8x8 Virtual Office is a unified business phone and VoIP communications service. It includes features such as instant messaging, softphone, video calling, web conferencing, call recording, visual voicemail. Prices range from $22-$175 per user per month, depending on amount of features desired. step in the right direction.8x8 Virtual Office is our primary phone system at all our facilities. It addresses a number of issues we had in the past: It unified a multiple of locations under one system where previously we had a mixture of systems.With its virtual office functions, we are able to tie in mobile users via the apps and treat them as if they were in the office. Even those who work from home can operate the same with caller ID and directory access and using their office extension to ring on their cell.It allowed us to eliminate a fax machine and POTs. Users use their 8x8 Virtual Office app to send and receive faxes.Easy to transition phone numbers and fax numbers over to 8x8 Virtual Office to ensure customers have key contacts retained.We can manage multiple directories for multiple companies and allow calling between multiple companies. Also, ring groups and pickup groups are amazing.,Retains very efficient individual fax services per user. Each user can now schedule their own meetings and conference calls. There's no need for third-party apps, service, or staff. User can now manage their own call forwarding and rules for call management and not IT. Users are empowered to use the service. The app is helpful and enables proactive actions.,The service uses third-party phones and the interface needs improving. Not very user-friendly and not easy to change key functions. Changing users on third party phones can be tedious, especially moving extensions from one phone to another. Very little tolerance from internet slowdowns. Phones need peak internet. Although outages are few and far between, when it does, a drop in phone connectivity is not a welcomed additional problem to have.,10,Provides a level of reliability that phone performance is not limited to local weather conditions. It showcases a level of solidarity with the whole company It dreads personnel changes.,,G Suite, HelpSystems Automate, Wing FTP Server,300,1,multiple phone directories ring groups and pick-up groups virtual office pc app virtual office android app,individual fax function caller ID on screen while ringer is off on physical phones company directory missed call and caller id on screen.,call recording call forwarding specialized call routing,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,I would have gotten extra phones.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,having a plan for partial deployments shared with employees third party phones need to be externally sourced be more transparent with deployment,7,No,No,in adding my virtual numbers is easy.,10,make calls send faxes directory search,setting meetings using hangouts link chat function,Yes,10Excellent Communications Platform8x8 is deployed across our entire organization and it helps bridge the communication gap between all of our offices across North America. The mobile applications also enable us to be mobile and continue to stay connected to our business by allowing us to take and make calls on it and not miss a beat.,We've received excellent support from our account manager, who is always attentive to our needs and always has a suggestion on how to improve our experience. The service is always up when we need it and we have never experienced major outages. The 8x8 support team is well trained and can give a resolution to most problems on the first contact.,The fax function on 8x8 Virtual Office Pro is not as reliable as I would expect. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries to connect to the destination machine. The Virtual Office app for Android will behave differently on different vendor implementations of the system. On Samsung phones running Android 9.0, the phone will ring but it will sometimes not pick up the call when the phone is locked. I'd like the ability to switch external phone numbers from one device to another from the 8x8 Account Manager portal rather than to have to go through support to do this. It would be nice to have the option to change Virtual Office plans on the fly and add Pro licenses to different extensions. The web admin interface is a little clunky and looks outdated. It would look better if it followed the design guidelines that 8x8 uses for the application picker and the Virtual Office Desktop app,10,I consider that we get our money's worth out of the platform considering that a large part of our business depends on the use of phones to communicate. Part of our business depends on using fax that we have with Virtual Office Pro but this is not worth the cost for this feature alone. The call recording makes Pro worth it since it allows us to monitor what messages we are giving to customers. Call reporting and analytics allow us to view which of our employees are productive when their job requires them to stay on the phone with customers.,Jira Service Desk, JIRA Software, Microsoft Office 365, Ubiquiti Networks UniFi, Ubuntu Linux, GoToMeeting,65,1,Internal communication Communication with customers Call quality metrics,With the help of an auto-responder and a call queue system we have set up a call center tailored specifically to our support team We use 8x8 Virtual Office Analytics to track which support agents are still connected during the night shift We use 8x8 Virtual Office to log calls to customers on Salesforce,We may use the service to track remote workers in the future,10,Not Sure,Implemented in-house,No,9,Self-taught,I speak for myself and a few other users in our organization when I say that it is very easy to pick up and use in a flash. There is enough support material on the 8x8 knowledge base to learn the basics and work with Virtual Office on a daily basis. I even forward some of 8x8's own materials to new hires to teach them about setting their voicemail greetings and sending faxes.,No,Whenever I ask for the support team to change the phone numbers of our extensions, I get exceptional support from them. I will ask them if they have a specific area code within their pool of numbers and if they don't they react and find me the closest number to the area code that I am looking for instead of having me look for them.,10,Changing extension numbers Editing extension information Creating user profiles,Sending faxes,Yes,9,8,8,9,Salesforce,JIRA,AppExchange or similar marketplace,8,The best way to go is to check with 8x8 support if the app or software that you are looking to integrate with is already supported as this will definitely require much less work on your part. If not, most likely you will need to have a developer that can interface with their APIs to integrate whatever you need.8x8 Good in a pinchIt is being used in support of a contracted Contract Center. It addressed the issue of providing call routing and allowing office and remote workers a robust platform for handling calls as well as the management team the reports we needed to meet the customer requirements.,User-friendly Provides in-depth call reporting Great call flow,Reports interface could be easier and more intuitive. Make it easier to move from desk phone to softphone to cell. Price is a little high.,7,For remote and in the field workers we do not have to issue a handset and they use the cell phone app. Do not have to install physical lines at all of our office locations.,Jibe and RingCentral,ServiceNow, MS SharePoint, 3CX Phone System, Google Cloud DNS,100,2,General office Call Center Support Presence,68x8 will make your VOIP headaches go away!8x8 is used across our entire company of 400+ people. In the past, setting up voip phones was a pain due to the limitation of a physical phone and the dependency of our physical Cisco PBX system. Now, we can elastically and dynamically issue new accounts for users without setting up a physical phone thanks to Virtual Office. In addition, we do not have to host a physical PBX voip system which is a huge plus when we're a fast cloud company.,Virtual office is great! Users can use the application on their laptop or cell phones at any given time as long as they have internet connection. Less IT ticket request since there are hardly any problems with Virtual Office. Faxing is great too since users can have their own fax number and have it delivered to their emails.,8x8 quality is great but once in awhile we'll get a complain about the quality for a few accounts. 8x8's Virtual Office UI is starting to get better so please keep it up! In the past, the UI wasn't very friendly.,10,IT admins love the system because it takes them less than 1 minute to setup a new Virtual Office account. Flashing a VOIP phone to work with 8x8 is also pretty simple which makes it efficient for IT.,,10Using Cisco SPA-122 and Cisco SPA-8000 Devices with 8x8 for FaxingWe purchased 3 Cisco SPA-122 devices and 1 Cisco SPA-8000 device from 8x8 to test out 5 new fax lines (3 incoming and 2 outgoing) vs. using local Charter numbers with GFI Faxmaker 14. We started our test back in January and February 2014. We did this to compare cost, QoS and overall network overhead against hosting and running GFI Faxmaker 14 internally. Initially, we encountered no issues purchasing or setting up the Cisco SPA-122 and SPA-8000 devices and we were happy because it was cheaper to go with 8x8 than GFI Faxmaker 14. However, about a month into the test, we started to encounter frequent line congestion/noise and disconnect with the Cisco SPA-122 and Cisco-8000 devices and we eventually had to restart the devices every day during non-business hours in order to reset the device and purge out pending faxes. For 3 weeks, we tried to get replacement devices from 8x8 but they wouldn't send us any because we were considered residential customers and defective equipment for residential customers wasn't covered under warranty replacement. Finally, after 2 weeks of contact from support and lack of concern from 8x8, we cancelled our service with 8x8 and went back to using Charter and GFI Faxmaker.,No issues purchasing the Cisco SPA-122 and SPA-8000 devices. No issues setting up the Cisco SPA-122 and SPA-8000 devices. Cheaper to go with 8x8 service and the Cisco SPA-122 or Cisco SPA-8000 devices than hosting GFI Faxmaker 14 yourself.,Frequent line congestion/noise and disconnect with the Cisco SPA-122 and Cisco-8000 devices which require you to restart the devices daily Lack of concern from Customer Support Defective equipment for residential customers isn't covered under warranty replacement.,4,8x8 Customer Service was awful. We received no ROI or valuable knowledge from them. 8x8 saved us about $80 a month in the 2 months we used them. Fax Support was less stringent and overall IT overhead was reduced as we didn't have to check out a Faxmaker server or service every couple of hours.,,1
8x8 Virtual Office
115 Ratings
Score 7.1 out of 101
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8x8 Virtual Office Reviews

