Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, and sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original company was founded. only Adobe BC accounts could stop charging for unwanted services - Be careful No BC Refund Policy Exisits !We have one website created in-house using Adobe Muse hosted on BC, we do use and integrate some of the BC modules. We don't use the Newsletter or email services.,Server Uptime is good Online Chat is good Security is good Technical Service is good,If a customer has a query they don't listen to the customer they just look at ways to hide behind BC company policy. In the UK if a customer changes a subscription plan by law they have a 14 day cooling off period. BC doesn't allow a plan to be changed once it’s been upgraded even if this is within a 24 hour period. I understand that BC having to comply with international law is not going to happen and that's not what a customer would expect. But what I do expect is for their accounts department to actually consider and review a customer’s requests or simple error's made without just quoting company policy. In my case, I noticed our website was being tagged as NOT SECURE in Google Chrome Browser. I knew BC didn't offer SSL when I tried it a few years back but that I would check to see if they added that service. Sure enough, they added SSL certificates last summer, that’s was great news. So I read that SSL only came with the Platinum Service Plan and upgraded at a cost of $264.13 . Then a few minutes later I noticed that actually, I could have purchased the SSL on my current Web commerce plan (Gold Plan) for just $80. Within 24 hours I requested the upgrade be canceled and to just add SSL to my current plan. After all, we didn’t need a Platinum plan for our needs we only needed the SSL certification. The accounting department said this was not allowed or possible due to their cancellation policy of NO REFUNDS. They even suggested I could change back to GOLD service in the summer and then pay another $80 to add the SSL that would be lost. This is not the service I would expect. In strict comparison and contrast to our domain is hosted with GoDaddy and they will allow customers to change service policy at any time and they always Pro Rata any billing need meaning the customer is never charged for a service they don't want at that time. When a customer upgrades a service it should be upgraded for 12 months from the upgrade date. The old service remaining credit should be deducted from the new service subscription and BC should clearly display the upgrade price for the next 12 months. The customer should be given the opportunity to review the service cancellation policy before checking a check-box and then processing the order. BC fail to communicate important service upgrades such as SSL certification added last year. Someone could have called me on that emails get lost these days so what’s wrong with a plan good old fashioned phone call BC has changed their service plan names, that's not a problem in itself providing its communicated to the customer and that it is 100% adopted across all media platforms, user portal and billing etc. The WebCommerce Plan is also the Gold Plan and I was not aware of that so found it very confusing. When upgrading a service plan BC should provide pop up windows to highlight the company cancellation policy which is good standard practice,6,We do'nt have to worry about the website uptime and maintainence which means 100% avalibility to our customer to improvove our ROI We only want to pay for services that we use and the problem with bundled package services is that you can end up paying for more servicves than you need or use. whats wrong with given customers a service tick box and then providing them a price for what they are going to use rather than lots of unused services that reduce ROI We could have improved our ROI 7 months ago had we know about BC SSL certification upgrade, which improves SEO to improve our internet search results,,Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics,Developer,100-1,000 pagesAdobe Business Catalyst Review From a Frequent User of Adobe BCWe using Adobe Business Catalyst to create websites for our clients. It helps to create dynamic websites.,Webapps is superb Liquid Code Access is great Documentation can be found easily,Phone Support Not Available Can't add your own SSL Certificate Blog System is not so good.,10,,Developer,More than 10,000 pages,13,5,10,Yes,Price Product Features Prior Experience with the Product Third-party Reviews,Depends on requirements,Implemented in-house,Yes,8,No,8,Yes,Holidays Like Christmas. Emergency support is available.,Yes,9Adobe Business Catalyst, A Solid Mid-Level hosted CMSWe implement BC sites for our web design clients on a regular basis. It is used by the Web Design and Development division of our company as one of several go-to options for CMS. We also use it as the platform for our corporate website. We use or have used almost every feature in Business Catalyst in the time we have used it across 30+ client sites.,The Web Apps element of Business Catalyst is unique among hosted CMS systems. It helps us solve unique challenges without involving heavy-duty programmers. As a Hosted CMS, it has a lot of great features without a ton of cost or liability being taken on which is important to us. BC has a growing developer community and has made significant upgrades over the past few years, which don't end up costing us more, and would be very expensive or time consuming in a traditional CMS Our client's like that it is from "Adobe" and that it has Dreamweaver integration. This provides them with a level of comfort that helps us sell the project.,There is a lot of documentation out there, but much of it is out of date or lacking in detail or specificity. The biggest weakness of BC is its support. While the chat feature is good, it has long hold times and staff that is not knowledgeable about the product. I doubt anyone in support has ever even built a site with Business Catalyst before. They need US support centers with actual designers or developers who would be able actually help. It seems like 50% of our support questions should be easy but end up being escalated as a "not for the development team" or never answered. The