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What is Bazaarvoice?

The Bazaarvoice platform provides businesses with the ability to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers, who can review products and services, ask questions, and post photos and videos of their experiences with products. The vendor says that leveraging user-generated content can increase…

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Bazaarvoice is a versatile software that serves various use cases across different teams and departments within businesses. Customers …
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What is Bazaarvoice?

The Bazaarvoice platform provides businesses with the ability to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers, who can review products and services, ask questions, and post photos and videos of their experiences with products. The vendor says that leveraging user-generated content…

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Product Details

What is Bazaarvoice?

The Bazaarvoice platform provides businesses with the ability to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers, who can review products and services, ask questions, and post photos and videos of their experiences with products. The vendor says that leveraging user-generated content can increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Within the platform, the vendor provides seven core modules:
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Questions & Answers
  • Sampling
  • Connections
  • Curations
  • Insights
  • Brand Edge

Bazaarvoice Features

  • Supported: Ratings and Reviews - Gather and publish opinions about your product or service. You can send customers post-interaction email messages so they can easily access your review submission page. In addition, you can solicit and publish reviews about your company via Google seller ratings. Use BVSEO to boost your rating pages' presence on search engines. Analyze your transaction and conversion data with the ROI beacon.
  • Supported: Questions and Answers - Help your potential customers make buying decisions by responding to and publishing inquiries about the products you offer. You can also use crowdsourced answers to manage responses about basic information.
  • Supported: Seller Ratings - Gather and publish opinions about your service that are in turn displayed on your Google AdWords ads to increase click-through rates and drive more qualified traffic from paid search.
  • Supported: Moderation
  • Supported: Fraud detection and Protection
  • Supported: ROI Measurement

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Bazaarvoice Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Supported LanguagesArabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Aus), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, UK English, Ukrainian, US English, Vietnamese
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Bazaarvoice is a versatile software that serves various use cases across different teams and departments within businesses. Customers utilize the platform to provide feedback through ratings and reviews, influencing purchasing decisions for potential buyers. By responding to reviews and questions, businesses can educate consumers and address any product-related issues or concerns. This not only helps to build trust among potential customers but also provides valuable insights for product development teams, web teams, and customer experience teams to improve offerings and enhance the website experience.

The software also simplifies the management of multiple accounts by allowing businesses to access and group customer feedback and concerns in one place. It aids in increasing conversion rates by showcasing user-generated content that helps customers understand product size and fit. Digital marketing and sales teams can actively engage with customers, understand their requirements, and improve overall brand perception and products. Additionally, Bazaarvoice provides comprehensive reports on product ratings and reviews, which can be used for regular reporting as well as addressing any product safety concerns. Overall, Bazaarvoice serves as a central hub for monitoring customer engagement, gaining deeper insights into customer satisfaction, and ensuring the best possible customer service experience.

Reporting Capabilities: Users have consistently praised Bazaarvoice's reporting capabilities, with several reviewers stating that they found the reporting system to be comprehensive and user-friendly. They appreciate the wide range of pre-built dashboards and alerts available, which allow them to easily access any piece of data they need at any time.

Customizable Review Forms: Many users have highlighted the flexibility that Bazaarvoice offers in customizing the product review form. They find it easy to tailor the form to the specific type of product being reviewed, enhancing the overall user experience. This feature allows users to gather relevant information and provide a personalized experience for their customers.

Post-Interaction Email: Bazaarvoice's post-interaction email feature has been highly appreciated by users. These emails effectively encourage customers to leave reviews, driving them back to the site and generating valuable user-generated content. The marketing team also benefits from using these reviews for social posts and email blasts, further demonstrating the value of this feature.

Extra Questions and Ratings: Some users have found that the Bazaarvoice implementation includes too many extra questions and ratings, leading to an overwhelming review process.

Lack of A/B Testing: Customers have expressed frustration with the lack of A/B testing in Bazaarvoice, making it difficult for them to optimize the implementation and find a balance between asking for more information and overwhelming reviewers.

Limited Customization Options: Users have requested more flexibility in customizing the product review invitation email and choosing which system emails are turned on or off.

