TrustRadius almost live accessBirst is used as a delivery mechanism to display data to our client. We collect data on mobile device usage patterns, as well as analyst forecasts across many technology areas, and use Birst to visualise this data via dashboards that clients access from our website.,Connects directly to many types of external data sources, enabling us to plug into data where it already exists Visualiser provides a user friendly interface for non-tech users to build their own databases HTML dashboards look far better now than the original Flash versions,Connectivity between the live sources frequently drops and does not reconnect automatically Cannot add dynamic titles to reports - so although can create a dynamic text box, this title cannot be exported along with the report Designer runs query as soon as an attribute is dropped on screen - would be useful if you know you need to add another 4, to be able to disable the query execution until all items have been added,6,Speed and agility,sql analysis services, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Desktop,9,Birst is used by several hundred client customers, around 20 internal users, and designed by 3 internal IT Birst admins,5,6,3,5,2,Visualisation of data analysis Presentation of data in visual format for clients, delivered via internet Analysis tool for data held in SQL Analysis Services,Live access connections to SQL Analysis services cubes in MDX and Tabular format using prompts to enable custom searches of data,Microsoft Power BI, Tableau Desktop, Microsoft SQL Server,Basic dashboarding of KPI's Client facing data access,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,VM that is provided is restricted to Windows 2008 - no support for 2012 or higher Cannot integrate with our own host providers as there is no real "install" Permissions didn't seem to integrate with our AD,5,Self-taught,Product is not intuitive, and frequently seems to require clicking back to different pages just to get the product to save recent changes. Support desk are not familiar with using the "Live Connect" method to connect to external data sources, and are more comfortable using the native datawarehouse system, meaning there are times it feels we are the ones telling the support team how to do things.,7,we have learnt that the memory on the appliance server is the crucial specification to address when configuring Birst,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,We are looking to configure load balancing across multiple appliance servers via NLB but have not yet implement this,3,Yes,The only time we have felt valued has been at the "Birst Forward" conference in SFO, when we were given the opportunity to meet with more senior development team members who actually seemed to understand our issues. Prior to that, the only exception support has come when issues have been escalated to a level that resulted in staff on the West coast agreeing to phone calls at 5am their time to overlap with the UK,Creating dynamic charts Click through functionality,changing page layouts re-sizing charts dynamic text changing data connections working with external data sources via live connection,6,3,5,SQL SSAS Corporate website,none planned,File import/export ETL tools,5,-,7,5,Number of appliances, and ongoing license fees,Identify what support / user focus groups are available for the people who will actually be using the software,Yes,Better stability of the Live Access connection,unknown,No,No,Additional products, considerations and use cases would be considered if we were evaluating today. At the time it was only a couple of people who chose the product based on one of their specific requirements, and other users / products were then crow-barred into that solution.Nerd Crush.Right now we are using Birst to integrate our instance with sales data from multiple ERP systems into a singular data model housed in Birst. The use is mostly sales right now, but other departments also use the data within Birst for their needs. A major need for the company was being able to compare forecast and budget data that is entered into salesforce with actual revenue invoiced in the ERP systems. Creating a link between a Salesforce account and being able to track that all the way down to revenue generating customer is a big deal for us. Eventually we will be rolling out Birst solutions for all facets of the company including supply chain, quality, finance and operations.,The way Birst simplifies and integrates the ETL with the creation of the star schema is the biggest strength in my opinion. I didn't find any competition that was even close. The all-in-one cloud solution is a huge plus as well. Because they have the back end and front end in one solution they have a huge incentive to see that the customer's projects succeed. The overhead for managing multiple products or disaster recovery for a data warehouse has the potential to be a huge headache. The pre-built connection/ETL/DataModel was another big deal for us. This probably took 6 months off of our timeline. Also, being able to look at the code for how they did it continues to be a boon to my learning curve.,The user interface for the administration and development could use a face-lift. Although I believe this is happening very soon. As a