Admin UI could be more intuitive and the In-Content Editing is very difficult to actually use in practice with a novice client.,7,As someone who uses it on behalf of other clients, our ROI with BC is definitely positive. We needed a mid-range CMS without huge licensing costs to satisfy mid-range clients who have some dynamic needs but doesn't need the expense or liability of enterprise level products. Without it we would have lost possible customers or taken bigger hits on projects because of the costs involved with satisfying their mid-level needs Our clients are all usually very positive about the BC platform and are able to use it themselves which lessens our Support time/cost. To use the Web App element,. which we do on almost every site, you need to pay for the highest plan. This brings along with it many features most of our clients would never use. A more basic plan with that Web App capability would be a big improvement on our costs.,LightCMS, Evoq Content, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal and DNN Platform,LightCMS, Evoq Content, Trello, Freshdesk,Developer,10-100 pagesAdobe Business Catalyst and why it is the solution for most small businessesI worked for a marketing company where we built websites for small to medium sized businesses. We built these websites which were generally fairly small in size but often for companies who had very few people with much in-depth computer or IT knowledge. So Adobe Business Catalyst was a great tool to rapidly create websites for these companies that fit their needs and were easy to edit while being a bit more user-friendly than some other platforms like Wordpress can be.,Probably one of the easiest e-commerce platforms to work in, it does take setup, but compared to a lot of other e-commerce solutions, this is probably the best one that I have seen that can be designed and implemented custom. Their template system works very well and allows you to create and re-use templates across Adobe Business Catalyst. Their pre-built modules are great, giving people a great way to use common web elements without having to use a plug-in or find some solution, it is simply built in and generally works exactly as you would expect. Adobe Business Catalyst is more of an all-around solution, providing elements that most smaller companies would have a hard time figuring out, since it includes the ability to build websites, send and track e-mails, analytics. It really is a powerful tool that would typically require a fair amount of coding knowledge and expertise but with the system already built, it can be easily modified and edited by those with limited or no coding knowledge at all.,They do not have the ability to create and build custom plug-ins for use on websites. They do not support every payment gateway, they support the major ones, and most others, but if you have some very unusual payment gateway, it might not be supported. The custom web apps were absolutely one of my favorite parts of this system, and it is really a shame that they do not allow them to be used on all tiers of the website, you have to get the web commerce tier to edit and use them.,8,Adobe Business Catalyst really allowed the marketing company that I worked for to help manage a fair number of websites for different clients easily. The platform took some time to get up and running and get used to, but after that it was very nice to manage everything in one place, so it definitely increased efficiency and speed of website building. Adobe Business Catalyst also has good support as well as having a lot of white-label training videos to help train non-technical users how to access their website and get data such as analytics and even edit parts of their website without needing to constantly ask someone else to do it for them. Adobe Business Catalyst is a little less popular than other options like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla, therefore getting into it and getting started can be a bit of a learning curve. Adobe Business Catalyst allows you to charge your clients for their websites from inside the managing tools, and allows you to set your own prices and white label everything which is extremely nice!,Pardot and WordPress,WordPress, ion interactive, Pardot, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer,Developer,10-100 pagesBusiness Catalyst: The Chemistry Between Designer and ClientI currently use Adobe Business Catalyst in my personal business in multiple roles. As I develop web sites for clients I will upload test designs to BC for their test and approval. This workflow allows me to keep control of the design until it's finally approved. After it is approved I use BC as a resellable product to offer clients. Their analytic platform as well as their online editing capabilities make a great experience for my clients.,Analytics: I am able to see on multiple levels traffic, clicks, and most importantly search terms for improving SEO. The reports are easy to generate as well as read, especially for small inexperienced business owners. Marketing: When using the BC platform businesses are able to link up easily with Adobe Marketing to automatically send out emails and newsletters. Its a very smooth and painless process. Online Editing: This is probably the best part of BC. Once a design is approved and launched on the platform, my clients do not have to contact me for small content updates. This frees me up as a small business owner to concentrate on design, new clients, and larger projects for existing clients.,Multi Client Management: The dashboard for managing multiple clients as a reseller is a little difficult to get to. There is also no very easy way for me to manage multiple clients at once. I have to log into and out of individual client accounts to do billing or management. Lack of Server support: There are certain server protocols and languages that are not supported using BC. For example I cannot build a custom php database and upload to BC. I am required to use their tools.,9,The biggest returns I have seen come from using BC as an individual product in my offerings. I see that it is also growing as a product and Adobe is growing it as a lead generation platform. The second biggest positive impact to my business comes from the time saved in