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BigCommerce Review

10 out of 10
April 26, 2022
Used to run our ecommerce business and have been using the service for over three years.

BC allows us business to consumer and business to …
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Bigcommerce - A Good Choice

10 out of 10
December 20, 2021
Very easy to use systems. Lots of functionality is in-built without the need for external apps. Used it in the retail industry with 1000s …
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Product Details

What is BigCommerce?

According to the vendor, BigCommerce is one of the leading cloud ecommerce platforms for established and rapidly-growing businesses. Combining enterprise functionality, an open architecture and app ecosystem, and market-leading performance, BigCommerce aims to help businesses to grow online sales with less cost, time, and complexity than on-premise software. BigCommerce powers B2B and B2C ecommerce for more than 60,000 brands, 2,000+ mid-market businesses, 30 Fortune 1000 companies, and industry-leading brands, including Assurant, Ben & Jerry’s, Paul Mitchell, Skullcandy, Sony, and Toyota.

The vendor says that the product provides the following benefits to customers:

Customize and innovate at a lower total cost of ownership
Build in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
96% of brands relaunch in 2-4 months
Test and push changes without downtime in a local environment

Focus on generating sales, less on monitoring security & performance
PCI DSS 3.2 certified at Level 1
99.99% median uptime
Multiple layers of security through the Google Cloud Platform

Leverage your existing tech stack with flexible APIs
90% of platform data is exposed to APIs
400+ API calls per second
Headless commerce out-of-the-box, across any front-end

Solve your toughest challenges with SaaS
B2B, Wholesale
Headless Commerce, Wordpress

BigCommerce Features

Online Storefront Features

  • Supported: Product catalog & listings
  • Supported: Product management
  • Supported: Bulk product upload
  • Supported: Branding
  • Supported: Search & filter
  • Supported: Mobile storefront
  • Supported: Product variations
  • Supported: Subscriptions & downloads
  • Supported: Website integration
  • Supported: Visual customization
  • Supported: CMS
  • Supported: Customer service tools

Online Shopping Cart Features

  • Supported: Abandoned cart recovery
  • Supported: Tax calculator
  • Supported: Shipping calculator
  • Supported: Integration with Amazon
  • Supported: Integration with eBay
  • Supported: Checkout user experience

Online Payment System Features

  • Supported: PayPal integration
  • Supported: Returns & refunds
  • Supported: Single-click checkout
  • Supported: eCommerce security
  • Supported: B2B features

eCommerce Marketing Features

  • Supported: Promotions & discounts
  • Supported: Personalized recommendations
  • Supported: SEO
  • Supported: Product reviews
  • Supported: Social commerce integration
  • Supported: Customer registration

eCommerce Business Management Features

  • Supported: Multi-site management
  • Supported: Order processing
  • Supported: Inventory management
  • Supported: Accounting
  • Supported: Shipping
  • Supported: Custom functionality

Additional Features

  • Supported: High Availability (HA) infrastructure that allows us to deliver 99.99% uptime
  • Supported: Open Platform: 90% of the BigCommerce platform data is exposed to the API
  • Supported: Server-to-server API functions enable a headless commerce on WordPress and more
  • Supported: Develop, test and push changes without downtime in a local environment using the Stencil CLI tool.
  • Supported: Omnichannel management (Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, POS)
  • Supported: Global CDN, localized payments and multi-language support

BigCommerce Screenshots

Enterprise ecommerce for high-volume brands like Skullcandy.Our industry-leading integration will let you list your products on Amazon directly from the BigCommerce control panel, with centralized inventory and order processing and fulfillment.Easily customize the look and feel of your storefront.

BigCommerce Videos

Create differentiated commerce experiences on the industry’s most versatile enterprise solution.
BigCommerce Company Values
Scale your business with WordPress on the front-end and free up server resources from things like catalog management, processing payments, and managing fulfillment logistics, with BigCommerce on the back end.
After growing her company to $500K in sales through this Google document, Revelry founder Michelle DeLoach realized she needed a scalable ecommerce platform to take her business to the next level.

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BigCommerce Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)60%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)30%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)10%

BigCommerce Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that allows SMBs to develop eCommerce sites. Features include the capabilities to design the storefront, configure products, manage payments, generate traffic, and optimize conversion.

How much does BigCommerce cost?

BigCommerce starts at $29.95.

What is BigCommerce's best feature?

Reviewers rate Product catalog & listings and Product management highest, with a score of 8.3.

Who uses BigCommerce?

The most common users of BigCommerce are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Retail industry.