small implementation we've had some issues finding a suitable outside partner for consultation.,10,Being a manufacturing company we tend to lag behind technologically. But having all the data for different ERP systems in one place has been an eye opener for the executives. It has lessened the need to convert some legacy ERP systems. Having such a simple reporting tool is a great asset to some of our sites that have traditionally had trouble gathering data from AS400 systems.,Alteryx Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Tableau Online, GoodData, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI and Pentaho,10,8ebury birst reviewBirst is being used as one of the primary business intelligence tools. We have been aggressive in our implementation for the last year, bringing on 3 different business units with the rest waiting on their turn to add data into Birst. Birst is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly.,Invests back into the product, to improve the user experience. Listens to its community to help drive the future of the product. Good user base to help with issues and ways to deal with real time issues.,Training material online, having such a forward thinking company with such a backward approach to training material and documentation is a strange mix. Not enough experienced people with technical implementation experience. When questions are asked to Birst people their typical answer is "Have you looked through the documentation?" Translation, I don't know the answer, and I don't know off hand anyone else that does either.,10,10,Very,1,9Cloud Analytics the PioneerImplemented Salesforce Solution Accelarator v2.0 for numerous customers,Agility and speed to deploy a datamart or data warehouse very quickly. Drill down and drill through capability from summary to detail level data. Easy Integration with,More visibility into the backend, troubleshooting still has a large split still between support and professional services. Improved multideveloper support (check-in and check-out capability). Better versioning of metadata.,9,Increased visibility to data issues snapshot based analysis better visualizations than reporting,,10,10,7,8Flexible end-to-end solution3coast began tool review and selection for a new business consulting partnership that was taking shape about 3.5 years ago. I reviewed what was available in the market at the time, and ultimately selected Birst for one reason: time to delivery. It alleviated the pains traditionally associated with gathering company- or enterprise-wide data streams and turning them into scorecard and actionable information. The drilling capabilities out of the box made me wonder why I had been building SSRS reports all of these years. We immediately signed up as a partner and haven't looked back. I haven't manually built a data warehouse or been forced to string together reports for real insight since, and implementations for other companies still see a huge rampon the time to delivery of a full-function solution.,Automated Data Warehouse Single interface for admin, design, and consumption Reports/dashboards are dynamic and aware of model navigation,UI is slowly getting sexy, but didn't start there Modelling is limited to single user. Waiting for multiuser concurrency in this area.,7,N/A - see below,10,Internally we've adopted the product company-wide. Executives are doing cost analysis and offering reviews. Staffing department is using it to track phone usage and effectiveness. Services department is tracking their ticket queues for response time and resource utilization.,9,8,81 year of BirstBirst has been used in Catho as the main access to data, across all the organization. There is a small resistance to change in the internal report but we in the strategic department are trying change that mindset. I see two big problems: First, the learning curve for a new developer is quite long. There are some paradigms that make Birst a little hard to learn. It’s a very bureaucratic tool.Second, Catho is a Brazilian enterprise and we use the cloud storage from Birst. But the upload time and the process time is really long.,The Visualizer, is really easy for the end user The creation of Virtual Cubes The Data enrichment and cleaning,Long learning curve, an uncommon paradigm Long time to process many lines of data (10kk) data Usability needs to get better,4,Now we have a better control of data availability, with a better SLA. The easier access to data for the user.,Pentaho and MicroStrategy Analytics,7,2Long time Birst Customer - Still Happy!We use Birst as a sales support tool, applying ad hoc predictive modeling to identify cross sell/up sell opportunities. We also use it as a reporting and analytics tool for sales metrics. Both applications have met with great success. Currently, Birst is in use by one department.,We have data in so many disparate places/sources. Birst allowed us to aggregate all the data together fairly easily so output was unified, consistent and accurate. The development tools in Birst allow us to easily adjust, change and create new reports and dashboards quickly. Sales is an 'in the moment' business - we need in the moment data and we get that with Birst. Their customer support is top tier. We've been a client for a very long time and still get the