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Dipankar Pradhan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Actian Matrix is being used as analytical tool to answer analytical questions business might have. Business inteligence group uses this database. It is not used across organization. Business has to run aggregate query on top of billion of rows - they use Matrix. BI team has to create internal reports (KPI), and Matrix is being used to do all the processing, [as well as] joins between multiple tables to generate aggregated report. Also, this is the source of a data virtualization layer.
  • Super fast. Aggregate query such as SUM(), Count() returns result within seconds from a table with more than billion records.
  • Excellent data compression.
  • Easy maintenance. We managed this database without having a full time DBA.
  • Support ANSI SQL and ODBC/JDBC. It's easy to connect to this database from other systems.
  • Dashboard for Admin instead of a linux console.
  • Admin with ability to kill inactive sessions when sessions reaches to more than allowed sessions. We ended up restarting the database.
  • Ability to easily scale up database by adding extra node.
  • Better support from Actian.
[Actian Matrix is well suited for:]
1. Power user who wants to derive aggregate metrics by joining huge dataset.
2. Batch load where you have to load billion of records very fast (copy command).
3. Scenario where you want to do ELT because your ETL tool cannot handle huge volume of data.
Score 7 out of 10
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Actian Matrix is leveraged by multiple teams and organizations to solve the issues related to data mining and big data crunching. It is a tool used to aggregate data from multiple internal and external sources and perform detailed analysis in a shared repository. It is often used in conjunction with ETL programs to transform and load the data, and then sourced from this repository by multiple analytics platforms, both in house and off the shelf software packages.
  • Handles Various data types from multiple sources.
  • Indexing speed - using the Actian platform as a back end database greatly improved processing time.
  • Its a new product, there are plenty of bugs to work out with regards to converting special reserve characters that might crop up in data.
  • The Matrix 2 Matrix database port tool needs some ironing out.
Actian matrix is not good for small data sets. If you have a limited data pool, or do not plan on having multiple users/clients accessing a data source, stick with a more traditional relational database model - Access for the truly small user base, or a DB2 or Oracle back end if your going to have multiple users, and moderate sized data.

Actian is for LARGE data sets (Big Data, in the industry parlance). Millions of rows of data from multiple sources with various down stream systems accessing the database. It is for data analytics of large data groups and intense data mining.
Score 6 out of 10
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I used it in MicroStrategy Cloud. It is used as one of the big data solutions provider for all the performance tier customers. Apart from MicroStrategy Cloud, it was also used with MicroStrategy wisdom and MicroStrategy Social softwares. It definitely solved the slower queries that were pestering in SQL Server and Oracle. It is the best in loading the data into the database.
  • Data loading is excellent
  • ParAccel support is the best I have seen so far.
  • Some of the bugs were annoying and QA definitely needs improvement
  • Connectivity to Informatica and ETL providers
  • Workload management could be better like when you compare with Teradata
It is one of the best fit for data analytics, but if the database is smaller than 500GB then it is less appropriate.
  • Faster initial response
  • Trained professionals
  • Very helpful in resolving issues

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What is Actian Matrix (discontinued)?

ParAccel was a data warehouse appliance (DWA) option now offered by Actian, since the acquisition of ParAccel (April, 2013). It was offered for some time as Actian Matrix, but has since been discontinued, and is superseded by Actian Avalanche.

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