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Paul Francis Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our eCommerce website platform needs to be willing to work with hemp-derived products, and BigCommerce is one of the more well-known platforms in that arena. Honestly, in the last couple of years, BigCommerce hasn't really been my first choice, but again, when you're working with products derived from federally legal hemp, your choices are very limited. Having said that, I've been very surprised with how far BigCommerce has come in the last couple of years, specifically the Page Builder, which essentially allows you to select a free template, and customize it in a drag-and-drop environment, and if you have the time and ability to do that, Page Builder essentially negates the need for a paid, premium template. I would also say adding and editing products, and building out promotions, and customer groups are very easy in BigCommerce, and more robust than the other platforms I previously preferred to work with.
  • Page Builder
  • Promotions
  • Products
  • Order data
  • Complicated product imports/exports
  • Theme updates
BigCommerce is one of the better platforms, in our experience, when working with hemp-derived products like CBD. As a person with ten years in eCommerce, again, I'll say that my previous experience with BigCommerce was neither good nor bad, I'd best describe it as average, and not very memorable. In recent years though, BigCommerce has grown, and become easier to use, and if you're in an industry that a lot of other platforms define as high-risk, BigCommerce is, in my opinion, the best and most robust eCommerce platform you're going to find. Even if we stop talking about hemp-derived products, and go with any other industry like t-shirts or outdoor living products, the improvements on both the front-end and back have made BigCommerce a legit option, comparable to the best eCommerce platforms available.
While I cannot use them due to the nature of our product, I can see that BigCommerce has a robust selection of additional marketplaces native to the backend, so no additional apps or add-ons are required, which is a nice change of pace. When I've connected my store to selling channels like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart in the past, it's always this weird, but free, third-party app and the support hasn't been great, so it's nice to see those options available native in BigCommerce. This would include social media channels and point-of-sale POS.
Other than integration for shipping, I'm honestly not using anything super complicated where I'd feel comfortable saying something like oh the open API is easy to use, or whatever. What I can say though, is in the past I was working with a company that was using this incredibly outdated, all-in-one business software that handled accounting, eCommerce, shipping, and inventory and was REALLY bad at all of them, but you know, a cheap solution that the company liked...anyhow, we connected BigCommerce to that nightmare, easy peasy. There were no issues passing any data back and forth, so in my limited experience, the API works great for any app or custom API you might need to connect.
April 26, 2022

BigCommerce Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Used to run our ecommerce business and have been using the service for over three years.

BC allows us business to consumer and business to business sales across the globe. Standard out of the box ecommerce setup includes multiple selling channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and other channels.

The service is continuously being improved.
  • Business to business sales.
  • Business to consumer sales.
  • Needs a more robust mobile app.
  • Needs better mobile website compatibility for the backend.
Excellent for both B2C and B2B sales.
Pricing plans allow for great scalability.
Apps allow for greater customization and the number of developers available for customization is great.
Keith Whitt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The BigCommerce website platform hosts all of our products and processes all sales. Prior to changing to BC, I maintained my own website code and was responsible for all web-hosting. The old site/code was hacked more than once and managing security was becoming a liability. Furthermore, the old site was not responsive and became outdated for smartphones. BigCommerce fixed all of that, and I was up and running much quicker than expected. The templates are highly professional and feature-rich.
  • Provides a secure web platform for hosting eCommerce sites.
  • Includes many professional templates.
  • Includes many add-ons for order processing, payments, and shipping.
  • Would like to have better "catalog only" pages to show sample items that are not for sale.
  • The backend interface could be more intuitive.
BigCommerce excels at providing an affordable eCommerce site for the sale of products online. It does that very well and provides a highly professional look and feel. If your organization is planning an informational site that does not sell directly to customers, BigCommerce is not the best choice. Informational or catalog-only pages are clumsy.
We continue to add pages and products, and the site has had no scaling issues. Our organization is not utilizing all capabilities and cannot fully assess the scalability of the platform.
APIs are used to process payments for multiple payment platforms. The customers like payment options and BC provides plenty. There are also integrations with email marketing, automatic listings on Pinterest, and automatic integrations with Facebook. All of these provide marketing value.
April 13, 2022