same attention and support that we did when they were a much smaller company. And really - no matter the value of product, if you don't have good support from the company, it's about worthless.,The new upgrade process is a bit clunky and takes a considerable amount of time. They've apparently stopped supporting the use of fixed width delimited flat files. That may be a bit of a problem for us in the future - still trying to work through it with them.,10,MicroStrategy Analytics,10,10,Price keeps going up - always a concern. More tools on the market similar to Birst We've seen a marked increase in sales as a result of the ad hoc modeling function. Our salespeople love it.,10Birsting with BI SuccessBirst was selected as our single business intelligence solution solving our "single source of truth" challenge moving away from spreadmarts and individual definitions of the truth. We started our Birst development as support for individual functional departments [Sales Analytics, Team [HR], Finance and Service/Warranty]. The current year objective is to pull together the integrated organizational view across functional areas.,Single solution, integrated end to end [ETL, database, Administration, Design, Dashboards presentation]. Very stable application - uptime is great, software upgrades seamless. Administration Tools: users, groups, security, customization very intuitive. Quick start. Pace of introduction of new features. Community sharing portal is an excellent resource of Knowledge Base documentation, and discussions of challenges/resolutions by other customers. Community is also used to submit ideas and enhancement requests, so that voting raises top recommendations, Birst listens and responds. Birst defines their success as achieved by our success.,Ability to find things in Think Tank Community, need a better way to keep similar topics grouped, inconsistent tags. Community: assumption that this is the first place for answers to issues; which causes time extension for resolution of business challenge. Training: need some freebee's like single topic Lunch & Learn webinars,10,,10,50 licenses, 32 assigned, 10 active users 22 periodic users Expectation is that periodic users will move to active users as we deploy more cross departmental data visualization.,10,10,32,2,Interactive standardized view for a Sales Managers dashboard: specific for their Region, focusing in on right data, right format, right timing so that they can take action and effect the future results rather than just dealing with static reports of what has happened Cross functional analysis Mobile, dependent upon organizational objectives,Comparison of Actuals to Plan, is the variance increasing or decreasing Historical Trends: what does history tell us about a specific element or in comparison to other elements Projections: what's on the books scheduled for when Efficiencies of reporting, Automatiion of report distribution: having the ability to create it once but view it via many parameters, auto distributing of reports to those not directly on Birst,Not unexpected nor innovative, but valuable to us - ability to support a fact driven sales planning cycle [sales rep specifics, Region overview, Total Sales Plans],Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,We matrixed key features and functionality and as stated earlier within an hour we were confident that we had found the right solution provider for our company.,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Internal data cleanzing! This is a huge component that tends to get overlooked. Data visualization can uncover a lot of junk data.,10,8,Yes,Too many to select just one. Birst Tech support partners with customer to understand the challenge and then to teach with explanation of resolution. If the topic has not yet been covered in The Think Tank Community, they will also create a Knowledge Base document so that others may benefit from the efforts.,Dashboard designs, especially with Dashboards 2.0, exceptionally easy Data refresh, whether manual upload or automatic with BirstConnect, easy to understand Love the toggle between chart and data, allows us to present data as data visualization form, but allows end user comfort of quick access to rows/columns view too,When building custom expressions - error alerts don't guide you understanding or discovering corrective actions [e.g. missing punctuation settings],Yes, but I don't use it,9,10New UserWe just purchased Birst. We are going to use it internally and our customers will use it too.,Great development team Great management team Great service plan,Don't know of any yet.,10,,,We are a new user but I know all of our customers will adopt it.,10,10,4,4Onward and upwardWe use Birst across the whole organization. It is our primary report and dashboarding tool.,We use the cloud edition and have grown to appreciate this aspect of the product. Not having to maintain the BI infrastructure has allowed us to focus on our core business. We utilize the live access feature to deliver real time operations reporting to our exec and sales teams.,Support to export to a native excel pivot table is highly desirable. The pivot control in the designer is very difficult to use. There needs to be better way to reorder the measures and dimensions.,10,Board and Qlik,10,We use