development. My target demographic is small to medium sized businesses and BC is perfect for marketing to this demographic. My biggest complaint is that there is a lack of server side customization. When clients ask me if a certain type of website or application can be done I automatically know that I cannot put that site on the BC platform.,,Adobe Photoshop,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pages,1,1,Full Website Implementation Marketing campaigns Online Editing,When combined with Adobe Muse I can quickly create fully functional test mockups for clients within a few hours.,As my organization grows I would like to either see Adobe expand Marketing Cloud or make BC compatible with lead generation or tracking.,10,No,Price Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,We did not go through a selection process with this software. We began using it when Adobe moved to the subscription model. This changed a lot about how we did business and what we could offer our clients. BC started as an add on service but then quickly moved to an integral part of our overall business model.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,The biggest issue was realizing that I was unable to use this platform exclusively. I still have clients that require technology not offered by the BC platform.,10,No,9,No,Publishing to BC through Adobe Dreamweaver or Muse are the main reason I use the platform. This is done very well overall between the different software platforms. Integration with many of the widgets in Muse make the platform very usable for many different situations.,PHP or MySQL implementations are impossible with BC. BC requires that you use their custom database software. This is great but has less customization opportunity.,10Developed for SpeedWe started using BusnessCatalyst across the organization as a solution for lower budget markets.,Webapps can be used for various content types and because the interface is simplified and standardized it's easy to give clients the ability to edit content without them having to modify html. The template engine makes adding templates into the system and setting them up very fast. This helps to speed up development time. Because BusinessCatalyst is a hosted solution, it removes the need for Server Management. Now that the BC API is more extensive and the content can be output via JSON, there seems to be nothing you can not do in the system.,BusinessCatalyst is a hosted solution and some can view this as a negative due to not having access directly to the server. Some of the BuisnessCatalyst modules seem to never be updated or improved upon and it seems almost impossible to extend them into solutions that don't exist. The Photo Gallery module is really easy to get setup however it is really difficult to extend due to the lack of access to do so. It lacks a tagging system that can be used to output content. Currently it has categories which can be used but I don't think the original intention was this due to there only being three tiers available for use.,9,It allows me to gain more customers by providing a more affordable website solution to them.,,Developer,100-1,000 pages,4,10,10Business Catalyst Review: small to medium e-commerce businesses best optionMy experience with Business Catalyst includes my current role with Thrively Digital and my previous work at Alaska Railroad, though the survey structure did not allow me to indicate this. With Thrively, BC is used across the organization as a custom solution for many clients. With ARRC, I initially planned to use BC as the platform to replace an existing website.,BC has excellent integration of features that allow for end to end reporting BC is flexible and adaptable through web apps and integrated modules BC offers multi-level customization that can be done efficiently in several ways,I love web apps but it can be time consuming to get the bulk import file just right the first time Support is good, but the effort to research can be massive for unusual issues Metadata on blog posts and pages can require lots of content editing at a slow pace,10,Complete reporting connecting dollars spent on marketing to dollars earned as revenue Faster turn-around on ideas into market-ready content Better service to clients through greater usability in account management,Slack, Mavenlink, Dropbox,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesBusiness Catalyst in limited use scenariosWhen I first began freelancing web services I discovered Business Catalyst as a superior way to deliver a commercial web page for small businesses on a limited budget. As a web developer I know that a premium enterprise level web site is too expensive for most small companies. This includes the ongoing updates required by their developer. Business Catalyst allows template driven sites that the business owner can edit without hiring costly professionals.,The new templates have social connectivity built in which is very nice. The Sites do a good job on newsletter templates and data tracking. The in browser editing is a plus. The initial cost is usually spent on a designer or content developer so the client can focus on a set up fee and then just the on going hosting. No long term fees for developers to come in and make edits.,It is SaaS, so the initial savings can seem costly if the site owner wants to redesign. It is still less costly than having a professional enterprise site built for you, but you will be limited by your budget. It has been a while since I used it, but custom pages for businesses on Facebook was something that needed to be built by a developer and implemented.,3,I used this service for people who had little or no budget, set up the platform and showed them how to use it. However, I would use it again if someone on a budget wanted a good looking site that could handle eCommerce.,Visual Studio.NET, Adobe Photoshop,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pagesBuilding Business with Business CatalystWe are a digital marketing/web design agency that uses Business Catalyst hosting for our web sites and sites we design for our customers. We prefer Business Catalyst over WordPress because it is more secure. B.C. web hosting plans include integrated marketing tools which can result in a savings for our customers (e.g. email campaigns ... no third party app). Adobe's technical support is excellent and the B.C. community is filled with helpful and skilled designers/developers.,Continues to upgrade/improve the platform. Moved hosting to Amazon cloud, a more secure environment. Added B.C. widgets factory to greatly enhance modules used. BC apps are being developed by a third party ( BC Gurus is a great platform for getting tutorials on how design, coding, and more. And they provide client tutorials. Recent addition of Liquid logic on the server is the closest thing to server side programming on BC. Great tech support.,I wish tech support would address issues with scripts, style sheets. It would be very helpful if B.C. partners were notified about improvements, maintenance schedule, etc. instead of spending time researching.,10,Better customer service Faster site builds. Workflow notifications and faster response time.,,SpyFu, Moz,Developer,100-1,000 pages,1,1,Host our websites. Host websites we build for our customers. Integrated marketing tools don't require subscriptions. Using third-party widgets/plug-ins can be doorways to hackers.,10Adobe Business Catalyst - the go-to choice for e-commerceAdobe Business Catalyst is a tool that we use for many of our clients. It simplifies the process of getting our clients online and making them look credible. It makes my life easier since I can manage many sites in one place.,The e-commerce module is the strength of Adobe Business Catalyst as I see it. It's easy to set up and establish a secure online store. I like using the "content holder" interface. There are building blocks that simplify the process of adding re-usable content to any page.,Pricing seems inflexible and many times it's what makes my clients turn to other CMS systems. How can I defend spending $40 just because I want to use the BC Apps but have no use for the e-commerce function? I used to have a plethora of templates that I could use as a starting point. They are now gone and I miss them.,6,I cannot say that BC had any impact on our ROI.,WordPress,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pages,Implemented in-house,7,Yes,9Business Catalyst may save the world from bad websites.We are currently using Business Catalyst as the main CMS to manage and maintain our corporate website. It provides a robust amount of features that covers everything we need and more. The Web Apps features help with any unforseen limitations we could possibly run into in the future. We are extremely pleased with the stability and quality of the product.,Extremely stable platform. Very flexible with the modules and web apps features. The development UI side of the platform makes it very comfortable and easy for front end coding.,Better drill down of the reports & analytics feature. Better integration and clarity with the CRM (Customer Relations Management) section. More selection of HTML5/CSS3 Responsive templates.,8,Faster development time Website maintenance efficiency Faster lead collecting and management,WordPress,Joomla!,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pages,3,2From Business Catalyst to our own branded ZebraCatalystWe use Business Catalyst for our own company's web site and we also develop the majority of our web sites on the Business Catalyst platform. We are a small firm so we use it extensively for automating site editing, development and implementation of our client's sites. Dreamweaver templates were always cumbersome but with the Business Catalyst solution we no longer have to re-upload all affected pages. This also lets us style our navigation either within the administration or with or own CSS built for the site. The Content Holder module is probably our most used because it can hold any piece of information. We then insert the module tag where we know it is prone to being edited often. It is also very simple to teach clients how to edit parts of the site with this method. Those are only a few of the ways Business Catalyst helps us streamline our development process.,As mentioned previously, we use the Content Holder module quite often because of the ability to place any html content that is prone to being frequently edited. It simplifies the process and allows us to simplify our templates. We also like the ease of the Photo Gallery and how simple it is to either add or remove photos from the gallery once it has been placed. Media Downloads seems to be a very helpful resource. With its ability to be categorized both by file type and customized categories within the web site and then placed by category also helps us streamline document placement especially when there are large number of those resources to organize. News is obviously a much needed resource and it is simple to add news items, classify them and place them on template pages where they are fed. It is one of the easiest items to teach new clients how to manage. Web Apps is our most prized module because of the ease of creating a database, then being able to style the output in any shape form or fashion.,The Web Forms is very helpful and easy to create. Placing the forms is simple especially when inserting as a module. The problem comes after placement. It is time consuming if there are any edits that need to be made to the form. For example, if you are in the U.S., you typically do not want other countries to show up on a dropdown menu. It would be great if BC would allow you to check the countries (or states) that you want to be active. Also, often times within a web form you may want to include to separate address fields. That is not allowed unless you go back and do custom editing for the forms. "Workarounds" are typically possible but for the designer, anything that adds time to the process also cuts down on profitability. Where we enjoy the ease of creating Photo Galleries, we also don't like the fact that you can style the output like you can within other module templates. For example, many clients would like to offer better descriptions and even style the descriptions. If displaying a photo from a art museum, you may want to give the proper title and that would include italicizing the name of the artwork. One of our biggest pet peeves is the fact that BC only offers the European date style when displaying that dates in the modules. You