Based on user reviews, users recommend the following for BazaarVoice:

  • Test drive all competitors to get a true sense of their robustness.
  • Have an internal process in place for managing product information.
  • Conduct thorough research and negotiate terms before purchasing.
  • Appreciate the support provided by BV and find their platform user-friendly.
  • Use user-generated content (UGC) for social calendar planning and connecting with end-users.
  • Explore all options available and ensure that the product feed is up to date.
  • Challenge the BV team to be a strategic partner.
  • Consider PowerReviews as an alternative.
  • Improve customer service.

For Curalate, users recommend:

  • Utilize Curalate to meet trending social media needs.
  • Appreciate their exceptional customer support.

And for Influenster, users suggest:

  • Use Influenster for micro-influencer engagement.
  • Regular catch-ups with the account manager optimize review coverage and quality.
  • Incorporate reviews into marketing campaigns to boost conversions.

Attribute Ratings


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Companies can't remove reviews or game the system. Here's why
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Bazaarvoice for our ratings and review module on our website. One of the issues is that we want to collect reviews from multiple touchpoints and it is difficult to aggregate that, but Bazaarvoice syndication options are best-in-class and hence we switched to Bazaarvoice.
  • Plenty of options to customize UI
  • Easy process of syndication
  • Ensures data veracity
  • Quick support from the team
  • Lower awareness of related products in the suite
Well suited on websites and DTC touchpoints where you are dealing with brand responses. Social commerce module, even though I haven't used it, sounds promising and we will try at some point.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Generation of reviews syndication of reviews reverses syndication of reviews.
  • Collection of new reviews- review campaigns.
  • Agreement with retailers and syndication of reviews.
  • Sampling promotions.
  • Enhance the retailer network in different markets.
  • Convince retailers about reverse syndication.
  • Making possible to syndicate between retailers the reviews- currently very limited.
A great solution to enhance number of reviews. with the help of sampling promos, new reviews are being generated which is helpful esp. for new product launches. also we can benefit from the reviews written on retailers web site by sydnicating them to our own brand web site. in our case very few SKU s are common across markets, knowing the chance of displaying reviews that were written in different markets is also something useful (even though we can not use very efficiently).
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Bazaarvoice to moderate and syndicate reviews on our website. We want to provide a reliable venue for consumer feedback and to be open and honest about receiving and disclosing feedback from customers. Our IT department handles the management and implementation of this company-wide change.
  • Compiles feedback from various stores.
  • Offers producers the chance to weigh in on consumer reviews.
  • Provides a variety of report choices for tallied reviews and ratings.
  • It's not possible to think beyond the box and find a remedy.
  • The responsibility for implementation cannot rest on one person's shoulders.
  • It's a lot of work to put it all together.
All of the comments and suggestions made by customers are collected in one convenient location on Bazaar Voice. We feel this to be the most compelling application. Also, it's not the easiest to utilize while we're constantly switching between applications. Other than that, it's an excellent product.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We leveraged Bazaarvoice for their Ratings and Reviews platform, including the Connections product. These tools helped us integrate consumer reviews throughout our website as well as sync our reviews to participating e-commerce retail partners. Additionally, we utilized Bazaarvoice for their Sampling capabilities to collect product reviews for our products. We utilized each of these Bazaarvoice products across several of our brand websites. Both the ratings and Reviews and sampling programs allowed us to showcase the strong consumer affinity for our products and helped encourage brand loyalty.
  • Good out of the box product review widget design.
  • Good customer service and account support.
  • Syncing product reviews to other retailers.
  • Products come at a premium price.
  • Mismatched product SKUs between brands and retailers are not automatically identified which leads to some manual maintenance.
  • Some long lead times on sampling programs.
