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What is Conga CPQ?

Conga CPQ empowers sales, partners, and customers to efficiently configure complex products and services offerings, and provide personalized prices and quotes, utilizing codified product and pricing information - ensuring higher win rates and a more pleasurable buying experience. Maintain a...

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Quite good

8 out of 10
December 05, 2017
Apttus's CPQ is a simple yet powerful quoting solution tool for sales. Most of the times, finding a solution that is easy to use for sales …
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How Conga CPQ Differs From Its Competitors

Time Saved

It has saved a lot of time which was earlier required to create documents , make frequent changes which used to take days for having the final document and then sharing it with the client. It's also easier now to create professional documents with less time .
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Time Saved

Conga CPQ has saved us time and money by streamlining our product offerings and allowing us to bundle products making it easier for users to see what is in the bundle so they are able to sell the correct stuff the first time. It has also reduced the number of returns and reprocessing of orders …
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Time Saved

When Conga works correctly, it saves me a ton of time! The only time it can actually create more work for me is if a customer has trouble accessing the document to sign and I have to create a manual workaround.
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  • Configuration options (23)
  • Product configuration (23)
  • Attachments to quotes (23)
  • Pricing rules (23)

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Features related to configuring and pricing products and delivering quotes to customers.

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Product Details

What is Conga CPQ?

Conga CPQ empowers sales, partners, and customers to efficiently configure complex products and services offerings, and provide personalized prices and quotes, utilizing codified product and pricing information - ensuring higher win rates and a more pleasurable buying experience. Maintain a single price book, discounting structure, and quoting structure across all your channels.

With an API-first approach, configuration, pricing, or quoting capabilities can be embedded into any eCommerce, Direct Sales, and Partner Portal, helping streamline configuration and pricing across the revenue lifecycle, and the flexibility to add the CPQ service needed to existing revenue operations at a pace that supports our customer’s business needs.

Conga CPQ Features

CPQ Features

  • Supported: Quote sharing/sending
  • Supported: Credit approvals
  • Supported: E-signature
  • Supported: Product configuration
  • Supported: Configuration options
  • Supported: Pricing rules
  • Supported: Price adjustment
  • Supported: Purchase history and open contracts
  • Supported: Guided selling/Sales portal
  • Supported: Self-service CPQ
  • Supported: CPQ reporting & analytics
  • Supported: Proposals
  • Supported: Excel integration
  • Supported: CPQ-CRM integration
  • Supported: Attachments to quotes
  • Supported: Renewal management
  • Supported: Order capturing

Additional Features

  • Supported: Unlimited Attribute-based configuration
  • Supported: Discounting and deal scoring
  • Supported: Subscription and renewal opportunity management
  • Supported: Multi-channel selling
  • Supported: Quote collaboration and versioning

Conga CPQ Screenshots

Screenshot of Manage Unlimited Product Capability - validate any combination of rules & constraints with an unlimited number of configuration attributes​.Screenshot of Model & deploy any pricing structure or strategy​ - pricing intelligence & discounting rules​ and profitability insights ​& margin visibility​Screenshot of Increase revenue - simple to complex product & pricing configurations​Screenshot of Close deals faster, increase your bottom line - empower your sellers to quote accurately and spend less time selling, no matter how complex your business becomes.

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Conga CPQ Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesGerman, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)

Frequently Asked Questions

Conga CPQ starts at $35.

SAP CPQ, PROS Smart CPQ, and Cincom CPQ are common alternatives for Conga CPQ.

Reviewers rate CPQ reporting & analytics highest, with a score of 8.4.

The most common users of Conga CPQ are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Jack Borland | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

The Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool is being used by our Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory sales organization. This includes a variety of different sales teams with different sales processes and pricing models. The spectrum ranges from SaaS implementations with 12-18 month sales cycles, negotiation of annual renewals of existing contracts for access to online content (3-6 months prior to renewal date), to transactional book sales occurring same day.

The CPQ tool helps sales reps to:

  • Assemble the appropriate product variations and combinations for qualifying opportunities
  • Conduct needs assessment exercises
  • Identify the appropriate product combinations for customers
  • Ensure that they arrive at suitable price for specific product mixes or bundles
  • Ensure that the details concerning initial estimates and final quotes are represented accurately

The CPQ tool also:

  1. Substantially reduced cycle times to create complex quotes, proposals and orders
  2. Reduced quoting errors and rework caused by errors
  3. Ensured discounts and pricing are accurate based on standard pricing rules
  4. Ensured discounts and pricing were approved, prior to providing the quote to the customer
  5. In conjunction with our adoption of eSignature, reduced returns due to speculative ordering
  • Apttus CPQ handles complex pricing rules with ease. We have tiered pricing, user based pricing, and quantity pricing discounts. Apttus CPQ allows us to easily provide correct pricing based on attributes of the sales rep, the customer and the product.
  • Apttus CPQ administration is easy compared to similar products. As a product available on the platform, we were able to cross train our Salesforce administrators and take on the additional administrative overhead without significantly increasing our sales operations team size.
  • Apttus CPQ is flexible. We are able to rapidly test and deploy new pricing models and offers using the Apttus model.
  • Apttus has not completely transitioned from a product suite to a product platform vendor. Upgrades of certain products can have interoperability issues with other products in the Apttus stack. Our pain point here was attempting to use Apttus Xauthor for Excel to get around product line limitations in the Apttus CPQ shopping cart. The ultimate resolution was for us to upgrade and leverage the latest version of CPQ, where pricing callback limitations were addressed by client side processing, rather than the hybrid Xauthor process we tried to use.
  • Upgrades in general require significant testing to ensure no unanticipated issues occur. We have a complete Salesforce sandbox dedicated to providing an environment for testing any modifications or upgrades.
  • Apttus support model almost requires you to purchase premium support. Given the CPQ system is complex, the level of skilled support available through basic support require you to escalate several times before getting to a resource that can address your issue.
Apttus CPQ excels for complex contract and/or complex pricing requirements. If your business has simple pricing rules, a less full featured solution may be more appropriate.