BigCommerce Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to sell our product online, both wholesale and retail.
  • One stop solution for our e-commerce needs.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Price could be better.
  • 3rd party vendors constantly bothering us.
For a small business like us, it is a one-stop solution for our e-commerce. Not sure about any other situation.
I do not think the way our company uses it qualifies us to determine the product's overall scalability yet.
I am not familiar with the term API and do not think our company currently uses this function.
  • no training
Explained on previous question. Got friendly customer support, every time I called in.
I am happy
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use BigCommerce to promote our products and services, generate leads, and facilitate product purchases. The products we sell are complicated in that they can be packaged and sold by a number of different units of measure (e.g., milligrams, micrograms, milliliters, etc.). The software is flexible enough to allow us to create customized units of measure for every product, and a single product can be offered in multiple pack sizes with different units of measure.
  • They have a great WYSIWYG interface for creating webpage content.
  • The software allows us to create multiple pack sizes, using different units of measure, for any or all of our products.
  • It is very easy to add product categories, manipulate the top-level menu headings, and swap out graphic elements.
  • We charge different packaging fees for our products, based on how they ship, so it would be nice to be able to tag a customizable packaging fee to every product. Currently, this cannot be done.
  • We cannot customize how products are sorted on a page that shows all the products available within a given Product Category; the default is an alphabetical list. We would like to be able to manually prioritize how the products appear on a Product Category page.
  • This is a minor annoyance, but I'll go ahead and try to describe it - When making edits to products, it would be nice to save your changes and close out of the editing interface, then be returned to where you were in your list of products. Currently, you are taken to the top of that page's list of products. So, if you're viewing 50 products, and you want to edit products 45-50, after you save each set of changes, you are taken back to the top of the list (product 1), so you have to scroll back down to edit products 46, 47, etc. Not a big deal, but thought I'd mention it.
BigCommerce's ability to customize product units of measure is very valuable. Certain products we sell can be sold in units, milligrams (mg), or milliliters (ml), depending on a customer's preference. The software makes it very easy to present these options to our customers. It's also easy to make product edits and post them immediately. We often need to make a price adjustment on very short notice and the software allows us to do that in just a few minutes. And nothing comes to mind when trying to think of a scenario in which the software is not appropriate.
Would have selected N/A here, as we are a small company and we have no need to scale the software or deploy it in multiple departments.
We are using the open APIs now to modify how our Product Categories appear on the homepage. We don't do this often but appreciate very much the ability to do this. We have also used the open APIs to modify the hard-coded text that appears on every page on our site.
Doug Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I took over maintenance on a website using BigCommerce. They used it as their main website and shopping cart platform.
  • Easy setup.
  • Page Layouts.
  • Make add-ons simpler to use.
  • Make product options easier.
I use several different eCommerce platforms and BigCommerce is not one I would choose. I find it overly complicated and hard to customize the style and layout.
Admin area is hard to navigate.
We used Zoho interface but had to hire an outside API programmer and use a third party add-on to make it work properly.
Jim Lopardo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a 46-year old brick and mortar company in a niche industry whose primary customer base is large, multistate, and multilocation food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and retail distribution companies with in-house maintenance departments. We had to integrate our product catalog with the purchasing and EAM systems of our large customers. That was our primary goal. We accomplished that, with the byproduct being an impressive online store that has brought in dozens of new customers. The BigCommerce platform is remarkably intuitive, and when support is needed (which is very infrequently), their response is exemplary.
  • Provides an intuitive, highly customizable platform.
  • It does not "nickel and dime." The included themes are well-crafted, and integrated apps are functional and reliable.
  • Support response times are the best among our tech vendors.
  • There is some inconsistency in the default Import/Export routines regarding field mappings. It's easy to correct but adds some time to the task.
With tens of thousands of items representing 80 brands, BigCommerce is particularly well-suited for managing large product catalogs. Flexible pricing structures and customer classes make it a powerful tool. With its easy-to-use UI, you won't need a programmer to maintain your site, although some database, IT, and website design/maintenance would be highly recommended. Alternately, for small catalogs or a small, very specific product line, the cost may not be as justifiable. Also, it does take daily upkeep for your store to remain fresh and dynamic.
As a small, single-location business (with a large footprint) - this does not really apply to us.
We currently use a "stock" BigCommerce-powered site and have not needed to do much deep customization. This does not really apply in our situation.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BigCommerce acts as our online shopping cart. It replaced a previous product that had developed glaring security issues. BigCommerce provides a reliable, flexible solution for us. It allows us to manage a large variety of SKUs in our online marketplace. It has greatly streamlined online/mobile ordering for our customers. It has also greatly improved our annual pricing update process with its product import template.
  • Robust security and uptime. We are always confident that our site will be accessible, protected, and that our customer's data is secure.
  • Fantastic third-party integrations and options for development. Their responsiveness has been integral, and they are very good about helping to cooperatively find solutions to our problems.
  • Great product library, with support for Variant items. This fits the bill perfectly for our company, as we deal with hundreds of variant SKUs on some of our customizable products.
  • Great shipping integrations with ShipperHQ. We're able to pass across custom flags to help ShipperHQ build the perfect rates from BigCommerce's library.
  • Smooth Export/Import process. Their Bulk Edit Template makes our annual pricing update process a breeze. We are able to use our internal database to simply populate the exported Product data, then turn right back around and re-import. The import monitor does a great job of calling out errors as well.
  • Their support for a sandbox development environment has been a tremendous boon to us. We've been consistently using it to test layout updates, pricing changes, and new third-party integrations with the confidence that they will perform 100% in the live environment.
  • Smooth integration with, our payment processor. We are able to easily interact with the two systems and help customers understand why their transactions may fail during checkout.
  • Their API is exceptional and provided everything we needed at our fingertips to create our own script to import our BigCommerce orders into our bespoke internal order system.