Bazaarvoice is overall a quite strong ratings and reviews platform. If you have a national brand and want to integrate ratings and reviews into your website, Bazaarvoice should be in your consideration set. If you have a small business or a tighter budget, you may find Bazaarvoice too robust or expensive of a platform. If your brand gets a lot of organic product reviews, Bazaarvoice will be a helpful tool to increase brand credibility and search engine rankings. If you need help getting consumers to review your products, Bazaarvoice offers sampling programs. These programs can get very pricy depending on how many SKUs you are looking for reviews on. Bazaarvoice also has a proprietary platform where they collect consumer reviews for many brands, and once you have the Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews platform, you may be able to purchase reviews of your products and have them sync to your website without having to run a sampling program.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice is used within our business for our ratings and reviews. It has allowed us to improve our product listings with real-life reviews from previous customers. It allows our customers to have more confidence in their purchase decision, as well as provides a place for them to review products to help others.
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • The user experience is lacking
  • The portal is outdated
It works really well for our business. I would recommend it to any other business that needs the rating and review feature on their website. The tool is really easy to use and blocks certain keywords so nothing dodgy lands on our site without us knowing.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Bazaarvoice at Astral Brands for a influencer/consumer product gifting earlier this year for the relaunch of our bestselling product. We were trying to expand our customer reach and have a new set of users try, review and post about our foundation makeup product on their social media to help garner brand awareness. We collaborated with Bazaarvoice to create the packaging and send the mailing.
  • Box design
  • Understanding of brand needs
  • Strategic development of end customer list
  • Personalization
  • Performance
  • Brand storytelling
Bazaarvoice is well suited for a brand that is eager to gain brand awareness and recognition amongst a particular group of end users. Bazaarvoice is very well known in their industry and therefore was viewed as a trusted resource for us when selecting who we wanted to partner with for our customer sampling box.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently use the portal and the insights section of the bazaar voice. It is a very quick , comprehensive and easy to use tool and provides up to date information.The platform is super user friendly and their support team is always on the go providing robust service and helping to resolve the user queries. What we work on is generating feedbacks from customers regarding the product that we develop and bazaar voice acts as a consolidated platform to integrate all our data at one point and provide insights
  • Simple User Interface
  • Great tech support team
  • Easy to use features
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to swap between different use cases
  • Sometimes the User experience can be lacking so can work on improving that
  • Some sections are outdated eg the portal and workbench
Bazaar voice acts a place where we review all our feedback and gain insights from it. This is the most important usecase that we find quite satisfying.Apart from this when we are trying to switch between different use cases it becomes a bit difficult to use. Otherwise its a great product.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Bazaarvoice for review moderation and syndication, and we are using it on our own web page. We wanted to have a trustworthy platform for reviews and to be transparent with customer opinions and have their thoughts be heard on other retailer sites too. This affects the whole organization but it is managed and implemented by our IT team.
  • Review moderation
  • Good user-friendly platform
  • Have good relations with partners
  • Implementation is very demanding.
  • There are no out of the box solutions.
  • Implementation is not a one person job.
I like this option of syndication and the possibility for customer opinion to be heard on other platforms and online retailers. We are using Bazaarvoice for the options that are well suited for us.
Bryan Nye | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our team uses Bazaarvoice Platform to respond to reviews for our products that are left on retail websites. We are able to respond to reviews from multiple retailers using just one platform. This tool saves our team time from having to visit multiple retail websites in order to respond to customer reviews. Bazaarvoice also offers reports for our reviews that we can use for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports that address our product's ratings and reviews.
  • Aggregates retail reviews
  • Allows manufacturers the opportunity to respond to reviews
  • Offers reporting options for ratings and reviews
  • Allows manufacturers to respond to customer questions on retail sites
  • The format of the connections portal could be updated.
  • Fewer system outages that cause reviews to not be shown
  • Better tracking of active and inactive products on retail sites
Bazaarvoice Platform can be used by manufacturers to respond to customer reviews either on their own website or on retail websites where their products are sold.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice is used by our e-commerce team who use it on two levels: ratings and reviews and user generated content.

We know that having reviews on products helps to increase conversion on a website and Bazaarvoice aids this process for us in making the start-to-end journey simple and quick for a customer to navigate.

