs. Poster offers users multiple features: financial and stock control, discounts, bonuses and promotions settings; built-in customizabl…