birst in every department. Our current deployment is 50 users however that does not represent the true number of people that benefit from the product as we send out multiple reports to 75% of our total user base.,10,9,2Got Birst?We are currently using Birst for internal reporting. The first series of dashboards are focusing on our sales team. The dashboard is being used by our Sales Executive team, as well as our regional sales managers. The report is really intuitive and user friendly. Users are able to easily drill down to Swift's top and bottom performing sales reps and customers. With this data, we can refocus and restructure short and long term goals.,User friendly interface - easy to adapt to and start creating valuable reports Birst's Customer Success Team - always responds to emails in a timely manner. This is really important to new customers, and Birst has a great, intelligent, and hard working CSM assigned to every customer Think Tank - this is a great tool for immediate help and feedback. You can always expect someone in the Birst family to help assist you with any of your needs,More features in Visualizer would be great. I am currently using designer to complete most of my reports A better Geo Map - The Birst standard geo map is not as robust and most of their chart options. A geo map with zip code capabilities would be a great feature Faster data processing,9,,10,We currently have 15 users, most of them being end users. Out of the 15 users, only 5 are using this on a daily basis. This number will grow in the near future since we just created our first useful dashboard for our sales team. As we create more reports for teams that are "hungry" for data, we will see an increase in usage.,10,10Birst BI capabilities assessmentWe will be using Birst to deliver cloud based reporting and analytics both internally and externally. We will utilize it for dashboards to highlight program performance.,Ease of use Time to proficiency for development Thought leadership for BI technology and methodology,Transparency of the roadmap for dashboards 2.0 Training insight and guidance,8,Doom, webFOCUS, tableau and Qlikview,8,5 users so far...just gettin started,8,8Go Big!Currently, Birst is being implemented into our Operations side of the business to improve operational performance throughout the warehouse. And the data model is intended to address problems with product quality assurance, inventory management, and employee performance. This implementation is still in the development stage. After this first implementation, we have plans to place Birst in every department throughout the organization.,Visualize. It provides clear and actionable graphs and charts. All of which are fully interactive, providing a great end user experience Data warehousing ETL,More intuitive data logs. To help newer users, new to BI, better understand the problems as they occur. Features in visualizer and working to create the functionality currently available in designer.,8,Tableau Desktop,QlikView,Adobe Marketing Cloud,10,Still in the developmental stage. But we would like Birst to run our organization.,10,8Gave it our best shot!We were evaluating several BI platforms, and one that stood out was Birst. The intention was to get a tool that could do what traditional analyst tools can do, and much much more. We performed an initial test with a "land and expand" model in mind, but as an initial test, while testing several other BI tools, it proved difficult to set up - even with the help of their engineers.,Easy model development Good visuals Solid blending capabilities,Difficult setup Not "Land and Expand" model. Must be organizationally committed.,6,SPSS,Cognos,Tableau,microstrategy,Not very widely adopted. I think we ended up purchasing the minimum viable product to do more testing, but i'm not on that team.,5,8Birst reviewWe are implementing Birst for different clients in different industries.,Agile Fast Simple complexity,Support,10,9,75%,8,9A Great Product with Even Better Customer ServiceReport building is quick and easy. Creating a data model for a reporting structure and data warehouse is easy. Our users can access it whenever they want, whenever they want using either a computer or iPad. Birst seems like it can do almost anything either myself or the users can think of. When my users ask me for things I don't know how to do, I typically just say "sure", assuming that it's possible and that I'll figure it out. I'm sure this will come back to bite me one of these days, but it hasn't yet.,There were a number of "quality of life" issues, I'll call them, when we first got started on the Appliance version - for example, upgrading was very clunky. Those issues have been cleaned up and I have no complaints about them now. Birst seems to do a really good job of listening to their customers and giving them what they want. The Birst Mobile iPad app doesn't have the full functionality of the browser-based version, but I understand that this is being fixed with HTML 5. In fact it may already be fixed - I know that some of the HTML 5 implementation is done, but I'm waiting for it to be fully in place before making the switch.,10,,10,10,10,20,1,Managing reports is so much easier now. The time it takes me to put out our scheduled reports is basically zero now, and they