  • The backend interface for working with orders could use some more options for dynamically querying and sorting orders. For example, it's very difficult to see all of the orders that are currently unfulfilled for a given customer. It's also impossible to see all of the orders in a given date range that contained a specific SKU.
  • It would be nice to be able to delete SKUs that are no longer in use. Even if the product is removed, the SKU it held is still stored and locked in the system. Sometimes these show up on exports and cause confusion.
  • Some of the options and settings are a little unintuitive on their location, and you need to dig a few options deep to find the ones you're looking for. A more straightforward settings page would be appreciated.
  • More ways to customize check out, such as with separately acceptable Terms and Conditions, and alerts for Delays in Shipping or Fulfillment.
I would say BigCommerce is most suited for a business that has relatively few unique products, but with an abundance of customizable SKUs. We deal with devices that can be designed to a variety of configurations and specifications. But a more common example would be apparel; Having a given style in a dozen colors and half a dozen sizes would amount to 72 different product entries in most systems, but BigCommerce supports it exceptionally well using their Variant system. It even supports different photos for each product, all of which can be stored in a single product record. This makes it incredibly easy to manage and update, even on the pricing side. On the other hand, it falls short when product offerings need to be tailored to a specific geographic region. For example, there are only select products we ship internationally, and we had to resort to a cumbersome dropdown menu that forces the customer to declare what country they are shipping to. This introduces the potential for errors, as opposed to what we wanted: For the shopping cart to autodetect and respond to the GeoIP of the customer.
I have not encountered anything in BigCommerce so far that has been a hard stop. I've been able to set up and effectively manage over 50 products amounting to over 1,500 SKUs. The pricing is easy to manage and adjust, and the variant settings can be tailored at the individual or global product level. It is a breeze to add new products to the system; If we have the photos on hand we can get a new product into the site and in front of our customers in under 10 minutes. Any time we have felt challenged with the default solutions, we have been able to reach out to an actual human being and have a real conversation with their design and solutions team about our options, time frame, and cost. Even when we do not opt for a paid development cycle, they are more than happy to spend their time guiding us and making suggestions for how we may be able to achieve an in-house solution.
Their API was the key selling point for us. We use a bespoke in-house ordering system that handles phone orders, orders placed at tradeshows, and manages our entire process from quote to production to fulfillment. Being able to import our online orders at the click of a button, rather than having a customer care representative re-key those orders manually was paramount to a successful solution. Their API gives us everything we need at our fingertips to take the customer's BigCommerce order, and the captured payment, render it into our system, and include it in our daily batch for finances at the press of a button. We are able to pair customer accounts up between the two systems, guaranteeing accuracy and minimizing record duplication. We can even take BigCommerce's orders and sub-divide them for more efficient shipment to the customer. The ability to bring in menu choices and customer notes have been a tremendous boon to our production team when customized solutions come in online. We were never able to do anything to this degree or scale with our previous solutions.
I think that overall it has a great front end for the customer. On the back end, it takes a little spin-up time, but in just a couple of hours you can really have your head wrapped around everything you're going to need 99% of the time. It takes me about 5 minutes to train a new user on how to interact with customer orders.
JoAnna Cohen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Management of the entire multichain online commerce for retail/wholesale business. Use it to manage eBay, Amazon, and private site product listings, prices, updates, sales, and manage inventory as well. One change gets sent to all of the appropriate places without having to mess around with separate information silos. Wholistic picture of sales and revenue and dead inventory as well. We get to see product engagement and capture abandoned carts effectively. Great API tie-ins to other software like shipping management and advertising campaign management. At this point, I wouldn't use any other e-commerce platform or recommend anything else. Has a scalable robust feature set that allows for personalization within any business model.
  • Product management.
  • Order management.
  • Multi-chain e-commerce management.
  • Customer management.
  • If it's possible an even more customizable payment structure.
  • More email features.
Honestly any online commerce business from boutique shops to large wholesale operations can benefit from BigCommerce. I have tried other software, blog sites with e-commerce plugins (WordPress), and Squarespace. They aren't as intuitive or powerful, or customizable for the average person. BigCommerce just works. It's beautiful and is feature-rich without having to know anything about coding, or plugins. Just add your logins and you're good to go.
It's almost perfect. I'd love to see more options to drill down some specific features from their preset packages to really customize things, but overall it's outstanding for what you get in each tier of service. It's simple to understand, and the pricing is fair. Scalability is actually what BigCommerce does better than Shopify and the others already. Always some room to improve though.
The available integrations and standardized API makes the value proposition even higher. I used to use custom CMS's to do the same thing BigCommerce does out of the box, but the number of API partners they work with is huge. If you can't find your software partner, I'd be surprised. Especially their e-commerce account partners that allow the easiest cross-selling capabilities. No complaints.
I literally don't use anything else anymore. It's the best option out there. What else can I say? If you have read the rest of my review, and it makes sense to you, there you go. Everything just works. Have had to call support 1 time in 7 years. That says a lot.
Rakesh Prajapati | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BigCommerce is the main application we use for our business. We have seen many improvements in the past 10 years, BigCommerce is the [world's] best e-commerce solution.
  • High tech
  • User friendly
  • Best customer support
  • Product image on packing slip
  • Gift message on checkout and able to print on packing slip
  • Change default for selection for "My billing address is the same shipping address"
  • Need to fix report due to multi currency purchase
Overall good, but still need to improve basic stuff. BigCommerce is [an] excellent eCommerce platform.
Front designs need to be improved and flexible for all retailers, as we are an online gifting store we need more flexibility on design.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Very easy to use systems. Lots of functionality is in-built without the need for external apps. Used it in the retail industry with 1000s of products. Easy to customize the functionality. Default UI is decent to begin with and we tailored it to our needs as time passed. Availability of sandbox is a good bonus.
  • Easy to use
  • In-built features
  • Refunds reporting
custom functionalities added via apis
December 12, 2021