In terms of curations it helps to showcase our products on everyday people who buy and enjoy our products which offers a relatable aspect to the site. Buying online, especially lingerie can be tricky to understand size and fit from a product image so having user content as an extra helps our customers understand what the products look like on different body shapes therefore increasing probability to purchase.
  • They make writing and submitting reviews so simple for the customer and are always improving the process in line with customers' behaviours i.e. inmail submission for phone users as the biggest device type.
  • Give detailed insights into your reviews and ratings with reports that can be auto generated and sent to relevant teams to highlight issues with products/common themes. This is useful as it eradicates the process of having to manually pull a report weekly which saves us time.
  • Insights from curations too, you can see how many interactions and impressions each post has to determine popularity which has helped us gauge more what the customer wants to see from us in terms of content.
  • The improvements made to the current platform are great however I feel there could be more frequent releases to update certain aspects of the platform that feel a little neglected. For example the process of uploading a photo to the site via curations is quite clunky for a customer and not able to be adjusted to be in line with the rest of the website. It would be great if this was more dynamic.
BazaarVoice is great for us in terms of gaining plenty of reviews for our products as the purchase of lingerie can be tricky anyway, let alone purchasing online without being able to try the product on first. We really do see an effect on a product's conversion by whether it has good reviews/bad reviews/no reviews so customers really engage with them for us. Likewise having the curations aspect it gives further insight for the customer as to how the product may fit on them. We have also used UGC images in some of our emails and site content as they've been such good quality and the ability to tag product makes it easy for a customer to shop.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use BV Conversations for Ratings & Reviews, Questions & Answers via API. The reviews portion is used by a specific department (my team) and the Q&A portion is used by multiple departments. The platform and all teams involved are both managed by me. It does address a problem, but rather allows us to better understand how the products we sell perform in our customers' hands. We gain insight into which products are good and which need improvements, and which should receive more of a focus. Reviews give the brands we work with a knowledge base of high performing products and where there's room for improvement. Q&A is a great place for brands and customers to engage with one another and for customers to get the answers they need.
  • Authenticity - They vet each and every piece of content that comes in and check it for fraud, spam, and other things to make sure your site is only populated with authentic content.
  • Support - BV provides top-notch support that is responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in ways we never thought possible from a partner. They constantly improve their platform and the reporting available as well.
  • Functionality - The platform is easy to use and very intuitive. The features it has and the capabilities it provides is unmatched by previous providers we've used.
  • Some of the reporting features are clunky and confusing, but they just updated that!
  • I wish Reviews and Q&A information could be exported at the same time and that CGC for both could be displayed in one view.
  • The fact that email addresses cannot be searched is frustrating.
Any company that is serious about reviews and the veracity of content that's coming into their site should get Bazaarvoice Conversations immediately. There is no competition. BV hands down is the leader in this realm and is constantly improving capabilities. They acquire companies that will make great partners and this just increases the value they have to offer (AddStructure, Influenster, etc).
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Bazaarvoice Conversations within our Marketing Department, but the information is shared between the Customer Service and Product Development Teams when issues need to be resolved. It addresses business problems such as customer concerns, outreach, and getting past those pre-purchase hesitations that customers face.
  • Answering questions regarding product use and quality.
  • Allows the community to connect and answer questions regarding product and use.
  • Real-time notifications i.e. desktop notifications.
Conversations are well-suited for anyone with a product on eCommerce. It is ideal for anyone who is in the business of selling higher end products that require a certain level of consideration before the purchase. It helps to alleviate the pain of customers who hesitate because they aren't getting the answers they need from the product listing.
Christopher Payne | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice Conversations is being used as one of our feedback channels for our product development team and web team, a touch point for our customer experience team, and a tool to help show new customers the quality and fit of our product line.

When we see patterns in customer questions, we become aware of short comings in our website experience and we take steps to address them. The same can be said for our product development team, if something seems to be bothering multiple customers, we see it as a chance to improve our offerings. Our customer experience team often will be able to improve or repair our relationship with our customers based on their questions or reviews. We have a warranty that many of our customers don't take advantage of on their own but having that conversation helps us help them.