all have visualization, which was too much work to do on every report before. Ad hoc reporting has become much easier as well. Often times when I've made ad hocs in the past, I get asked to make them again with different date ranges, etc., either right then or a few weeks/months later. With Birst, users can select their own data ranges and chart types for the reports I build them, as well as bring in additional metrics or swap out existing metrics. Without going into too much detail, users can do this in a way where the changes are temporary and only visible to them, or by changing the report itself, depending on the permissions you want to give users. The point is that unlike before, I typically only have to do a report once and the users are empowered to make whatever minor changes to it they want, saving me time and getting them their results faster. Birst makes data warehousing easy. I don't have any sort of previous training or experience when it comes to data warehouses. After a few conversations with Birst tech support and a couple classes they offer, I'm building out a data warehouse by myself, and it's going fairly well. Our Customer Success Manager is also great about getting me the help I need when I run into issues I can't figure out. For a company with less than 100 people like ours, having one person able to totally manage the data warehouse and reporting, and still have time for other things is huge.,,Implemented in-house Professional services company,6,In-person training Self-taught,10,A big mistake we made in our initial implementation was not getting me any training on it. The product is intuitive and I did figure out a great deal on my own, but there's really no substitute for formal training with these sorts of things. As I've said before, I have no experience in this area, so maybe somebody used to this sort of thing wouldn't need the training as much as I did, but even then I would recommend getting the training anyway. Being able to network with other customers and various Birst employees is enough to justify the cost, let alone what you'll actually learn.,No,8,10,10,8,We'd eventually like to plug it into Google Analytics.Agility is the name of the gameWe use Birst to deliver analytical and operational dashboards/reports to sales, marketing, finance, HR, corporate strategy, legal and customer aupport. Data sources include Oracle ERP, Salesforce, Jobvite, third party data providers, various database repositories, flat files, etc. Our Birst solutions provide varying levels of the organization's visibility to corporate metrics, sales revenue performance, pipeline management, headcount analysis, support indicators, etc.,End-to-end S/PaaS BI platform: ELT, data warehouse repository, semantic layer, reporting. Using the UI, command window or web service calls we can create, clone, refresh all or any part of the platform. This means we can manage the environment with greater agility, smaller team size and no need for specific DBA, Sys Admin, etc. type skills. The team can focus on their core competency as BI specialists. The automated semantic layer, created as you add data sources and map them to facts/dimensions, allows us to be more agile than typical on-premise solutions, or former on-premise solutions that have been ported to the "cloud", and so we are able to greatly reduce the time-to-value for the customer. This in turn, leads to better user engagement and support. Birst's Networked BI functionality allows us to define dimensions/facts in one subject area (Birst language: Space) and reuse them in others. This feature means we do not need to create a large centralized warehouse, nor involve DBAs to create database specific links across schemas/databases (the feature is a simple configuration). Development time on subsequent subject areas can be greatly reduced whenever you can reuse existing dimensions/facts. The new release of Birst 6 allows business users to create their own sandbox environment in which they can import and analyze their own datasets, linking this to already curated (IT managed) information from the Birst subject areas (spaces). Once they have generated information that has value to a broader audience, this can then easily/quickly be linked back into the curated subject areas.,User administration could be greatly improved. Most user administration tasks (creation, security assignments, etc.) are singular i.e., one action at a time. If you want to batch these activities up, it is up to you to have scripts or create your own mini app to do this. ELT development is still using old Flash technology and still requires a lot of coding. It would be nice to have a GUI approach to defining load and transformation processes. There is a need for supporting multi-developer teams e.g. ability to lock objects being worked on, check-in/out, version control, etc.,10,Previously we used a large BI vendor product. The product was costly, the IT team was large, delivery was slow and the business disengaged from the project after 18 months. Birst came in and transformed business satisfaction and engagement because they saw results quickly. Birst's simple UI has also meant finding and equipping business super users to own their on dashboards/reports has been very successful. Birst has now become an integral