Apttus CPQ is an easy system to administer, using the same object logic as the Salesforce platform.

We implemented Apttus for virtually all of our sales representative processes, and in doing so found that we virtually eliminated speculative ordering.
CPQ (8)
Quote sharing/sending
Product configuration
Configuration options
Pricing rules
Price adjustment
CPQ reporting & analytics
CPQ-CRM integration
Attachments to quotes
  • We purchased Apttus CPQ as an infrastructure requirement. As such we did not calculate an ROI value.
  • Positive impact 1: Improved quote accuracy and quote approval process, thus reducing sales rep time to finalize a quote.
  • Positive impact 2: Improved compliance with required disclosures of appropriate terms for subscriptions from 50% to 98%, thus reducing rework to change contract terms.
  • Positive impact 3: Requiring eSignature for every quote resulted in an unanticipated reduction in speculative ordering. The reduction in overall orders was offset by a reduction in returns - resulting in a net increase of 2% to recognized revenue.
  • Positive impact 4: Shifted ratio of auto renewing subscriptions from 40/60 (auto renew vs annual invitation to subscribe) to 60/40.
We evaluated Configure Price Quote in 2015. At that time we evaluated Steel Brick & determined it could not easily handle our complex pricing rules. We also evaluated Big Machines and determined it was too much of a tool kit, requiring significantly more ongoing administrative support.

Apttus CPQ provide a clean solution with capabilities to address our complex pricing rules with the ability to leverage our existing Salesforce administrator resources to support it.
Sales Representatives and Sales Managers: inside and outside sales teams, both hunters and account managers.
2 Certified Apttus CPQ Administrators/Salesforce Advanced Administrators + 2 Salesforce Administrators.

Apttus CPQ on the platform can be supported by cross-training existing Salesforce Administrators. Effectively, this cost us 0.5 additional FTE in our support organization, which was much lower than comparable solutions like Big Machines, that required 1.0 to 1.5 additional FTE.
  • Complex product pricing rules - dependent on attributes of the user (sales rep), customer, sale type, and product. Apttus provides the ability to have multiple pricing rules separated by different price lists, and assign those price lists based on attributes of the user, customer and sale type.
  • Ability to adjust line level pricing or section pricing based on differing rules: surcharge or discount amount or percentage, application of promotion code.
  • Strong native integration to eSignature solutions such as DocuSign or Adobe.
  • Ability to manage basic quote terms & conditions using Xauthor for Word: we have 21 separate types of standard terms, depending on the market segment (academic, federal government, corporate, etcetera), and type of sale (various flavors of subscription, standing order, one off sale, service sale, etcetera). These are all managed through a single template which auto generates the correct terms based on system information.
  • We are leveraging Apptus Machine Intelligence and Apttus CPQ to provide product family sale recommendations to our sales representatives. The Salesforce Account page has a button which appears when recommendations are available for a specific sales rep. This references the Asset Lines of the Apttus CPQ, and selection of products results in automatic creation of an Opportunity and Quote (with appropriate pricing) in the CPQ solution.
  • We are extending Apttus CPQ and Apttus Machine Intelligence to integrate with Salesforce Analytics to produce a whitespace analysis tool which allows the reps to create target Opportunities as part of overall account and territory planning.
  • We are utilizing Apttus Max for intelligent Agent/process automation. We intend to integrate Max within Apttus CPQ to streamline the quote creation and order creation process.
The rating is based on several things:
1) Ongoing support requirements being able to be addressed by cross training existing Salesforce administrators
2) Apttus superior corporate vision for the quote to cash space
3) Apttus execution of the corporate vision with automated agents (Max), and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning offerings to leverage the investment in Configure Price Quote
4) Apttus corporate health and investment in the product line
Greg McLaughlin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We recently signed a contract with Apttus to leverage their Contract Lifecycle Management application to better automate the way we generate, approve, deliver and track our contracts within our environment. The Apttus team got to know our business and understand our challenges and became a trusted partner to our business. Their solution will help us eliminate many of the manual steps required to process our contracts; reduce the number of manual quality checks; enable us to better search and track contracts by specific terms and ultimately increase the speed at which we are able to push our contracts through our process.
  • Understand business challenges.
  • Provide a full suite of solutions for a wide range of business challenges.
  • Provide executive sponsorship to eliminate obstacles to success.
  • Ease of Implementation.
Apttus is best suited for a company with enough volume of quotes and contracts to merit an enterprise-scaled solution.
CPQ (10)
Quote sharing/sending
Product configuration
Configuration options
Pricing rules
Price adjustment
Purchase history and open contracts
Guided selling/Sales portal
CPQ reporting & analytics
CPQ-CRM integration
Attachments to quotes
  • Improved process speed.
  • Increased contract quality.
  • Ability to search contracts by term or clause.
  • Template Generators
Apttus is a much more comprehensive solution that any other partner we reviewed.
1 Business Admin & a IT person
  • Procurement Contract Management
  • Eventually, Quoting
  • Eventually, Customer Contract Management
  • Ensure accurate pricing
  • Avoid rogue discounting
  • Properly configure solutions
  • MAX - automated attendant
We have seen great results. 25% reduction in cost, 40% improvement in process efficiency, 60% increase in velocity of signed contracts.
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
I have used Apttus at two previous companies and always had a positive experience with strong business outcomes.
I'd interview more reference customers about the implementation experience as it was difficult at first, but eventually resolved itself smoothly with satisfactory results.
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