should be able to check a box on which date style should be shown. On Web Apps, almost everything is fantastic EXCEPT for the ability to sort web app items by date. If I wanted to create a calendar of events based on a web app I want to create, I would want to be able to display those items in chronological order. The Event Module is great except the way it uses a quirky form to process payments and reserve events. It should behave more like an ecommerce solution where the form is easier to fill out, customize, submit and process.,9,Surprisingly enough and despite having a second, less expensive hosting solution, a majority of our clients prefer to use the Adobe Business Catalyst solution. We are then able to enjoy the commissions that are returned as we sign up new customers for annual contracts. Being able to store and utilize data that comes from web form submissions has been very helpful in customer retention since we became a partner in 2011. Since that time, we have only lost two clients. That's 3 times better than our other hosting solution. Our largest negative impact has come from having only one choice in SSLs. For example, we had a great client in a local and growing bank. We spent 2 months getting the web site built to their specifications and we were very clear on the SSL situation. However, once the site went live, problems arose. In the past they had submitted their site to search engines with their secure URL and that was all that was indexed. Then when their customers searched for their site and clicked on the secure URL, it either showed that the site could not be found OR it said that they were entering to a site with an unverified SSL. People would then call the bank and complain. We then had to quickly move their site to another solution costing us days of re-development time and resources.,,Developer,10-100 pagesI love Adobe Business CatalystWe use Adobe Business Catalyst to provide our clients with an all-in-one website Customer Management Solution. We have found that our clients love that they can easily edit their website, and that they can send emails through the backend. It is our highest recommended website platform to use for businesses that are looking to grow.,Web apps are a great way to create custom functionality for our client's websites that they can easily update at a later time. The ability to duplicate websites saves a lot of productivity time. Email Marketing through the backend and branded auto responders allow for a heightened customer experience. On top of that, these things are easy to set up.,The blog module could be improved so there is more functionality and more freedom for easy customization. Multiple files upload into the Media Downloads module would be a great feature to have.,10,Adobe Business Catalyst allows us to offer our clients a custom design, custom functionality with the use of web apps, and the ability to easily update their websites.,WordPress,Developer,10-100 pages,2Adobe BC - Get your business online quicklyWe use Adobe Business Catalyst for our own website. We also help other companies get their businesses online using Adobe Business Catalyst.,Get a website online quickly Build small databases quickly Train end-users to use BC quickly Build web galleries quickly,Need to be able to build a relational database inside BC Need to be able to easily reference outside links in BC Cancelling a website isn't always easy,7,Faster website deployment Better organization since we can keep most clients under the same umbrella Adobe brand recognition,WordPress,Joomla!,Developer,10-100 pages,2,2,Real estate websites Charity website Online stores,Manage our own website,Integrating MLS solutions into websites Integrating other 3rd party solutions into our websites,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Wouldn't change anything with selection process,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Occasional issues creating databases Most issues are client-related,8,Online training Self-taught,9,Easy to use; we provide training to our clients,7,No,There have been times when there was a desperate situation (aren't they all) with clients and support chat has come to the rescue quickly.,Galleries Creating new pages Creating menus,Email campaigns Web apps can be complex depending on various factors,Yes,8,8,9,9,9,9,Billing, invoicing, and reselling,Yes,Better features Better organization,integrating with 3rd party products,Yes,NoGreat catalyst for business!Adobe Business Catalyst was used to increase product offering, engagement and implementation for e-commerce websites, brochure sites, blogs and applications for clients across the globe.,Customizable Decent Support Good range of offerings,Bug fixes Communication with partners Extensibility,10,Engagement with clients based solely on using system Increased lead conversion Greater range of offerings,WordPress,Developer,1-10 pages
Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued) Reviews

Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101

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About Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original developers founded a company. It is a content management solution at minimum, and typical web content management features are present --themes, SEO, an editing interface, document management--, but with the built-in CRM and eCommerce it is targeted at businesses looking to sell online.

The yearly pricing plan for Adobe Business Catalyst starts at $10.99 per month with the narrower webBasics+ pack, which includes content management features and site analytics, as well as a hosted email. The $16.99 per month web marketing pack brings the CRM into the fold, as well as targeted email marketing and the blog. The $34.99 webCommerce pack adds the eCommerce solution, and for $52.99 and $71.99, you can expand access from 3 users to 5 and 10 users, respectively. Paying biyearly takes %5 further off the cost, paying month to month adds 10% to these prices.

Adobe has released an end-of-life announcement for Business Catalyst which can be accessed here. New sites will no longer be available for purchase as of June 2018 and Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst in March of 2021.

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