We also feel our customers trust other customer's feedback on our website and use their opinions to make more informed decisions on which products to buy and which size is most appropriate for them.
  • Multiple touch points throughout the year to make sure ROI is being met
  • Easy to implement into websites
  • Advanced features can be turned on and off depending on current needs
  • Their login to their portal is awful. They are working on creating a single sign on experience but right now there are different usernames and passwords depending on what dashboard you are attempting to access.
  • They could probably spend more time optimizing the cost of their initialization script. The size of the JavaScript concerns me.
  • They could work on their deployment and preview tools. The time for our staged changes to show on the live site doesn't seem to be as quick as it should be and the preview tools don't take into account the site's CSS files for display.
Bazaarvoice Conversations is well suited for almost any sized company looking to add reviews and a Q&A section to their website. They offer many solutions that can be customized through their thorough design and modification tools. For teams with internal development teams and a strong focus on specific interactions and appearance, it might be cheaper to go with a competitor with just and API integration depending on your needs.
October 08, 2019

Great for Beginners

Nolan Sweeney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is currently being used by our social media department. We use Bazaarvoice Conversations for product reviews where we can see what customers are saying about certain items. It gives us a good idea if something needs to be updated on the website. We also use it for product safety concerns a lot of customers will leave reviews of hazards that products have caused and we do our best to make sure the products are safe for consumers.
  • It does a good job of sorting items into different categories.
  • It's great for researching different items.
  • It's very easy to navigate though all the different tabs and find what you are looking for.
  • I feel like the overall design could be updated.
  • Easier to find specific reviews.
Bazaarvoice Conversations is well suited for scenarios where we have to research details about a product. If there are a lot of reviews being left by customers saying an item isn't true to size or doesn't match the description, We need to go in and investigate to make sure the product description on the website is matching what the customer is receiving.
Meredith Walter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice is being used at our organization to gain deeper insights into our customer satisfaction with our products, measure overall customer sentiment, and identify areas of improvement within our brand and products.
  • Bazaarvoice does a great job of integrating with our sites and their designs
  • Bazaarvoice does a great job of communicating with their customers - lots of support available
  • Bazaarvoice has done a good job of kicking off some deeper analytics for our organization
  • Bazaarvoice's backend analytics and UI is overall clunky and confusing. There is a pretty steep learning curve. It needs to be updated.
  • The reporting on Bazaarvoice is also clunky. The export tool is confusing and not pretty. It needs to be updated.
  • Although we've got great technical support, I wish there was more "consulting" happening to help us understand how we can leverage the data we're collecting even more smartly than what we are.
Bazaarvoice is great for larger retailers who need to display ratings and reviews on their site. There are also tons of other features that BV offers that our company can't take advantage of since we don't sell directly online. If we did, there'd be even more benefit available to us. Companies who are looking to connect with their customers from purchase to reviews - this is a great tool for you.
Vaibhav Choksi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice Conversations is used by the digital marketing and digital sales teams to better engage customers by understanding their reviews, requirements and issues they face. Moreover, it also allows you to interact with your customers for better engage them, build the brand and improve products. These capabilities help you build the brand and improve revenue as well.
  • Bazaarvoice Conversations easily integrates post purchase emails hosted by Bazaarvoice
  • The config hub makes it really easy to set up quickly for the non technical team without a need of the developer team
  • It allows non-technical staff to convert the design to copy within the application user interface
  • Streamlined reporting across Bazaar Voice applications is not available and that requires manual efforts to integrate and understand data from diff applications
  • Flexibility and more options would be great for various layouts that is not available at this time
  • It does not allow including reviews from other platforms and that is missing
Bazaarvoice Conversations is a great platform to better engage your customers by not only understanding reviews but also interacting with them. The limitation is that it does not allow a 360 degree viewpoints by integrating reports from other Bazaarvoice products and other review platforms.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice Curations is currently being used by our marketing and creative teams. They use Curations to gather social media content that has been tagged with a specific hashtag as well as any content from some specific accounts that we have chosen. Our marketing team then picks the best content and displays it on a landing page on our site. This provides an opportunity for our customers to engage with our brand as well as for us to engage with our customers. We also have discussed monetizing the posts on our site by tagging the products in the images to link back to their product pages.
  • Bazaarvoice Curations makes it incredibly easy to pull in content from multiple social media platforms for us to review.
  • Once the content is pulled into the Curations dashboard, our marketing team can very easily scroll through all the images and decide which ones we would like to feature on our site.
  • Curations also makes it very easy to tag any of our products in the images. We are able to do this manually, but Bazaarvoice also offers the option of letting their team tag the products they see in our images.
  • Recently there were some changes to some of Facebook's policies. This has made pulling content from Instagram and Facebook a little more difficult than it was in the past. We now cannot send automated permission requests to customers as easily as we could before.
  • It can get a little confusing when you are managing many different content channels with different rule sets. Initially we had a very complicated set up and found the dashboard a little confusing to navigate, but we have since trimmed down the complexity and have had no problems.
  • Occasionally it can take much longer than expected to hear back from the support team.
If you have a very active following on social media, it can be quite difficult to curate the content that is posted every day. We can get hundreds or thousands of posts about our brand a month which is impossible for our team to manage manually. Bazaarvoice Curations makes it incredibly easy to pull in relevant content that you can then use on your site or for marketing material.