part of both the financial and sales cycles, due to the timeliness it can deliver trustworthy and consistent information to the business.,Oracle OBIEE, Domo and GoodData,8,7Great for technical Data analists!We are using Birst in multiple ways. Some customers embed the dashboards into an application, other just look at the Birst dashboards.,Combining multiple data sources ETL and reporting functionality Very simple mobile support (Tablet and Smartphone),Better GUI when scripting Fix bugs in the software much faster Have some kind of version control,6,8,5Birst: Even brightest solutions cast shadowsBirst is used accross the whole organization. The main project involves sales&orders data but there are another projects for Customer Care analysis.,Dashboard design are pretty easy Predefined Geo-Reports (maps) for US Zip Codes.,BirstConnect could be more assisted. Visualization limits (ie rows shown) cannot be modified. Lack of advanced security configuration to compose advanced security architectures.,8,Made the "self-service" report creation easier for end-users. Improved use and navigation through map-based reports.,OBIEE, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server,6,6Plug and Play BI ToolWe have implemented Birst for Fortune 500 company for providing powerful and dynamic insights.,Birst has inbuilt application connectors for most common purposes - ERP/CRM etc. It comes as a single suite module from ETL to reporting and dashboards. The most important is Birst is a cloud based BI and can be accessed from anywhere anytime from mobiles/iPods/tablets and PCs.,Have to provide functions to apply color palettes and themes based on individual users/clients,9,Its single suite environment helps us to merge all our business divisions into one single space and gives leverage in setting up security while pulling out data by different people for their own analysis purposes. It helps us in delivering reports and dashboard reviews along with insight recommendations in scheduled notifications on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.,QlikView,9,8Birst... The BI tool you wish you had but didn't realize you could afford it.Our organization is a Platinum Partner with Birst and we help companies realize the benefits of using Birst for their reporting needs. We help them understand the value of using cloud based technology to leverage cost savings and speed of development. Our clients really like the ease of use of the new visualizer tool and how it has helped them to create stunning reports within minutes after the data-set is imported and processed by Birst. Another advantage that we highlight is that Birst has the ability to automatically take your data and build the fact and dim tables into a star schema warehouse; taking most of the headaches out of Business Intelligence design.,Cloud based platform means lower cost and faster development. The visualizer tool is great for quickly producing visually stunning reports out of the box. Birst can build your BI warehouse for you which allows more time for designer and delivering reports.,The layout tools in designer are hard to use if you try to modify the layout after you have already added content to the report.,10,9,9,Being a platinum partner with Birst has allowed our organization to build considerable expertise in the tool and to find great client companies to provide our services to.,9Birst AnalyticsWe embed Birst into our product to extend the analytical capability of our product,Very easy to quickly iterate Great support team Wonderful user community,Part of the old Flash based components need to be updated,8,Qlikview, Tablaeu and OBIEE,8,na,7,5,Implemented in-houseBirstWe are currently using birst to create a data model and centralize our data marts. Also creating dashboards and transistion off from Tableau,Cloud based Ease of use Drill down on dashboards,Data modeling is not user friendly Lack of support Interface freeze from time to time,5,,8,12 total users, company wide,9,7Needs improvement, but getting better, moving in the right directionWe embed Birst into our own web based SAAS product, as well as using it for internal and customer facing reporting. The biggest gain is allowing us to store our data which allows for easy visualization and analysis.,Data blending Embedding,Ease of creating the schemas UI and flexibility for creating visualization Does not support traditional (paper based) reporting anywhere near as well as promised or advertised Access to the data in the warehouse is much needed. This can be achieved though API or ODBC,7,Tabelau,IB,Cognos,custom development,Pentaho,,7,Almost not at all, we are still in the implementation and user acceptance testing (UAT) phases.,9,6Birstastic!Birst is used to display customer analytics on usage of our products.,Data visualization that is consumer friendly. Listening to their customer base. Effective prioritization of roadmap,More focus on the developer experience. Flexibility for automated event notification and customization,8,,9,Partial adoption depending on the customer.,8,7
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182 Ratings
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Score 6.8 out of 101
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Tim Welch profile photo
January 09, 2019