Big Big BigCommerce

Muhammad Adil Mujeeb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
All in one solution for setting up an online store. We are getting problems with our web servers and payment options, but after a thorough search, we have found BigCommerce as a complete solution. Now we don't have to worry about server uptime. We have got an extra feature of drop shipping as well which we are planning for our future venture.
  • Integrated SEO tool.
  • Multiple currency and payment options.
  • Drop shipping.
  • Point of sale option.
  • More free template.
  • Payment options for local vendor.
  • Email marketing.
If you don't want to worry about hosting and web servers, BigCommerce is one of the best options. You can build your store with minimum learning although it has options for tech-savvy gurus as well.
Easy to manage and customize across teams. Configuration is not so hard even for non-technical people.
Ghanshyam Thumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
[Depending] on client budget and product we are helping client to choose Ecommerce platform and [especially] for BigCommerce we made a checklist for our customer why BigCommerce is really good for selling online any products in the world.
  • Less fees per transaction[.]
  • Well organize admin[.]
  • Without code knows client can build ecommerce store[.]
  • Many inbuilt payment method supported[.]
  • Need to implement Inbuilt drop shipping
  • Automated abandoned cart[.]
  • Automated email report[.]
  • Product custom field[.]
As per client [requirements], they wanted to make a [subscription-based] website with API data so [the first] client's recommended Shopify but after done [research,] we found BigCommerce which [provides] edit code easily with API get and post data and set customer subscription on third party admin.
BigCommerce [provides] easy to edit and [manage the store] for anyone who has no technical knowledge. Easy to [manage] products, orders, Customers, Shipping, Payments, etc... [inbuilt] blog features, Abandoned cart, Product Reviews, Advanced reporting tools[.]
Open API which [helps to connect] third part data with BigCommerce. [It really helps] to [manage] all data with single admin like needs to managed order, products with Amazon, [eBay], any payment or shipping services, Automated data processing, etc...
Tony Schwartz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It allowed us to operate on multi-channels. We were small. Here is what BigCommerce was to us: It gave us access to Facebook marketplace, business marketplace, and all social media platforms. For a while, this was special/privileged access BigCommerce negotiated for us. While I do know the total outcome I know we were to have an easy opportunity to apply for Facebook's Business Marketplace. Unlike other competitors, BigCommerce really did offer apps for any circumstance you could think of. The majority of people we dealt with who made their apps were industry leaders. Last I looked BigCommerce was smaller than Shopify and some others. However, this did not limit our options or opportunity. It did allow for some of the best customer service we've had in a long time. We felt like we were much more than just another number. The biggest complaint I remember. Before COVID and some issues, we were looking at working with a personal Magento consultant and interested in creating our own multivendor "mall" (shopping arena) from the ground up. We were interested in a fairly specific niche. Magento really rolled out the welcome mat with their Enterprise solutions. The price tag was well over $30,000 though. I recall when asking questions about enterprise solutions the public-facing associates did not know much about it. BigCommerce is not a consulting firm - noted. But their tech was techy and world-class. But at times felt to me as if reps lacked personal involvement. With other applications or companies when I call, they understand my goals, ask how I am doing, tell me things to buy and what not to purchase. I don't want my BigCommerce rep in a non-enterprise situation too involved. However, they did fell further removed. BC has everything you need and the support to back it up. You can go thin with a few bells and whistles and save money or run through a forest of needed and wanted options for that edge. The worst?... Have you looked at the tutorials? When I looked many were not there or have not been updated for months or longer. So, when you make the right choice and sign up for BigCommerce.
  • Finding industry leaders for us to partner with or work with. These were not people from Fiverr or craigslist. Their apps really were wicked.
  • Easily able to sell on almost all relevant marketplaces. SEO! If you are on an island without a boat, you are stuck. BigCommerce provided the bridge and built the high-speed rail line. SEO is important to us, BigCommerce understands that and made it easy for us. We were not on an island.
  • I am a visual learner. Give me a training class or video. The tutorials were outdated and I needed them.
  • I covered others.
I do not think BigCommerce is a great choice for someone who is not fairly knowledgeable about your company's web presence and everything that is involved. I think compared to other options there is a curve.
We did not.
December 03, 2021

Loving BigCommerce!