If your social media following is a little smaller, you could probably manage content curation on your own or with a smaller or free tool.
Mindy Wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a manufacturer and sell to many retailers. We use this software to monitor reviews across multiple websites and our own. We also use the syndication option, and the Q&A manufacturer response option in Connections. BV as we call it internally is basically a hub where we can monitor and analyze our engagement with our vendors and customers to make sure they are getting the best customer service possible.
  • Reporting
  • Syndication
  • Customer Service
  • They are working on building their new support community. I think when the community get better the more vendors get involved in it.
Great for .com and manufacturers who have multiple retailers they are working with and trying to get reviews and Q&A coordinated. Probably not a good investment if you have a smaller network or don't rely heavily on internet sales.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bazaarvoice Conversations is being used across a few different areas of the business. We moved to it from PowerReviews to simplify our vendors across the organization. It does not solve anything new that PowerReviews did not, other than reducing contract totals.
  • UI is fairly intuitive.
  • Allows for customization of design to copy within the interface, which is nice for non-technical users of the tool.
  • Visually, it is about as attractive as other leading review vendors.
  • We lacked true integration assistance. We found so many things that were off or overlooked, things that a vendor should be on top of when setting up someone transitioning.
  • The tool, when implemented, seems pretty bloated in terms of how it is built and total assets used.
  • We had to take ownership of the integration process and do additional resource to then reach out to our team at the vendor to gain help with.
It does the job. I haven't noticed anything beyond special that it is doing versus our past vendor. The score would be higher though if we had a smoother integration.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently have a list of vendors showing in Bazaarvoice where customers leave comments or questions. It is highly convenient because it notifies you of a new question or comment. It also allows you to "one stop" experience...rather than having to visit multiple websites of various customers, you can simply and conveniently go to Bazaarvoice and take care of everyone at once. This program saves you time and helps you look more professional and responsive, with little effort.
  • The Bazaarvoice Local program is very user-friendly. It is simple and easy to understand.
  • The program is also multi-purpose, it allows the customers to ask questions, leave reviews therefore allowing you to quickly answer the questions or see the reviews real time for better information of the consumer experience to be able to promptly rectify any negative situations.
  • I love the one stop shop feel. It allows you to NOT have to go to every single site that your product is sold on daily to look for information. Instead, Bazaarvoice Local emails you to let you know that you have unanswered questions or reviews to look at. You can simply log into their site and see all vendors at once. So much more efficient than searching every site everyday.
  • I appreciate the ability to run reports to track engagement, response time and summaries of it ALL.
  • I have only had to contact Bazaarvoice support a couple times, I feel the experience could have gone better. It could have been a one off or my lack of communicating the issue I was having. I disconnected that call, tried again and the next agent was extremely helpful so I quickly forgave.
If you want to stay on top of your reviews and product inquiries out in the marketplace, especially when growing rapidly, Bazaarvoice is very helpful. If you work with the major retail players this program keeps you prepared and on top of your game.