User Review: "Birst almost live access"

Score 6 out of 10
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Collaboration and Sharing

Quite easy once the appropriate permissions are set up to enable multiple users to work in the same space, however cannot send a link to a pre-populated / filtered report. Parameters are maintained within the page itself rather than in the URL, so reproducing a report for a colleague is not always easy on the dashboard, although can be exported to various other formats (excel, pdf, powerpoint)
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Price Hatfield profile photo
May 01, 2016

Birst Review: "Flexible end-to-end solution"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source

Collaboration and Sharing

Common interface makes distribution of reports/dashboards easy. Easily exports to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. Use of single sign on enable it to be embedded in other interfaces. Unfortunately, there's no support in the tool for encapsulating a dialog around the dashboards/reports.
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Jean Jennings profile photo
May 24, 2016

Review: "Long time Birst Customer - Still Happy!"

Score 10 out of 10
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Collaboration and Sharing

Access control is really good. We have a broad range of users and the ability to share relevant data to specific audiences is critical. We use the report scheduler extensively and produce several reports that have a large audience. The ease of that process is really good.
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Deborah Stillwell Judy profile photo
October 01, 2015

User Review: "Birsting with BI Success"

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Collaboration and Sharing

  • We have been able to integrate Birst as a menu link to be accessed from within our operational system; which provides a seamless interface between daily operational and historical analysis. This menu link checks security and passes credentials between the two applications.
  • We have scheduled reports that automatically distribute/burst apart region reports so that each Sales Rep gets his group of projects only, but the Sales Coordinator gets the full region report.
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Daniel Kayce profile photo
June 05, 2015

User Review: "Got Birst?"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Collaboration and Sharing

Access control and sharing reports/dashboards with other users is extremely simple. Using the command window, Birst gives the owner the ability to share spaces with other users. If you do not know the command syntax for a certain request, you can enter "help" in the command window, and a full list of executions will appear. Here, you can find what you are trying to do. A++ for Birst!!!
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No photo available
February 01, 2017

Birst Review: "Agility is the name of the game"

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Collaboration and Sharing

Birst has pretty good access controls and users can share reports by saving to shared folders, but there is yet no collaboration feature (I believe this is on their roadmap). Report distribution via email is sufficiently good, though needs some improvement e.g., ability to batch up multiple reports into a single email. Report bursting is good e.g., a single report being split into multiple emails based upon its content.
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No photo available
July 19, 2016

Birst Review: "Plug and Play BI Tool"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Collaboration and Sharing

We can create a single data warehouse(DW) module and it can be shared across different spaces with access to different business divisions. User groups can be created and security/data sharing/report distribution can be availed for that group.
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No photo available
May 24, 2016

Review: "Birst... The BI tool you wish you had but didn't realize you could afford it."