Diana Ferrato | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use BigCommerce as my eCommerce platform. I really enjoy how easy the product is to use, and the customer service has always been amazing. I am in no way a web designer or developer or very technical, so when I need help, I know that I can contact them on the live chat and get help every time. I would also like to mention that the cost is very reasonable. I am using the standard version as I am a small business. This version still allows me to publish my products with all the options I need. I literally have zero complaints about BigCommerce, and I do plan to use them for another online store I am working on.
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Cost
  • Google reviews on the lower plans
  • Affiliate capabilities on the lower plan
  • Product options could be slightly easier
Whenever I have called to help me with my website - I have always had my problem solved. If I was late for a payment, they gave me grace to catch up.
I give a 5 because I am only using it for one site. [I] never tried to use [it] across multiple sites, but I think it's awesome you can.
I am using several different apps on my store, and I really think it's great.
December 03, 2021

Our take

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is the [backbone] of our website. We needed a new one back in 2014 and a local company helped set up the site. It works well with Webgility to [the interface without] QB POS[.]
  • Easy to use
  • Great tech support
  • Shipping options to allow for package insurance[.]
  • More ability to separate items for various shipping options[.]
It works for us, and we have no complaints with it or the people at Arc Stone[.]
This has been [a] good back end for our use[.]
Shipping integration. Inventory MGMT[.]
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use BigCommerce for some of our client's e-commerce web solutions. We chose BigCommerce for its ease of use for the editors adding content and also the feature which allows you to add your own search keywords to products. This was the main reason we chose it over Shopify. Very easy to update and so far our customers love it.
  • Allows custom keywords for products
  • Adding images to variants is very simple for the end user
  • The free templates are excellent and very easy to edit
  • More control over how the homepage displays without having to code
Ease of use and has specific features that none of the other off-the-shelf E-Commerce solutions have. Very easy for the end-user to edit and add new or existing content, plus has a very extensive knowledge base and a good user community [that] has many answers to the questions and problems I've encountered.
Everything we have needed to do has been easy to implement.
We use it out of the box
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a wine retailer and use BigCommerce for our online sales. We use the BigCommerce API to tightly integrate the BigCommerce platform with our Retail Management System which runs our brick-and-mortar operations. We moved to BigCommerce nearly two years ago to address several needs including a robust API, optimized one-page checkout, site speed, access to integrated apps, an enterprise-level hosted environment, SaaS solution, headless commerce, highly flexible framework that is easy to modify, offloading of PCI compliance, 24/7/365 phone support in addition to email and ticket systems, professional services, solutions architects and a dedicated account manager. After years of owning source code and hosting our own site on our own servers, we were ready to accept the fact that we simply didn't have the internal resources to keep up with the evolving e-commerce landscape. We knew we needed to move to a hosted solution but still needed the flexibility of being able to develop and deploy customized solutions within our site. We looked at everything from Shopify+ to Magento to Oracle Commerce Cloud to BigCommerce. BigCommerce was the runaway winner as it addressed all of our requirements with ease.
  • Incredibly robust API
  • Highly flexible stencil framework
  • Efficient, streamlined one-page checkout
  • Seamless integration with a wealth of third party solutions like SearchSpring, Signifyd, and more.
  • Support for the product at all levels is incredible
  • Ease of use - our customers have adopted to our BigCommerce site more rapidly than any platform we've been on in the past. We've received consistent praise from our Customers about how easy our site is to use since we switched to BigCommerce.
  • Meta field data can only be edited by the API user that originally created the data. Meta field data is the only data where the API applies this restriction and it's a big pain in the butt for us.
  • BigCommerce one-page checkout is amazing but Shopify still has the best single page checkout in the industry. I would love to see BigCommerce catch up with Shopify in this area. BigCommerce smokes Shopify just about everywhere else.
  • Multi-site: we keep hearing that multi-site will be available soon. This is a standard feature of Shopify+ and is a glaring shortcoming of BigCommerce. I know it's being worked on. Let's get that to market soon!
  • I was disappointed to see BigCommerce have made a push into the B2B space with B2B Bundle. Not only is B2B Bundle weak, it's expensive and feels like it was shoehorned into BigCommerce. [In my opinion] its integration is poor. I wish BigCommerce would focus more on getting their multi-site operational than spending precious resources on a half-baked partnership with a marginally functional B2B solution like B2B Bundle.