If you are a smaller business with products not found in major supply chains where you would experience numerous reviews and customer questions then this program will not benefit you as much.
Joshua P. Kennedy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

As many companies (especially those in the tech industry) are aware, many critical reviews can be attributed to product misuse or misinformation. Responding to reviews (and questions, for a more proactive approach) helps solve that by educating consumers who overlooked a feature they claim is missing or who simply don't want to use an owner's manual.

But responding to reviews is just as beneficial to potential customers as it is to the customers you're technically replying to. People shopping around for products frequently read through critical reviews to see where products fall short. Seeing a branded presence shows that you care as a company, but it also allows you to clear up misconceptions. Potential buyers have the opportunity to weigh other customers' complaints against the company response, which can mean the difference between a new purchase and a lost sale.

We've seen many product reviews upgraded after we respond. Users really appreciate that we are monitoring and educating.

  • My company's products are sold by a huge range of retailers/dealers, and we've long recognized the value of having a presence in product reviews. Bazaarvoice's format makes responding to product reviews a much simpler and more efficient process. Reviews are fed to you in a work list, so you don't have to visit each retailer's website to respond.
  • Branded responses to reviews (and product questions) also makes them standout so customers looking for the most informed response can quickly spot it.
  • BV's support path (Spark) is a good resource, though it does make the process feel a bit impersonal. That said, as impersonal as your support tickets begin, it's great to see exactly what progress has been made and all the communication you've received about the issue.
  • Bazaarvoice does suffer from some deficits. Filtering for reviews and questions is virtually worthless if you're trying to zero in on a specific product or group of products. The best you can do is filter by product ID, but different retailers will have different IDs for the same product, so even that is not intuitive or effective.
  • Speed of the product is slow on the average day, very slow on a bad day, and slightly better than slow on a good day. Loading more questions/reviews or refreshing a view can be time consuming.
  • Bazaarvoice's reporting is severely lacking. I need to use reports to track my team's responses for quality purposes. I also use this data to gauge productivity. However, report filtering doesn't allow you to filter by response date...only the date on which the review was posted by the customer. Although the spreadsheet you get DOES include the response date, this is inexplicably missing from report filters.
  • Thinking back on speed, reports take a VERY long time to pull, even when your date range is small and recent.
  • If you have multiple users who respond to items, there's also no user differentiation in reports. So unless you have your team members sign/initial their responses, there's no way to tell who wrote what when you look at a response report. This seems like an oversight since every user has their own unique login credentials.
  • Finally, you should consider what your retailer network will REALLY look like. My company has around 15 retailers activated on our network, but more than 90% of our reviews come from just two of those dealers. Responding to questions is free with BV, but reviews require an upgrade to Connections Premium, so it's a good idea to check all your retailers' sites to see how many reviews they house and how active users are before paying for the upgrade.
Bazaarvoice Conversations is really well-suited for when you have a wide variety of products that you need to keep track of. If you just have one or two products that you sell per retailer site, it may not be as valuable because a quick check on the retailer sites will tell you all you need to know. But if you have dozens or more products where checking each one can be tedious, then this is a great option and saves a lot of time.
Score 9 out of 10
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It's main use is to provide ratings and reviews on products to increase conversion. It's secondary use is for the business to see when we are ranging poor quality items so this can be addressed in range reviews.
  • There is a config hub which enables the business users to have control over their implementation of Conversations without the need for front end development all the time. This reduces time to make changes and improvements and learn impacts from different alterations.
  • It offers customers an enriched experience on your site, and allows the customer to gain confidence in their purchases before they make it due to the reviews and ratings helping them.
  • Would be good to have more control over the UI within the dashboard. The control is there, but more flexibility over specific layout in the front end of the website would help.
Bazaarvoice is well suited for companies needing to build confidence in a products / services, as the tool allows ratings and reviews to have genuine customer feedback associated to them, increasing customer confidence and therefore conversion.