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Collaboration and Sharing

Birst allows the ability to use security filters based on elements of the warehouse as a way to segment the access to what is displayed in the reports of different users or user groups. It is also easy for report developers to create their reports in their own spaces without affecting others or "production" Birst space with the ability to move that report to other spaces for sharing or publishing.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pixel Perfect reports (68)
Customizable dashboards (77)
Report Formatting Templates (60)
Drill-down analysis (78)
Formatting capabilities (77)
Integration with R or other statistical packages (28)
Report sharing and collaboration (68)
Publish to Web (52)
Publish to PDF (67)
Report Versioning (9)
Report Delivery Scheduling (66)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (72)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (58)
Predictive Analytics (34)
Multi-User Support (named login) (70)
Role-Based Security Model (68)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (69)
Responsive Design for Web Access (52)
Dedicated iOS Application (34)
Dedicated Android Application (24)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (42)

About Birst

Birst Networked BI is a BI product that promises to enable a single view of data and eliminate data silos. Additionally, decentralized teams and individual users can augment this shared analytic fabric with their own local data, without compromising data governance. This consistency comes from a unified semantic layer, which maintains common definitions and key metrics, no matter where users sit.

Birst achieves Networked BI through a 2-tier architecture that aligns back-end enterprise data with line-of-business or local, edge data. Birst’s Automated Data Refinement extracts data from any source (data stores, applications, warehouses, big data, and unstructured external sources) into a unified semantic layer. The result is a consistent view that enables users with self-service analytics through dashboards, reporting, visual discovery, mobile tools, and predictive analytics. Birst Open Client Interface also offers integration with Tableau, Excel and R.

Birst goes to market in two primary ways:

  • Direct, for enterprises using Birst for analytics on internal data to drive improved business outcomes
  • Embedded, for all size companies who offer data (analytics) products, by embedding and white-labeling Birst capabilities into their products

Birst’s product is packaged in 3 available formats:

  • Platform and per-user fee
  • By Department or Business Unit
  • By end-customer (for embedded scenarios)

Birst Features

BI Platform Features
Has featureAdministration via Windows App
Has featureAdministration via MacOS App
Has featureAdministration via Web Interface
Has featureLive Connection to External Data
Has featureSnapshot of External Data
Has featureIn-memory data model
Has featureOLAP (Pre-processed cube representation)
Has featureROLAP (SQL-layer querying)
Has featureMulti-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
Has featureData warehouse / dictionary layer
Has featureETL Capability
Has featureETL Scheduler
Supported Data Sources Features
Has featureMS Excel Workbooks
Has featureText Files (CSV, etc)
Has featureOracle
Has featureMS SQL Server
Has featureIBM DB2
Has featurePostgres
Has featureMySQL
Has featureODBC
Has featureCloudera Hadoop
Has featureHortonworks Hadoop
Has featureEMC Greenplum
Has featureIBM Netezza
Has featureHP Vertica
Has featureParAccel
Has featureSAP Hana
Has featureTeradata
Does not have featureSage 500
Has featureSalesforce
Has featureSAP
Has featureGoogle Analytics
BI Standard Reporting Features
Has featurePixel Perfect reports
Has featureCustomizable dashboards
Has featureReport Formatting Templates
Ad-hoc Reporting Features
Has featureDrill-down analysis
Has featureFormatting capabilities
Has featurePredictive modeling
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Has featureReport sharing and collaboration
Report Output and Scheduling Features
Has featurePublish to Web
Has featurePublish to PDF
Has featureOutput Raw Supporting Data
Does not have featureReport Versioning
Has featureReport Delivery Scheduling
Does not have featureDelivery to Remote Servers
Data Discovery and Visualization Features
Has featurePre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Has featureLocation Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Has featurePredictive Analytics
Has featureSupport for Machine Learning models
Does not have featurePattern Recognition and Data Mining
Has featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Access Control and Security Features
Has featureMulti-User Support (named login)
Has featureRole-Based Security Model
Has featureMultiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Has featureReport-Level Access Control
Has featureTable-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureField-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Does not have featureSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Capabilities Features
Has featureResponsive Design for Web Access
Has featureDedicated iOS Application
Has featureDedicated Android Application
Has featureDashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding Features
Does not have featureREST API
Does not have featureJavascript API
Does not have featureiFrames
Does not have featureJava API
Does not have featureThemeable User Interface (UI)
Does not have featureCustomizable Platform (Open Source)

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No

Birst Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:All
Supported Languages: Arabic, English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese, Spanish