BigCommerce is a tremendous tool for retail e-commerce but I would not recommend it for B2B. Not yet at least. I would recommend BigCommerce to any e-tailer that doesn't have multi-site requirements. I would recommend BigCommerce to any e-tailer that is marginally tech savvy. For the user who is clueless or the company that doesn't have good technical resources, I would only recommend BigCommerce if the prospect was willing to pay for professional services through an agency or consultant. I think Shopify or SquareSpace do a better job of providing a stupid-simple interface. That's not a knock on BigCommerce. I actually prefer BigCommerce's interface and for all but the most basic of businesses, BigCommerce is the hands-down winner. I think BigCommerce is equally well suited for the wine industry as it is for [the] automotive industry. I know of floral businesses that do tremendously well with the platform. I know of hospital gift shops that use BigCommerce to allow customers to order gifts and have them delivered to patients in the hospital. I know BigCommerce has worked tremendously well for selling sporting goods and even firearms. I guess I would say that I would be less confident that BigCommerce would be a good fit for a service oriented industry that sells services or reservations.
During our busiest sales period when our site was bombarded by traffic and orders, BigCommerce never skipped a beat. I've seen companies at every level of BigCommerce plan do well on the platform.
We use the API to integrate BigCommerce with our Retail Management System which manages our brick-and-mortar. BigCommerce's API is one of the primary reasons we chose BigCommerce for our replatforming. Virtually every aspect of BigCommerce is exposed via an API endpoint. This allows us to do just about anything we want. We keep coming up with new ways to use the API. We recently deployed a Gift Card integration between our brick-and-mortar store and BigCommerce. Now Gift Cards purchased in the store can be used online and vice versa and the balances are synced across both platforms in real-time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use BigCommerce as a way to reach customers across the USA. We are using it to offer all our brands to customers. We have other brand-specific websites, but we use BigCommerce to offer our whole [catalog] of products for purchase online. Most of our customers are based out of state so BigCommerce was an easy solution to bridge the gap between our company and our customers.
  • Easy to Setup
  • Nice range of plugin apps available
  • Clean website templates
  • Very good customer support via live chat
  • More Free Templates
  • Cheaper B2B option to be able to offer wholeale pricing to businesses
  • Better built in reviews system
I would have no hesitation to recommend BigCommerce. It is very simple to set up and you can have your products online and [sell] in a very short space of time.
I have not used this feature enough to comment on it.
My experience level is very limited with APIs, but we have found BigCommerce to work with other apps well for example ShipStation and Google shopping.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
BigCommerce helped us build pages and display our products on the web easily. It builds a website very quickly and easily.
  • Drag and drop
  • SEO
  • Very easy to do promotions on the web
  • Quite expensive
  • Limited online sales
  • The free templates are not flexible enough to make changes.
I like how BigCommerce has a drag and drop feature that helps you build pages and websites so quickly. For people who are not technical, this is a great platform to use. However, you also sacrifice some [flexibility]. The free templates look nice, but when you want to customize it even more it gets a little tricky to do so.
We eventually moved to Magento 2 because our team decided that BigCommerce is too expensive and not flexible enough for us. I personally liked the ease of use with this platform, but it only takes you to a certain level. When the web store gets more complicated, you still need a tech person to work on it. It's quite expensive for all the features too.
We used an integration with Paypal and other payment options. This gives our customers more options and it makes [it easier for] us to complete the transactions.
Thomas Pittman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use BigCommerce to power our online store presence and it's custom integrated with WordPress. It powers all online purchasing, pricing, and backend order fulfillment. We are able to lead our space with the customization options that BigCommerce offers, and its ease of use allows our small marketing team to offer a robust and quality online presence. It’s easy to upload products, maintain and fulfill them properly in addition to doing proper automatic email correspondence such as automated order confirmation emails and more. It's also easy to train the rest of the staff on how to use it and when needed, we have it support to make backend coding changes cost-effectively.
  • Ease of use for maintaining inventory
  • Product optimization and setup
  • Order fulfillment and automated email correspondence
  • Easy to use use interface
  • Extensive customization options
  • Reporting
  • Advanced analytics into store usage without third party software
BigCommerce is well suited for small marketing teams looking to offer a robust online presence for its customers. Its ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal fit for easy maintenance and quickly launching products to market then maintaining and propel fly fulfilling them. Also ideal for anyone looking to offer an online presence that is integrated with their WordPress backend.
Easily scale implementation and training how to for BigCommerce across websites and teams. Highly customizable and can be integrated with multiple other software[s] for various needs such as WordPress. Cost-effective and easy to get up and run [on] a short amount of time. The front-end editor allows complete control over the inventory fulfillment and customer experience options with minimal support from developers.
We use WordPress open API to integrate with our custom Wordpress backend. The integration was easy for our developers to establish and cost-effective to maintain with minimal issues over thousands of orders.
October 18, 2021