Travis Weed | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used to answer questions asked by our customers that are purchasing through our partner, Home Depot. It is only used by 3 people that have a clear understanding of the ordering process through that channel. The problem this addresses is the connections with customers of out products. They no longer need to reach us by phone only, they can ask a question and be assured that their question is being answered by a Weatherables Pro.
  • Shows reviews
  • Allows instant answers to questions
  • Multiple channel capability
  • Hard to keep up
  • Examples of responses not available
  • Limited mobile capabilities
As a company selling at a major channel such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and more, it can be tough to answer and connect with all the customers that shop through those channels. By using Bazaarvoice, you have all of the questions in a simple, easy to read format that let's you and we're questions and respond to reviews of your products. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if their questions can be answered correctly and in a timely manner. Bazaarvoice helps with this.
Melissa Best | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our marketing department is using Bazaarvoice on our two direct to consumer websites. Customer reviews help improve our conversion rate, bounce rate and time on site. It also helps provide SEO rich content on the product detail page which gives us better rankings on SERPS. Review stars on Category Pages improve CTR as well.
  • When a customer purchases from us, they are sent a post-interaction email by Bazaarvoice two weeks later after they've received their purchase and had a chance to try it out. This email gets customers back on our site leaving SEO-rich reviews. Our marketing team uses these reviews for social posts and email blasts as well.
  • The Bazaarvoice annual conference was really beneficial. I was able to talk to different Bazaarvoice teams and get recommendations for improving our experience with Bazaarvoice. I also got ideas from fellow marketers on how they were able to increase reviews or use the reviews in marketing initiatives.
  • The Bazaarvoice Conversion Impact Report lets me know Conversion Rate, AOV, Revenue, etc. for customers who've used reviews vs. those who haven't. This helps me know that Bazaarvoice is paying for itself.
  • The Questions & Answers section on the product detail pages give us another way to add SEO-rich content when we answer customer questions. It also gives us insight into what the customers are struggling with. With this info we will add info to our product description, shipping pages, etc.
  • I would like to be able to incentivize our customers to leave a review by offering a coupon or entering their name into a drawing if they leave a review. However, Bazaarvoice doesn't consider these authentic reviews if our customers are rewarded for leaving them and so they discourage this practice. However I've seen other review engines offer a way to reward customers for their reviews.
  • We have a Magento store with two different store instances. When we brought the second store online and added Bazaarvoice it was a disaster. Our products were all mixed it up and it took several months to resolve. I would be very careful if you're running more than one store with Bazaarvoice.
  • I wish they had a more robust reporting dashboard. Most of the reports have to be generated using a template that is emailed to me and downloaded as a csv. I would rather see this info in the dashboard with the ability to download charts and report info in a pdf. This is helpful in reporting to the executive team who likes a visual [presentation].
I think Bazaarvoice is a great choice for reviews. They have good customer support, although it can be slow at times. It gets the job done. I wish reporting was better and that we could incentivize our customers to leave more reviews. Their conference is helpful and gave me the opportunity to connect with our marketers and share ideas with them.
Score 8 out of 10
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The Bazaarvoice reviews platform is used by several shared clients. I also worked for Bazaarvoice in the past.
  • It is an excellent enterprise software solution for any business looking to do more with reviews and UGC than just an onsite widget.
  • Reporting and analytics is best in class. Built more for the end business user than the complicated analysts tools that are more common.
  • Open API - very easy to integrate in marketing and technology development.
  • Innovation - especially in data and flexibility. Although top of the list for me in reporting/analytics, this will not always be the case.
  • Flexibility - some of the newer product improvements are more structured.
  • Internationalisation - although coverage is strong in many areas, Bazaarvoice could do with stronger adaptability to the different international markets.
Focus on selecting a provider based on your overall business goals. Are you looking to just tick a box and put stars/reviews on the website and don't care about product, customer service insights? This might not be the best tool as it is more expensive. Do you have the resources for a more robust reporting tool? The reports are intuitive but there does need to be a clear owner in your organisation for UGC - preferably one integrated with your overall marketing strategy.
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