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8x8 Virtual Office
115 Ratings
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Score 7.1 out of 101

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May 31, 2019

Excellent Communications Platform

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We've had an excellent experience with 8x8 Virtual Office. We have downtime very rarely and the service provided by all reps is excellent. The little quirks that I've mentioned as cons are minor inconveniences but I prefer working like that than hosting our own PBX.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Hosted PBX (43)
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (37)
User templates (40)
Call reports (54)
Directory of employee names (54)
Answering rules (60)
Call recording (51)
Call park (50)
Call screening (47)
Message alerts (53)
Video conferencing (24)
Audio conferencing (44)
Mobile app for iOS (51)
Mobile app for Android (38)

About 8x8 Virtual Office

8x8 Virtual Office promises smarter, more efficient ways to connect with customers and employees. 8x8 says its Virtual Office delivers a powerful Unified Communications platform that provides one solution for voice, video and chat across any device, anytime and anywhere. The vendor says 8x8 Virtual Office includes these communication tools:

Virtual Office cloud phone service—Reliable, feature-rich cloud based phone service
Advanced call forwarding—Never miss an important call again by forwarding your office calls to your cell phone, home phone
Chat/Messaging—Quickly resolve questions with inter-company chat that’s safe and secure
Business SMS—Send, receive and track text messages
Presence —See who is on the phone and who is available by checking their status icon; no more chasing people down
Mobile and Desktop apps—Virtual Office desktop and mobile apps make it simple to call, IM, schedule meetings and more
Online meetings—Collaboration with web, audio and video conferencing
Internet faxing—Send and receive unlimited faxes online
Call recording—Easily record and save telephone calls
International Calling—With a global plan, you get unlimited calling to 40 international locations
Call Quality Analytics —Visibility into all communications
Supervisor Analytics - Trend analysis and metrics on sites, endpoints and call queues

8x8 Virtual Office Features

Cloud PBX Features
Has featureHosted PBX
Has featureMulti-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Has featureUser templates
Has featureCall reports
Has featureDirectory of employee names
Call Management Features
Has featureAnswering rules
Has featureCall recording
Has featureCall park
Has featureCall screening
Has featureMessage alerts
VoIP system collaboration Features
Has featureVideo conferencing
Has featureAudio conferencing
Does not have featureVideo screen sharing
Does not have featureInstant messaging
Mobile apps Features
Has featureMobile app for iOS
Has featureMobile app for Android

8x8 Virtual Office Integrations

G Suite, Bullhorn CRM (unpublished), Slack, Zendesk, Okta Workforce Identity, NetSuite,, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Skype for Business (formerly Lync)

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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android