A Review of BigCommerce

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use BigCommerce for my e-commerce business. I sell women's apparel, accessories, and home decor items. I like BigCommerce because it is highly customizable right out of the box without the need to install additional apps. I really like the ability to edit and customize every aspect of my website with only a few clicks.
  • BigCommerce is very customizable right out of the box.
  • BigCommerce has great customer service.
  • BigCommerce is affordable.
  • BigCommerce is easy to use.
  • Although BigCommerce is easy to use, I do wish they had more online tutorials.
  • I wish the categories in the admin were configured a little better.
  • I wish the platform integrated with more third-party apps.
I feel BigCommerce is well suited for anyone looking to start an e-commerce business or expand their brick-and-mortar business online. BigCommerce is easy to use, affordable, and you can get a free trial to test it out before you commit. While I feel the ability to customize everything is a great feature, I do feel that some people may find that to be intimidating and overwhelming.
I think BigCommerce's platform is a great way to scale your business. I like the fact that you can connect multiple storefronts to your BigCommerce account and fulfill orders right from your admin. I also like the fact that you can connect multiple third-party websites to your BigCommerce account and expand your reach by utilizing drop shipping.
I am currently using multiple integrations with BigCommerce. I have recently added integrations such as buy now, pay later apps to have a broader reach to my customers. I like the fact that the integrations are easy to set up and are another way to provide great service to my customers. BigCommerce may not have as many app integrations as other platforms, but they do offer many great ones.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using BigCommerce to launch a new small business site featuring custom innovations and 3D printed designs.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful product setup
  • Excellent documentation
  • Theme customization could be easier
  • Trial could be longer
  • Starter site with sample products could be more detailed
BigCommerce is great for medium to large product catalogs. For very small businesses, the amount of work required to get started can be intimidating when selling only a few products. Most BigCommerce sites seem to look very similar - more diversity of default layouts and templates would go a long way towards providing a better small business experience.
I have not used it [BigCommerce] across multiple departments, but we will have multiple brands, for which it seems well suited.
We have not used the API yet.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I utilize [BigCommerce] for my online sales. I have a small hand-crafting business and BigCommerce has helped me to grow [my] online presence.
  • They have fantastic customer service - anytime I have any questions, I can count on answers!
  • I love the user-friendly templates that they offer so that I can have a professional store, without paying somebody to do the online aspect for me.
  • The value I get for my monthly rate is excellent.
  • I don't understand meta tags, etc., and wish that there [was] better information to help me hurdle that.
  • I wish I could see what I am putting forth before I publish it, instead of publishing it and then realizing that something looks odd.
I do a lot of vendor shows (except since Covid-19 caused many changes to those venues), and have interactions with others that are small crafting types of business, and I have definitely recommended BigCommerce to many people who are trying to build up their small businesses.
Well, honestly I haven't gotten to a point where I really need to scale up my BigCommerce store to a higher level, but I can see that there are some features that I hope to be able to afford to scale up to in the very near future.
Well, I'm not sure I know exactly what an API is, but if I understand it enough, then I utilize several other apps that integrate with my BigCommerce store, such as Mail Chimp and Quickbooks, which makes a lot of things so much easier!
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We came from Shopify, hoping to get a little bit more baked in from the start. [I believe] this was a big mistake. Analytics, shipping policies, and theme editing are all handled by third-party integrations, with two of those being an additional cost per month. [In my experience] some of the free templates seem a little nicer and more professional than Shopify, however, they are mostly not customizable without additional software, which means another monthly charge or going into the code. We also liked the way MSRP and Sale prices work. Additionally, importing/exporting is handled much easier and I like the Products editing screen, although some settings are hidden. Templates allow some minor edits and appearance choices but are mostly non-editable. The Menu Bar is completely non-editable. The footer is just a mirror of the main menu bar, which again is very limited. It is also basically non-editable as well, without going into the code or paying additional monthly fees for additional software for the rest of time, as any edits made by the software erases if you stop paying. BigCommerce is touting a new template drop and drag feature they are rolling out and [I feel] it is very bad. Also, support told me there was no way to move sections around after you create them, therefore the only way was to delete and start from scratch. [I believe] this is not true. The first thing you'll see when you sign into the admin is the dashboard, which [I feel] is basically non-existent. It has some minor specks of info and that's it. We also came to find out that BigCommerce does not consider an order placed until payment is made, so if you authorize only and then charge at shipping, your sales figures for the day are basically useless. [In my experience] you have to use Google Analytics for the simplest snippet of useful metrics. [I believe] the orders screen is a mess of accordion-style views. It doesn't show any fraud details or acquisition info. Also, [in my experience] checkout registration kicks the user back to the homepage and even the checkout fields are in a strange sequence. There was a hard pitch to get on the $1,500 enterprise plan and pay $3,000 to migrate data that we did ourselves in minutes. [I believe] sales is sales, it's understandable, but I'm reading that other users fall for this and [BigCommerce] charges cancellation fees. [I feel] the worst thing of all about BigCommerce is the 24/7 phone and chat support. It is 24/7, which is nice to have, but [in my experience] no one knows anything except for one person, who we have started asking for. Otherwise, [in my experience] every answer is "I think", "I think", and usually wrong, or just plain wrong right away. [I believe] you can hear the reps clicking through the admin trying to find an answer that ends up being incorrect, as you find the solution, or menu, or feature on your own a day or two later. [I feel] you should not expect any guidance at all with anything theme-related. [I feel] BigCommerce kind of laughs at Shopify for being basic and needing add-ons for simple things, but those things are typically minor tweaks for a few dollars. With BigCommerce, you cannot even work well without several integrations.
  • Easier importing/exporting
  • [I feel] phone support and chat are useless, because no one knows anything.
  • [I believe] they have predatory salesmanship.
  • [In my experience] the dashboard needs major updating.
  • Automatic collections.
  • Better and easier customizations.
I really don't like BigCommerce.
We were looking for the basics and [I feel] BigCommerce failed at that. Perhaps they should only offer Enterprise Level websites with full support by developers, because [I believe] it is terrible for end-users thinking they can drag and drop.
The most important part is to get a website looking the way you want and [in my experience] it is basically impossible with the feature set that BigCommerce offers.