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Birst Pricing Overview

Basic License


On Premise
Per 20 Users Per Year


  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

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Birst Pricing-Related Quotes

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business value … Birst is the best all in one tool that we found, especially at a good price point

Related Quote from Verified User

business intelligence needs, from data ingestion to reporting so it can be cost-saving in terms of licensing. Building an analytical ready model does not … ingestion capabilities do not scale. Being capable of ingesting data is an added value however, the solution is mainly based on SQL plus scripting (no out of the … other enterprise oriented BI tools in the market) is…

Related Quote from Martin Hollænder

We use Birst as a value based SaaS platform for our contact center customers. We have more than 100 customers with 130 users on our Birst appliance. They … They get a BI platform where they can enhance the value of the Miralix contact center solution. Birst covers, amo…

Related Quote from Marci Augustine

both from a cost and a performance perspective. With Birst we were able to provide access to everyone in our organization at 1/3 of the cost of licensing … for ease of development, and when the features are finalized, if there is value in developing a data mart and corresponding live access…

Related Quote from Tim Welch

to rewrite these in an alternative product would incur a large overhead in cost and time that would need to be considered in any decision tom move away from … Price Product Features Product Usability … Birst was the best value product in the market place at the time,…

Related Quote from Verified User

Used across the business to pull buying and selling prices for the individual clients, all the way to larger agency level. It is currently linked to other

Related Quote from Robin Filan

contract structure of Tableau licenses meant that it was prohibitively expensive to give everyone who wanted to access a Tableau report access to the tool

Related Quote from Verified User

Birst prices are fairly expensive. License plus cost of users can add up pretty quickly Depending on the … There are a few items I evaluate when looking at different tools. Price per userLicense pricescalabilityCustomizationEmbeddedHow data is process…

Related Quote from Verified User

Ease of use Ability to easily connect to multiple and varying data sources Cost

Related Quote from David Pearlman

and Lumirra and there's no question that Birst is the best option from a cost perspective. Additionally, the ease of use complemented with our support

Related Quote from Verified User

exercise that proved how quickly something that delivers real content and value can be built in Birst. from the prototype we have moved on to develop dozens

Related Quote from Krishnakumar Govindhan

to the licensing cost. BIRST scores very well in the pricing department, with 1/5th of the price compared to other tools, this is an easy decision maker … Price. BIRST is priced so competitively among the BI vendors. For such low cost, BIRST provid…

Related Quote from Jaya Bhardwaj

set of features available. Power BI hosted on Azure cloud has competitive pricing, but Power BI report server has very limited features available and is also

Related Quote from Rohit Acharya

separate space to be created just to track users. Renewal costs are expensive given the price per BI Platform is coming down in recent years with more and more … number of users who can access the tool. Most of the BI platforms currently charges companies based on the users who would use the BI tool. Birst is useful … snapshot functionality which is extensively used in our compan…

Related Quote from Dhiraj Kumar

how devices are getting used by their end customers, what properties and values are getting used frequently, the outliers and how to diagnose the problem

Related Quote from Raj Srinivasan

tables are also very limited. For example, you cannot selectively display values for the line graph but turn it for the bars in the same chart. Conditional

Related Quote from John Laws

there is a separate fee for each module. As a heavy user of Birst the training should be a part of the package embedding the cost into the annual subscription … Price Product Features Product Usability Analyst Reports

Related Quote from Roie Shavit

Value for money Birst was by far less expensive than the other tools evaluated in regards the KPIs defined

Related Quote from James Mills

Cost, time, increased adoption. Birst was too costly for the benefit it provided as an embedded solution. … Data mapping is complex Cost is high … Standard DW visualization is excellent. Embedded application is complex and expensive. … No. Too expensive

Related Quote from Norman Hussey

existing data warehouse and BI platform efforts. Business units are finding value in the capability to resolve issues and improve processes. They can see the … The main value is capability to deliver. BIRST does almost everything very well. Data sourcing

Related Quote from Verified User

ported to the "cloud", and so we are able to greatly reduce the time-to-value for the customer. This in turn, leads to better user engagement and support … Birst subject areas (spaces). Once they have generated information that has value to a broader audience, this can then…

Related Quote from Ricardo Alexandre Bastos

compatibility. Birst was better in 2 of 3 of the criteria but has the better cost against benefits.And the Brazilian Birst partner helped us a lot.

Related Quote from Jean Jennings

we did when they were a much smaller company. And really - no matter the value of product, if you don't have good support from the company, it's about worthless … Price keeps going up - always a concern. More tools on the market similar to Birst

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their reporting needs. We help them understand the value of using cloud based technology to leverage cost savings and speed of development. Our clients really … Cloud based platform means lower cost and faster development. The visualizer tool is great for quickly

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small teams having to provide support for large organizations. The most value is really found by larger organizations that have found traditional tools … small teams having to provide support for large organizations. The most value is really found by larger organizations that have found traditional tools … Internally we've adopted the product com…